Lara Crawley

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Tue Dec 06 2022
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Lara Crawley is a rising social media star and has a couple of hundred followers on Instagram. However, she is better known as the sister of Clare Crawley. Clare’s fame skyrocketed after she appeared in the 16th season of The Bachelorette. 

Lara is still a child in 2021 and is yet to start her professional career but she has also enjoyed the limelight due to her sister’s fame.

Fans are still curious to know about the little sister of Clare. In the future, Lara might also become a TV star in the future, which is why fans are curious to know about her, read more below. 

Who Is Lara Crawley? Age & Family 

Lara Crawley is the youngest sister of The Bachelorette star Clare Crawley. Lara's birthday and age have not been revealed to the public as of yet. 

Lara Crawley is the youngest sister of Clare Crawley
Lara Crawley is the youngest sister of Clare Crawley
Image Source: Instagram@Lara Crawley

As mentioned above, Lara has not yet started her professional career but she is popular as the sister of Clare Crawley. Her details have been kept in the dark by her famous sister Clare. 

However, social media posts clearly show that Lara is a teenager and is pursuing her academics.  Lara is the youngest of 6 sisters, both of her parents are American. 

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Is Lara Crawley Dating? 

Crawley is still young and is probably focused on pursuing her education rather than relationships. 

Her sister on the other hand is known for her relationships and romantic history. In fact, she became a TV personality after appearing on ‘The Bachelor’. Clare got engaged to Dale Moss after they met on her show but their relationship was short-lived. 

Clare Crawley with former fiancee Dale Moss
Image Source: US Weekly

In fact, they officially ended their engagement in early 2021, where they announced through their Instagram Thursday. " they appreciate the love and support they've received from so many people, but this is the healthiest decision for both of them at this time", they said.

Lara Crawley's Net Worth And Career

Lara's net worth is not available in the public domain, she is yet to start a career. However, she must be living a lavish lifestyle. 

Her sister on the other hand has amassed a net worth of around $800,000 as per this source. Lara might start work as a professional in a few years. As of 2021, she is working in her hair salon in Sacramento, California.

Lara’s Sister Clare Crawley Is A TV Star 

Clare Crawley (born March 20, 1981) is a hairstylist who has starred on several editions of the show ‘The Bachelorette’. She is an American by nationality and is White by ethnicity.

She came into the limelight as a star on the 18th season of the American Bachelor. She did really well on the show and even made it to the final before she lost to fellow colleague Nikki Ferrell

The star was also praised by her fans for calling out the star of The Bachelor for the inappropriate language he had used during their time together. Her quest for love continued when she starred in the first two seasons of "Bachelor in Paradise". She did not find love in the series as well and left after the second season. 

Clare Crawley on Bachelorette
Clare Crawley on Bachelorette
Source: The Cut

Similarly, she returned to another spinoff of the series "The Bachelor Winter Games". She was romantically involved with two of the other contestants but left alone again. She reunited with her colleagues from the show later on in a TV special. 

Her fame skyrocketed when she was announced as the star of the 16th season of ‘The Bachelorette’. She made history as the oldest bachelorette to date when she was announced. 

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