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Wed Dec 04 2019
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In 2015, haters of Cole Beasley got a glimpse of his supportive wife, Kyrstin Beasley, the haters and blasted the critics on her Twitter account. The rage was epic as she couldn't take the critics blaming the loss of the whole game on him. 

Kyrstin did apologize later by writing an apology tweet on Twitter. Well, she is known for having a short temper, but this also suggests that Beasley is the biggest fan of her husband. Guys, if you want to more about this fantastic couples' married life, the read along.

Two Years of Dating before Commitment

Cole and Kyrstin first met each other in 2012. As of now, neither Kyrstin nor Cole has shared any details regarding how the couple first met each other. After dating for two years, the duo was ready to commit their lives with each other.

Cole Beasley and Kyrstin Beasley showing love for each other
Image: Cole Beasley and Kyrstin Beasley. 
Source: Twitter @MrsBease11 

In the beautiful wedding venue in Coppell, Texas, the couple exchanged wedding vows with each other. Kyrstin is from Texas and is known to have a short temper as per online sources. 

At their big day on July 28, 2014, his teammates from Dallas Cowboys and their loved ones arrived to give their blessings. In the guest list, players like Tony Romo and his wife Candice Crawford; and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was spotted.

Cole Beasley and Kyrstin Beasley posing for photos after their wedding
Frame: Cole Beasley (left) and his wife Kyrstin Beasley (right) in the after wedding photos. 
Source: YouTube

The couple is living happily so far in their five-year marital life. No such rumors or controversies are heard relating to the duo.

They are Parents to Three Children

In the half-a-decade long marriage, Cole and Kyrstin share the responsibility of three children. Beasley gave birth to the couple's first child Ace Beasley in October 2014, three months after their nuptials.

In addition to that, the pair also welcomed their second child on January 16, 2017. They expanded their family from three to four with the birth of Everett Beasley. Recently, on January 16, 2019, Kyrstin gave birth to Jovie Carter Beasley

Cole Beasley and Kyrstin Beasley with their three children
Picture: Cole Beasley (right) with Kyrstin Beasley (left) with their children. 
Source: Naijaonpoint

Cole often posts the pictures of his kids and wife on his Instagram. Likewise, Kyrstin is quite active on her Twitter and Instagram, but she keeps her Instagram account on private mode.  

The Twitter Rage!

In October 2015, after Dallas Cowboys lost a match in the NFL, Critics blamed Cole for it. Kyrstin couldn't take it and rage on her Twitter. She went off on some haters with some curse words; if it were played on TV, you would only hear beeps.

She, furthermore, writes,

"Your stupid if your going to blame that whole game on him. Get your life right".

The Twitter rage by Kyrstin Beasley
Frame: Kyrstin Beasley went off on her Twitter. 
Source: TMZ

Not long after that, Kyrstin apologized for coming out so strong. She apologized to all the fans and thanked her for the support. Beasley explained the rage by saying she made a mistake, and it occurred in the moment of weakness.


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