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Kyle Fox is the son of former Canadian-Bahamian basketball player and actor Rick Fox. He was in the limelight since birth as his parents' relationship was high profile. Kyle is a regular feature in his famous father's socials and was credited for introducing Rick to Esports.

Born on 13 October 1993, Kyle is a Libra star sign. He has African American, Caucasian, and Bahamanian origin and comes from a multicultural family. He is an American citizen who is of mixed ancestry. 

Kyle's Father Bought An Esports Company For Kyle

Since Kyle loved gaming so much, his father, Rick Fox, founded a famous e-gaming company called Echo Fox in eSports. The company was founded on December 18, 2015, and had a great start. It played in games such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat, and Call of Duty, and it had an incredible team roster. It amassed a huge fan base and following and even had great sales for merch.

 Kyle Fox with his dad Rick Fox
 Kyle Fox with his dad Rick Fox. Source: Instagram

However, the company started having performance issues and lost to its competitors. One of the factors was also accusations of racism and neglect. Once, the players were not even registered, And because of that, Echo Fox disbanded in 2019.

During this time, Rick fox got a lot of accusations and backlash. Kyle was there for his father and even tweeted.

Early Life Of Kyle Fox

Kyle spent the bulk of his childhood with his mother in Boston. He grew up with his mother's family, which comprised his aunt, grandmother, and maternal cousins. His dad made occasional visits, but Kyle was busy with school, and Rick had to focus on his career.

It was not until Kyle went to study in California that he was closer to his dad. In sunny Los Angeles, their bond deepened, and he moved in with his father. Overall, he is very close with his family and has a great bond with his siblings.

Kyle's Career Highlights

For a time, Kyle worked as a moderator at Echo Fox. The company had its share of fame and has a dedicated fan following. He also played video games with his famous father to promote the company and raise charity money.

After the Echo Fox disbanded, he stayed under the radar for a while. However, Kyle is now a video game designer based in Los Angeles similar to the American writer Hal Barwood. He spends his time going to video game conferences and even goes to Twitch Con.

Kyle Never Got To Spend Much Time With Rick In Childhood

Kyle was born in 1993 in Boston, United States. He was taken to Rick Fox and his longtime girlfriend, Kari Hillsman. At his birth, his father, Rick's career was blooming, playing for the Boston Celtics. His career was at its peak, and he gained much more exposure in the NBA. So he had a busy schedule tending to training, practices, games, and taking tours. 

A childhood picture of Kyle Fox with his father, Rick Fox.
A childhood picture of Kyle Fox with his father, Rick Fox. (Source: Instagram@imrickafox)

So despite Kyle being young, he could spend as little time with his father. And not long after, his parents also separated, and his mom took his primary custody. So, that also came between the time the father and son could spend. However, his father, Rick, also helped to co-parent him. 

Who Are Kyle Fox's Parents?

Kyle is the first child of parents Rick Fox and Kari Hillsman. They were college sweethearts and gave birth to Kyle after years of dating. However, their relationship fizzled out as it could not cope with the pressures of Rick's growing career and their then-recent parenthood.

Kyle Fox's parents, Rick Fox, and Kari Hilsman
Kyle Fox's parents, Rick Fox and Kari Hilsman. Source: Facebook

However, the former couple has remained friends and has an amicable relationship. Both have gone on to marry other people and have more kids. They are very well settled in their lives.

About Father Rick Fox

Rick Fox is a Canadian-Bahamian basketball actor and former basketball player who played in the NBA. He was born on July 24, 1969, in Toronto, Canada. He began his basketball career after being the 24th overall pick by Boston Celtics in the first round of the 1991 NBA draft at 22 years of age. Then, he played for the team for six years till 1997. 

The Los Angeles Lakers signed Rick in the same year, 1997, so he started playing for the team. Being part of the team, he gained much fame and exposure in the industry, just like Jerry West. When he was a part of the Lakers, the team won three NBA championships consecutively in 2000, 2001, and 2002.

The father, Rick Fox, retired from NBA in 2004 because of his injuries just months after announcing his divorce from then-wife Vanessa Williams. Along with his NBA career, he was also pursuing a career in acting which became his next step. He began his acting career in 1994 with the sports drama Blue Chips. And now he is an actor and businessman who owns an esports franchise.

The older man, Rick, is now a successful businessman. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Partanna, a Clean-Air Technology Company that is pioneering a new category of carbon-negative surface products. He is also a ladies' man and has dated many famous women. But it seems unlikely he will marry again.

About Mother Kari Hillsman

Kyle is the son of Kari Hillsman, a military kid. She is an American personality born in Massachusetts on January 16, 1971. She is of mixed ethnicity, with African-American heritage from her father and white heritage from her mother. 

Kyle was raised in a Christian household with her sister and graduated from Andover High School, followed by Lowell General Hospital School of Nursing and The University of Massachusetts Boston.

Kyle Fox and his mother, Kari Hillsman.
Kyle Fox and his mother, Kari Hillsman. Source Facebook

Kari is the daughter of a military father and a nurse mother. She has a sister and is more fair looking. The green-eyed beauty is a mother to three children and spends her time with her husband in Boston, Massachusetts. She is a manager at a firm and makes a good income.

Net Worth Of Kyle Fox

The net worth of Kyle Fox is estimated to be over $500,000, similar to that of celebrity daughter Elisabeth Anne Carell. He is a video game developer and community manager. He is also an investor. Moreover, he also served as a moderator for the esports company Echo Fox. 

Moreover, the net worth of Kyle's father, Rick Fox, is estimated to be over $20 million. Rick made the bulk of his money from his NBA career and has since made his career as an investor and company founder. He is also active as an actor and a social media personality.


Kyle Fox is a very active person with many hobbies. He loves traveling and often goes to the Bahama with the Fox family to visit his roots. Further, his socials are filled with him hanging out with his family and friends, visiting restaurants, and doing brunches.

As a pet lover, much of Kyle's time is also spent caring for his fur babies. He also meets with his parents a lot and spends time with them. He often goes to the beach and is usually busy with video games.

Is Kyle In A Relationship?

All the sources suggest that Kyle is single and not in a relationship. She has never talked about his relationships and being single. Looking at his social media, there's no guessing if he's actually in a relationship since he is only faintly active. 

Moreover, Kyle has never been the type to be open about his life on social media. He never posts an update about his life and activities. Though he has some posts about his outings with his sisters and family, that's all there is. 

Kyle Is A Big Brother

After their split, Kyle's parents went on to have new relationships and marriages. Because of these new unions, Kyle has gained more siblings and step-siblings.

Half Siblings from Mom

As already mentioned, Kyle's parents separated soon after his birth. After his parents split, both of his parents got remarried. His mother, Kari Hillsman, is now married to Henry Fancilion. And now, from his mother's new marriage, he has two half-siblings, one sister and one brother. 

Kyle Fox's step-dad, Henry Francilion with his half-siblings, Kayla Augustine Francilion and Kayden Thierry Francilion.
Kyle Fox's step-dad, Henry Francilion, with his half-siblings, Kayla Augustine Francilion, and Kayden Thierry Francilion. (Source: Facebook)

Kyle spends many holidays with his mother's family. Kyle's mother, Kari, gave birth to her second child, Kayla Augustine Francilion, from her marriage with Henry, on May 4, 2005. And the following year, she was also blessed with a son, Kaden Thierry Francilion, in 2006.

Half siblings from Dad

Kyle also has half-siblings from his father's side. After his parents split up, his father married the American actress Vanessa Williams. However, the couple is now separated. And from Kyle's father's marriage, he now has Sasha Gabriella Fox as his younger half-sibling. 

Kyle Fox's father Rick Fox with former stepmother Vanessa Williams and sister Sasha Fox.
Kyle Fox's father, Rick Fox, with former stepmother Vanessa Williams and sister Sasha Fox. Source: Zimbio

Kyle's half-sister, Sasha, was born on May 1, 2000. She is an upcoming model about to make her way into the entertainment industry. Kyle and Sasha have an excellent relationship and are often seen together in their socials.

Further, when Rick Fox was married to Vanessa, Kyle gained three step-siblings with whom he had an amicable relationship. Even after the split of Vanessa and Rick, Kyle has maintained good bonds.

Kyle Was On Family Feud With Neil deGrasse Tyson

One of the famous Kyle moments is when he was on Steve Harvey's game show Family Feud. Kyle and his dad, Rick Fox, were contestants in Family Feud against Neil deGrasse Tyson's family. 

The Fox team was composed of dad Rick Fox, Aunt Jeanene Marie, relatives Ethan and Neriah, and Kyle himself. They ultimately lost to the Tyson family. This was to be expected by many fans as Neil deGrasse Tyson is an American astrophysicist, author, and science communicator. 

Kyle Is An Animal Person

A fun fact about Rick Fox's son, Kyle Fox, is that he is an animal person. Surprisingly, he likes cats and dogs since he seems gentle. However, he indeed does. Moreover, Kyle has a female tuxedo cat named Selina and a Shiba Inu pup named Bakugou.

A picture of Kyle's Instagram showing his pet cat Selena.
A picture of Kyle's Instagram showing his pet cat Selena. Source: Instagram

Although you might not guess Kyle is a doting person, if you look at his Instagram, you'll find out just how much this person loves his cat similar to American meteorologist Heather Waldman. Almost half of his Instagram posts are about his car, Selina. Further, his dog has its own Instagram page.

Kyle calls himself the pup's parent. He is very fond of his pets and takes care of pampering them. Further, Bakugou has been in many photoshoots and often visits the park in Los Angeles.

Physical Appearance

Kyle Fox has dark curly hair and pronounced green eyes. When he grows his five o'clock shadow, he looks like his father, Rick Fox. He inherited his eyes from his mother, Kari.

Kyle Fox with Francillion siblings, Kayla Augustine Francilion and Kayden Thierry Francilion.
Kyle Fox with Francillion siblings, Kayla Augustine Francilion and Kayden Thierry Francilion. (Source: Facebook)

He stands 6 feet (183 cm) tall, weighs 89 kg, and has a bulky physique. He lives a sedentary lifestyle but is physically healthy.

Instagram Handles Of Kyle Fox

On Instagram, Kyle is available as Though he is entirely known as the son of the actor Rick Fox, he doesn't have much of a social media presence. And also, he could be more active on his socials. And so, he has just over a thousand followers, probably most of them being his colleagues and family friends.  

And Kyle isn't active on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. So the only way to get in contact with him is his Instagram. During his Echo Fox days, Kyle did have a Twitter account under the handle @Kyle_Fox17. But the Twitter account has long been deleted.

Kyle has a YouTube channel named @FoxFamilyGaming that was pretty active from 2016 to 2018. He used to stream playing games with his father and had a decent viewership, but ultimately the channel fizzled out. Kyle and his father, Rick, also have done Twitch in the past, but they chose not to continue that path.


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