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Residential Manager (1971)

Relationship Timeline Of Kari Hillsman

Husband : Henry Francillon
Kari Hillsman exchange her wedding vows with Henry Francillon.

It's amusing how a person's life can change after getting involved with a famous personality, right? Talking about such people, did Kari Hillsman cross your mind? She travels many people's minds as one who got fame and exposure by being entangled with a famous person. Well then, who is she? 

Hillsman is a famous American woman who came to fame as the girlfriend of the former Canadian-Bahamian basketball player Rick Fox. She became a hot topic after she was revealed to be related to the player, who is most known for playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Kari Hillsman is also the mother of Rick's oldest child, Kyle Fox. However, the couple has already broken up, and both have moved on. Still, she prevails famed as Rick's famous ex-partner and the mother of his oldest child.

Relationship Timeline: Are Kari Hillsman And Rick Fox Still Together? 

According to sources, Kari Hillsman met the NBA star and actor Rick Fox while attending college. She was there for him when he got picked by the Boston Celtics team and was, for a time, the girlfriend of an NBA star. Their romance bloomed on the grounds of the University of North Carolina.

Kari Hillsman and her ex Rick Fox.
Kari Hillsman and her ex Rick Fox. Source: Facebook

The ex-pair Kari and Rick continued to date for years and even welcomed their son, Kyle, in 1993. However, they have not made their relationship legal or even engaged. They split up in the late 1990s but maintained an amicable co-parenting relationship later for years.

According to sources, Kari and Rick broke up because of Rick's growing career. Since he had started gaining more exposure in the sports industry, he was getting busier daily, traveling, playing for the team, and training. So the time they used to spend together started to change. And despite making efforts, the couple could not make their relationship last, and thus they got separated.

Kari Had Primary Custody Of Kyle, And Rick Helped Her Co-Parent The Kid 

When Kari's elder child, Kyle, was born, things were rocky between her and Rick Fox. Furthermore, he was very busy with his NBA career and had to build his net worth. 

Kari Hillsman with her oldest son Kyle Fox.
Kari Hillsman with her oldest son Kyle Fox. Source Facebook

After their breakup, Kari was the primary caregiver of Kyle. She was supported by Rick, who made visits and supported his child financially. They had a smooth co-parenting relationship. Without a doubt, Kyle has benefitted from the excellent relationship between his parents.

Early Life & Education Details 

Kari is an American personality who hails from Massachusetts, USA. She was born on January 16, 1971, to her parents Mary Hillsman, a former healthcare taker, and the late Augustus Hillsman, a former army officer. 

Hillsman is of mixed ethnicity; African-American from her father's side and white from her mother's side. Moreover, she was born into a Christian household. Along with that, she grew up with her sister, Tarah Elan Hillsman Townsend. 

Kari Hillsman (right) with her sister Tarah and Father AC Hilsman.
Kari Hillsman (right) with her sister Tarah and Father AC Hilsman. Source Facebook

Kari is the daughter of an army officer and a healthcare taker, so she was brought up in a good environment. And regarding her education, according to sources, she graduated from Andover High School. Upon high school completion, she studied at Lowell General Hospital School of Nursing. 

The source also claims that Kari went to The University of Massachusetts Boston after she completed her studies and graduated from nursing school.

Kari Hillsman Has Married Again: Who Is Her Husband?

If you're wondering what happened to Kari after her breakup with Rick Fox, you'll be glad to know that she has moved on with her life and is off the market. She is now married to a man named Henry Francilion.

Kari Hillsman with husband Henry Francilion.
Kari Hillsman with husband Henry Francilion. Source Facebook

According to sources, Kari and Henry married on December 17, 2003. Moreover, they are reported to have been dating for quite a while before they got married. It seems she finally found the love of her life since she has been together with him all this time, even 18 years later. And they are still going headstrong in this relationship.

Also, Kari's husband, Henry, is reported working at Medford High School as the school's Youth Soccer boy's director. According to sources, Kari's father-in-law is a professional football player who represented Haiti's national football team and played in the 1974 World Cup.

How Many Kids Does Kari Hillsman Have?

As we already know, Kari has a son, Kyle Fox, from her previous relationship with the former NBA player, Rick Fox. And now, with her marriage to Henry, she has given birth to two kids. She has welcomed a daughter and a son. 

Kari Hillsman's husband Henry Francilion with her younger kids.
Kari Hillsman's husband, Henry Francilion, with her younger kids. Source Facebook

Kari and her husband, Henry, welcomed their first child, Kayla Augustine Francilion, on May 4, 2005. Soon after the couple welcomed their daughter, they welcomed their son named Kaden Thierry Francilion in 2006. 

And now, the family resides in Boston, Massachusetts. The older brother Kyle visits often and is very close to his half-siblings.

Let's Know More About Rick Fox: His Bio

Rick Fox is a Canadian-Bahamian basketball actor and former basketball player who played in the NBA. He began his basketball career after being the 24th overall pick by Boston Celtics in the first round of the 1991 NBA draft. Then, he played for the team for six years till 1997. 

The Los Angeles Lakers signed Rick in the same year, 1997, so he started playing for the team. When he was a part of the Lakers, the team won three NBA championships consecutively in 2000, 2001, and 2002. Being part of the team, he gained much fame and exposure in the industry just like Jerry West.

Sadly, Rick retired from NBA in 2004 because of his injuries. Along with his NBA career, he was also pursuing a career in acting. He began his acting career in 1994 with the sports drama Blue Chips. Though he retired from NBA, he kept working in the film industry. And now he is an actor and businessman who owns an esports franchise.

Rick is now a successful businessman. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Partanna, a Clean-Air Technology Company that is pioneering a new category of carbon-negative surface products. Having his share of fame, he has dated the likes of Khloe Kardashian, Kristin Davis, and Sharon Stone.

Rick Fox Was Once Married To Vanessa Williams

In 1999, years after his breakup with Kari Hillsman, Rick met the stunning actress Vanessa Williams. They eloped to The Caribbean & went on to have a daughter together. Sadly, the pair called it quit in 2004.

Kari Hillsman's ex Rick Fox with then-wife Vanessa and their child.
Kari Hillsman's ex Rick Fox with then-wife Vanessa Williams and their child. Source: Zimbio

The split was amicable, and the former couple Rick and Vanessa have shared a good co-parenting and professional relationship. They went on to work together on acting projects after their divorce. They are very active in their daughter Sasha's life.

Williams is a very famous actress and has a huge fan base. She has been married three times and is very happy in her current relationship. One of her costars in the Ugly Betty drama is Kevin Sussman.

What Is Kari Hillsman's Net Worth? 

After Kari's break up with the former NBA player, Rick Foz, she has avoided the media's attention as much as possible. So, though she might post about her kids and family, she has refrained from talking about herself. So, there must be verified news about her income and net worth.

However, the web has estimated the net worth of Kari Hillsman to be over $100,000. Though her exact net worth isn't verified, it was revealed that she is professionally a residential manager and a homemaker. Kari also comes from a good background. Her father was military, and her mother also made good money.

According to sources, Kari is an accredited residential manager at the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). Moreover, the source also states that she has been working for the company since 2014

Kari Lost Her Father To Cancer A Week After Her Wedding

Kari lost her father, Augustus Hillsman, to cancer on December 26, 2003, just a week after she got wed to her now husband, Henry. Though she never talked about this, her father's obituary was later revealed. Most of all, it must have been heartbreaking for a newlywed bride to lose her father just days after the marriage. 

Kari Hillsman's father Augustus AC Hillsman
Kari Hillsman's father, Augustus AC Hillsman. Source Facebook

The memorial service of Kari's father, Augustus, was held at People's Baptist Church in Camden, St. Boston, on December 31. The Riley Funeral Home arranged it. 

Details On Kari's Interests

Kari Hillsman is an active person and adores traveling and going to the opera. She is also into sports; all her children play soccer and video games. She shares her passions with her husband and family.

Rick Fox's ex-girlfriend Kari loves spending time with her family, and they often go out together. She is a meat lover and admires fine wine. She has visited all places of note in her town of Boston. She frequently travels to California, New York, and Florida.

Kyle Fox Worked For His Dad Rick

Kari and Rick's first son, Kyle, is a video game designer. He was always interested in video games and online games. Moreover, he developed more interest in gaming as he grew up and made his career in gaming. 

Kari Hillsman's son Kyle Fox with his dad Rick Fox.
Kari Hillsman's son Kyle Fox with his dad Rick Fox. Source: Instagram @imrickafox

Since Kyle loved gaming so much, his father, Rick Fox, founded a famous e-gaming company called Echo Fox in eSports. The company was founded on December 18, 2015, and had a great start. However, the company started having performance issues & lost to its competitors. And because of that Echo Fox disbanded in 2019.

For a time, Kyle worked as a moderator there. The company had its share of fame and has a dedicated fan following. However, Kyle is now a video game designer based in Los Angeles. 

Is Kari Active On Social Media? 

After Kari's breakup with Rick Fox, she kept her presence low-key. So her presence on social media was faint. But, she is indeed active on Facebook and Instagram. As of now, she is not available on Twitter. 

On Instagram, Rick Fox's ex-girlfriend Kari is active under the username @kjhf3. She has kept her profile private. As stated, she is also active on Facebook. She is swamped on the platform and keeps posting about her family and kids. 

Physical Appearance

Let's figure out the height, weight, and physical appearance of Kari, the woman who charmed the NBA player Rick Fox. She stands 5 feet 6 inches tall (167 cm). She has gorgeous green-gray eyes.

Kari Hillsman on her Socials.
Kari Hillsman on her Socials. Source Facebook

As Kari has an African descent, she has beautiful dark-colored hair. Also, she has grayish-green colored eyes, which is pretty rare. Moreover, Rick Fox's ex-girlfriend Kari is also reported to weigh around 55 kg

Was Kari Hillsman Bribed With Drugs By Rick Fox's Fan To Get Premium Seats? 

Did you know that the NBA player Rick Fox and his girlfriend Kari Hillsman nearly got into a drug scandal back in the day? In 1993, an incident occurred in the Celtics locker room involving Rick Fox, his girlfriend Kari, and a season-ticket holder who wanted to get autographs from the players. 

The alleged man offered Kari a container suspected of containing drugs, which she described as a "suspicious green substance." It remains unknown what the substance was, but Hillsman thought it was marijuana. Fox later confronted the man and stated he was upset with the situation. Even the police had to be called in this disturbance.


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