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Relationship Timeline Of Laura Andrassy

Ex-husband : Greg Norman
Laura Andrassy married Greg Norman on 1981 and divorced on 2007.

Laura Andrassy is a well-known very famous personality in the United States of America. Laura is the ex-wife of the world's first-ranked Australian golf player Greg Norman

Laura was born on 30 July 1963 in the United States of America. Her birth name is Laura Theresa Andrassy. She also got some fame for being the wife of Greg Norman.

Parents & Family of Laura Andrassy

Talking about Laura Andrassy's parents, her father is Julius Andrassy, and her mother is Laurabell Grace Gillen Andrassy. In earlier days her family had been living in Hungary.

Laura Andrassy posing for a photoshoot by leaning on a rock(Photo Source: Vergewiki)

Andrassy's grandfather was the prime minister of Hungary. But his name is still missing. Later her family immigrated to the United States of America. 

Laura's father Julius Andrassy was in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II. Sadly, she lost her father in 1993. 

Laura's mother Laurabell Grace Gillen Andrassy was working as a volunteer in those days. She used to work at Jupiter medical center as a volunteer. As a volunteer, she also worked at Bush Wildlife Center. Sadly, her mother left this beautiful world on 6 December 2014.

Physical Appearance

Norman's ex-wife Laura Andrassy is about a 5 feet 8-inch (172cm) tall woman and her weight is about 56 kg.

She looks very gorgeous with her pretty black eye and light brown hair. She is very conscious of her health.

Siblings of Laura Andrassy

Talking about Laura Andrassy's family, she isn't the only child of the parents. Laura grew up with siblings, she has two brothers, Dr. Richard Andrassy, and Jay W. Andrassy

Laura Andrassy with her brother  Dr. Richard Andrassy(Source: RichAthletes)

Dr. Richard Andrassy is also known as Richard J Andrassy. He is a very famous surgeon in the United States of America. He completed his Master's Degree in 1972 from the Medical College of Richmond, Virginia.

Talking about her second brother Jay W. Andrassy, his full name is Jay William Andrassy. He was born on 24 July 1991. Sadly he passed away on 19 January 2021 at the age of 60.

Laura Andrassy's Ex-Husband Greg Norman!

Laura Andrassy's ex-husband is Greg Norman who is a very famous world's first ranked golf player. Norman is also a successful businessman, architect, and real estate developer.

Laura Andrassy and her ex-husband were photographed together. (Source: Essentially Sports)

Gregory John Norman also known as Greg Norman was born on 10 February 1955, in Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia. He became famous in the 1970s and onwards.

Norman started taking an interest in golf at the age of 15 and he did not take time to do an opening for his career. Soon after he realized his career he then began his career as a golfer by joining Royal Queensland Golf Club as a trainee club professional in 1975. He won his first professional tournament in 1977 and joined European Tour.

Record Break In 2004

Greg is also known by his nickname "The Way of the Shark". Norman won above 90 tournaments in his career as a golfer. 

Laura's ex-hubby spent a total of 331 weeks at the top of the Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) and held a world record. Later this record was broken by Tiger Woods in 2004. He also owns his official site,

Laura Andrassy's Ex-Husband's Net Worth

Talking about Laura Andrassy's ex-husband, Greg Norman, as we know he is an Australian professional golfer and entrepreneur. Greg's primary source of income is sports as well as golf. Hilary Watson's husband is also a golf player by profession.

Andrassy's ex-partner also owns a company Greg Norman Collection which is a company as well as golf-inspired sportswear. It is a multi-national private corporation, which is established in 1992. He earns a lot of money from his company.

A picture of Laura Andrassy's ex-husband Greg Norman (source: HITC)

Norman is the first golf player who earned more than $10 million in his golf career. Norman has won almost 90 tournaments in his golf career

Greg's other source of income is Real Estate. He also earns a lot of money from Real Estate. He made almost $200 million from his Real Estate investment. 

Some sources have claimed that he is earning above $33 million per year. Norman's total net worth is estimated at $400 million.

How Laura Andrassy Met Greg Norman!

Laura Andrassy and Greg Norman are already separated. But talking about their first meeting, Laura is working as a flight attendant when she met Greg Norman in 1981.

Norman was traveling in the same plane in which she is working. During that time Greg and Laura shared their past. 

The beautiful couple did not date for a long time before their legal marriage in 1981. They kept their marriage private and did not share anything in the media related to their marriage.

Laura Andrassy and Greg Norman Stayed In A Relationship For 25 Years

The beautiful couple Andrassy and Norman got married in 1981 in Australia. The former couple lived a very happy life for 25 years. The wedding was private, so only family members, relatives, and close friends were invited.

Laura Andrassy with her  ex-husband Greg Norman (source: RichaAthletes)

According to the couple's friends, the main reason for their divorce is a lot of ego in both of the. The ego is a very negative thing this can break every beautiful relationship.

The divorce was gone very costly for Greg Norman. He had to give almost 40 percent of his total net worth to her wife Laura. That is he gave almost $103 million to Laura.

Greg and his ex-wife, Laura, welcomed two kids!

Living a beautiful married life of 25 years with a professional golf player Greg Norman, Laura Andrassy gave birth to two children, a son, Greg Norman Jr, and a daughter, Morgan-Leigh.

Laura's son Greg Norman Jr is a professional surfer, wakeboarder golfer, and snowboarder. He married a beautiful woman Michelle Thomson In Florida.

Laura's daughter Morgan Leigh has her own family business. She married a handsome guy Chris Dillavou whom she met in her college life. They are living a happy life with their three children. 

Price Paid For Divorced Settlement

After the divorce, Andrassy and Norman's arguments started again for the custody of their children. However, the argument ended with the legal claim to all of his golf trophies will go to Greg's children which is at about $100 million.

Greg Norman After Divorce

Laura Andrassy is the first wife of Greg Norman. As we stated above, they stayed married for  25 years. While Andrassy stayed away from the spotlight, Norman shared his life with the world.

After his divorce from Laura, Norman married the world's no 1 American tennis player Chris Evert on 28 June 2008. His second marriage with Chris lasted only for 15 months. They divorced on 09 December 2009.

aura Andrassy's ex-husband Greg Norman with Kirsten Kutner
Laura Andrassy's ex-husband Greg Norman with Kirsten Kutner (source: celebSuburb)

On 06 November 2010, he married her third wife Kirsten Kutner. She is a famous Australian interior designer and a successful businesswoman. 

Interior designer Kirsten has two daughters from her first husband, Neal Kutner. Kaya Kutner was born on 27 October 2004, and Kelly Kutner was born on 22 August 2007. Her eldest daughter Kaya is now studying at Oxbridge University.

Chris Evert - (Greg Norman's Ex-Wife)

Chris Evert is a famous former No. 1 American tennis player. Evert won almost 25 championships in her tennis career. But nowadays she is working with ESPN as a broadcaster.

Chris married a handsome personality Andy Mill in 1998 and with him, she gave birth to two cute sons Alex and Nick

Laura Andrassy's ex-husband Greg Norman with Chris Evert (Source: people)

Ather the marriage of 8 years on 13 November 2006 she filed for divorce. On 4 December 2006, the court finalized their divorce, resulting in Mill had been to pay $7 million cash to Evert. 

Evert met Greg Norman at a sports event and because of that, Laura blamed Chris for her divorce from Greg Norman. 

Net Worth Of Andrassy

It was a little difficult to know about the total net worth of Laura Andrassy. She prefers to keep her personal and professional life private. 

She is the ex-wife of the popular richest golf player. Knowing this it can be said that she is also an owner of millions of dollars. As we mentioned above, she got $103 million in her divorce from Greg.

Dream House of Andrassy

Talking about Laura Andrassy's house in New York, she bought her dream house "Southampton" for about $7.5 million in 2008. Its total area is about 8900 square feet. However, she sold her dream house "Southampton" for $16.5 million after renovating it. 

Social media

Laura is one of those people who does not bring up all sorts of things in public and has kept most of her personal life hidden.  

Moreover, she does not have any verified Facebook or Twitter but she has an Instagram account with a very low number of followers. She has above 2k followers and above 60 posts on her Instagram.

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