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You probably must be familiar with Keri Hilson, right? If so, you do know that she is an American singer-songwriter. However, today we will learn about her sister, Kye Hilson, who became famous for being Keri's sister. 

Kye is an American celebrity sister who gained recognition following her sister's rise to the top. As one of the siblings to the famous singer Keri, Kye has had her share of fame and celebrity status.

Is Kye Dating Anyone? 

As of now, Kye Hilson is enjoying her life and making memories, as seen on her Twitter page. The young entrepreneur is doing all that she can and supporting family ties. 

Kye Hilson Posing for a selfie.
Kye Hilson. (Source: Twitter  @flyKYE_12)

However, she is single at the moment and has not revealed whether she is in a relationship or not. This celebrity sister seems to prefer low-key life rather than being in the media limelight. 

Early Life Details 

Born on June 13, 1990, in Decatur, Georgia, Kye is a Gemini. She is from a middle-class family. She is of African-American descent and grew up in a similar environment.

Along with growing up in a middle-class family, Kye grew up in a family of seven with five children. She has three sisters, namely Keri Hilson, Kelsee Hilson, and Kaycee Hilson, and a brother named Kip Hilson.

Kye Hilson Business Endeavours

Kye has started a brand called Touch Body Care. She launched a natural body butter in her brand and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. The brand is more focused on skin healing and repair.

It seems that the celebrity sister is trying her best to be a successful entrepreneur. Another Sherre Gilbert is also known as celebrity sister. Not only that, her brand, Touch Body Care, is making its stand on the market.

Net Worth Of Kye Hilson Sister 

Kye's sister Keri Hilson is the famous one in the family. A super-talented singer, Keri is currently worth over $25 million. She has also done work as a songwriter and actor. Her acting debut was the 2012 movie Think Like a Man.

Poster for Think Like a Man
Poster for Think Like a Man. (Source: IMDb)

Keri's net worth is estimated to rise as she brings in money from royalties and music contracts. Some of her hits include Pretty Girl Rock, Turnin' Me On and Return the Favor, to name a few. On the other hand, Kye is trying to break out as an entrepreneur. 

Who Are Kye's Parents?

As aforementioned, Kye is from a middle-class family. Gamaliel W. Hilson Jr. is her father, whereas Christine Loraine Hilson is her mother. 

According to sources, her dad was an Army veteran who served and later turned to property development, while her mother ran a daycare centre. 

Kye's Father Died During The Pandemic

Kye's father, Gamaliel W. “Skip” Hilson Jr., was born on April 4, 1948. He was a talented man who loved music and nurtured his children. Sadly, he passed away on January 4, 2020. He was an army veteran and a property developer with strong ties to the church and his community. During his college days, he sang and recorded music in a quartet.

The Hilson Family with parents and five siblings
The Hilson Family. (Source: Twitter @KeriHilson)

Gamaliel W. Hilson Jr. was the son of educator Gamaliel W. Hilson and  Missouri Smith Hilson. His mother died in 2006, and his father years before her. His mother was a church choir singer and influenced her children towards music.

Her Mother Is A Strong & Independent Woman

Kye's mom, Christine Loraine Hilson, owns a daycare centre in Decatur. She grew up in a middle-class family in Waterloo, Iowa, with three sisters and two brothers. Born Christine Loraine Coney, the strong lady, has protected her family and taken care of their education. Christine is lauded as the biggest supporter of her children.

Christine's parents, William Jerome Coney, Jr. and Kathryn Gladys Montjoy believed in education and self-reliance. They were members of the Baptist Church.

Social Media Presence

It seems that Kye is not much fond of social media. However, she is available on Twitter and actually promotes her brand, Touch Body Care, through TikTok. 

On Twitter, she is active under the username @flyKYE_12, with a little under 5k followers. However, she is not active on Instagram. She is aware that her fans want to interact with her more through Instagram, and she wants them to follow her sorority sister @soprettyK there.

Kye Hilson's Tweet.
Kye Hilson's Tweet. (Source: Twitter @flyKYE_12)

On the other hand, Kye's sister Keri Hilson is active on Instagram under the username @kerihilson, with over 2.6 million followers. She is also available on Twitter with over 4.2 million followers, under @KeriHilson.

Kye & Her Siblings Did Not Attend A Local School

According to the source, Kye Hilson and her siblings did not attend a school that was in their neighbourhood. The siblings chose not to attend school because of hours long distance from their homes to school. In an interview, Keri Hilson said:

They shipped us off for an hour to get to school every day. It was just that important for us to maintain the life that they had created"

Kye did attend college at Kennesaw State University. She was even a member of a sorority there. She has since then started her own business.

More About Kye's Sister Keri Hilson

Kye's claim to fame is being one of the younger sisters of the famous singer Keri Hilson similar to Tina Teigen, who is the younger sister of Chrissy Teigen. Keri focuses more on R&B and hip-hop genres and has written songs for famous artists such as Brittney Spears, Ciara and The Pussycat Dolls.

Keri has said that her music inspiration came from her father's side and her music inspirations are Sade, Anita Baker, Take six and Stevie Wonder. Keri has performed with amazing artists such as John Legend,  Lil Wayne and Akon, to name a few.

When Keri married her current husband, Samuel Soba, her family was in attendance. However, her marriage information may not be reliable as sources continue to claim that the singer is single.

Has Strong Christian Ties

Kye's family from her mother's side have been Baptist Christians for generations. Even her father was buried in a Baptist ceremony. However, sources allege that his family were Anglican Christians. 

Her sister, Keri, has also publicly stated her Christianity is a source of strength and that she believes in the power of prayer.


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