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Wed Feb 01 2023
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If you are fond of American news and books, you might hear of Kimberly Dozier, an American journalist and writer who has inspired many people through her notable news reporting.

She was born on July 6, 1966, in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Her star sign is Cancer, and she holds citizenship in America. 

Dozier gained fame and recognization after appearing in T.V. shows like Killing the Messenger, CNN Newsroom, and CBS Morning News. 

Family Details Of Dozier

Dozier was born as one of the six children to Benjamin Dozier and Dorothy Dozier. Her father, Benjamin, used to be a construction worker, whereas her mother, Dorothy's profession, is still a mystery. 

Besides this, she has five lovely siblings whose identities are anonymous, just like their mother. Dozier also remains quiet when it comes to her family details. 

Unfortunately, Dozier's parents have left the world, leaving her with five siblings. Her mother died in 2010, whereas her father expired in 2016 due to aging. 

Isn't It Amazing? Dozier's father Benjamin Dozier was also a marine officer who fought for his country in World War II.  

Physical Outlooks: Height & Weight

Up to the Minute anchor, Dozier has a beautiful face with fair skin. She has lovely black eyes with blonde hair. Despite having wrinkles on her face, she looks impressive, which could result from make-up. 

Picture of Kimberely Dozler wearing black coat
Picture of Kimberly Dozier (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons )

Besides that, Dozier has a slim body and is often seen wearing accessories that enhance her beauty more. Talking about her height and weight, she stands at 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm), weighing around 65 kg (143 lbs). 

Kimberly Dozier Is Living A Rich Life 

Dozier has earned a massive fortune of $5 million through her successful career as a journalist. She made most of her money by serving as a writer and correspondent, just like Katie Way.

Besides that, she also adds some wealth to her bank account by selling her books and reporting to various newspapers. It is also revealed that she earns $40 thousand annually. 

Unndoubeltly, Dozier is living a wealthy life owning many luxurious items. She is even enlisted in "Highest Paying Journalist."

Dozier's Near-Death Experienced In Iraq 

On May 29, 2006, The Early Show host Dozier was severely injured by a car bomb explosion in Iraq. At that time, she and her coworkers Paul Douglas and James Brolan were reporting about Iraq's war. 

When she was reporting, the bomb exploded, killing an American soldier, an Iraqi translator, and her coworkers, Paul and James. Fortunately, she got alive despite being very close to the explosion. 

Picture of Kimberly Dozier after the bomb explosion
Picture of Kimberly Dozier after the bomb explosion (Image Source: CBS News)

After some hours of the explosion, Dozier was taken to the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, the U.S. military hospital in Germany, where she got treatment. 

Did You Know? She was so maimed due to the explosion that doctors had to removed shrapnel from her head, rebuild her shattered femurs, and apply skin grafts to extensive burns on both legs.

Is Kimberly Dozier Single?

If online tabloids are to be believed, CNN correspondent Dozier's relationship status is single. She has not introduced any men or beau in her life. Hence we can say that she is not dating anyone. 

Furthermore, there are no rumors regarding her love life or past affairs, which makes us clear that she is single. When asked about her love life, she tries to avoid the questions or remains silent. 

The fun fact is Dozier has never been married and does not share any children. She seems to be enjoying her single life rather than making love, just like Helen Hunt.

Academic Qualifications 

Regarding Dozier's education, she completed her primary and secondary level education at St. Timothy's School, Maryland. After that, she went to Wellesley College for higher secondary education. 

Furthermore, for higher studies, she studied at the University of Virginia, where she graduated with a bachelor's degree in arts.

Honored With Many Awards 

Breathing the Fire author Kimberely Dozier has been honored with many prestigious awards throughout her career. She has achieved that due to her remarkable news reporting and bravery. 

In 2007, she was awarded the "Grand Gracie" Award for her bravery while reporting Iraq's war whereas, in 2008, she was awarded the "Peabody Award".

Picture of Kimberly Dozier holding Peabody Award
Picture of Kimberly Dozier holding Peabody Award (Image Source: Wikipedia)

Besides this, Dozier achieved the ''AWRT Gracie Awards'' in 2000, 2001, and 2002 for radio reporting on Mideast violence, Kosovo, and the Afghan war. 

IMDb Profile 

CNN Newsroom reporter Dozier has an IMDb profile with twenty self credits and one archive footage credit. Her IMDb profile consists of a total of twenty-one credits.

Furthermore, on her IMDb page, we can see her bio, personal details, trivia, contact info, and many more. 

Dozier's Life At Present: She Is An Author

After surviving a massive injury in Iraq, Kimberly Dozier decided to become an author and published her book named Breathing the Fire: Fighting to Report---And Survive---The War in Iraq. 

Picture of Kimberly Dozler's book Breathing The Fire
Picture of Kimberly Dozier's book Breathing The Fire (Image Source:

In her book, she has openly discussed the event and the terrific experience she suffered during and after the war. She has even stated that the injury made her more vital and passionate about reporting. 

Current Job Of Dozier

Currently, Dozier is working in two major news companies. She is serving as a Contributor at TIME and Global Affairs Analyst at CNNBesides this, she is also a councilor at the Observer Research Foundation. 

Regarding her past job, she was a contributor writer at the Daily Beast. She has also served as a host in Pritzker Military Library PresentsLarry King Live, and The 2000s.

Let's Know About Dozier's TV Shows

As mentioned above, Dozier is known for her excellent news reporting. She has appeared as a host, and a correspondent on many T.V. shows throughout her journalism career. 

Some of Dozier's notable T.V. shows are CNN Newsroom, CNN TonightThe Early ShowThe CBS Morning NewsUp to the Minute, and Washington Week in Review.

Additionally, people in the U.S. acknowledge her remarkable news reporting, and they love all of the mentioned T.V. shows.

Rarely Seen On Social Media 

Unlike other journalists/reporters, Dozier does not seem to enjoy social media. However, she has a Twitter profile, and she is rarely seen sharing pictures. 

She joined Twitter in February 2010 with the username of @KimDozier. Despite rarely using Twitter, she has already amassed more than 20.5K followers, which is quite shocking. 

In addition, Dozier does not use Facebook, Instagram, or other social media sites except for Twitter.


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