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Businesswoman (1965)
Wed May 25 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Laura Louie

Husband : Woody Harrelson
Laura Louie and Woody Harrelson Married in 2008.

Laura Louie is a popular name in the entertainment field as she rose to fame after her marital relationship with a famous actor, Woody Harrelson. Whatsoever, she is a businesswoman by profession as she co-founded a company named Yoganics, which is an organic food delivery service.

The beautiful wife of Woody, Laura, was born in 1965, and she belongs to Asian ethnicity. Further, she holds an American nationality.

Laura's Married Life With Woody Harrelson

The blissful couple, Laura and Woody, exchanged the wedding vows on 28 December 2008. Woody is one of the most A-listed actors in America who rose to fame after portraying the role of Woody Boyd on the NBC sitcom, Cheers in 1985. Moreover, he is also an accountant of many awards, such as the Academy Award, Primetime Emmy Award, and MTV Movie Award.

Laura and her husband, Woody, at an event.
Source: People

Even though Woody is a celebrated actor, their wedding ceremony was not so grand. They executed their marriage at their Maui home in front of their close friends, including Owen Wilson, Bill Murray, Sean Penn, Marlon Wayan, and Willie Nelson. Likewise, Alanis Morissette was the entertainment provider. Moreover, the whole expense of their ceremony was just $500.

How Did They Meet?

Well, Laura met her now-husband, Woody, on the set of the sitcom, Cheers, back in 1987. At that time, she worked as his assistant, and later, they fell in love. However, they started dating after two years of their first meeting, which is in 1989

Laura and Woody hugging each other
Laura and her husband, Woody.
Source: HuffPost

After 13 years of their successful relationship, Woody was found being in a physical relationship with three women in 2002, which broke Laura's heart. But, instead of giving up on him, she chose not to break up with Woody and moved out of the tragedy and married six years later.

30 Years Of Togetherness

Back in 2013, they were seen enjoying their time in New York as the two were holding their hands, smiling, looking at each other face. 

Laura and Woody holding hands
Laura and Woody are walking in New York Road.
Source: Daily Mail

Reportedly, the lovey-dovey couple was seen on vacation in Italy on Saturday, along with their youngest daughter, Makani. They were seen on the streets of Ravello, where Woody was in a blue t-shirt, burgundy shorts, and a money bag around his waist. Similarly, Laura was in red top and white shorts with a handbag.

It has been 30 years of their togetherness, and the couple is living happily without any kind of separation or divorce rumors at all. Further, the couple currently resides in Maui, Hawaii, along with their two adorable dogs and cats. As a matter of fact, the pair is an animal lover, as well as the people who encourage healthy living.

Laura and Woody walking together
Laura and Woody Photographed, at Italy.
Source: Daily Mail

Apart from her relationship with Woody, she has not been in any other extra-marital relationship in her past. On the other hand, her husband, Woody, was previously married to the daughter of Neil Simon, Nancy Simon. They exchanged the oath of husband and wife in 1985. However, their marriage turns out to be a failure, and they divorced after ten months.

Shares Three Children

For now, the couple is enjoying their parenthood as they are parents of their three children. They welcomed their first child, a daughter, Deni Montana 28 February 1994, and currently, she is 25-year-old. Likewise, Laura gave birth to their second daughter, Zoe Giordano Harrelson, on 22 September 1996, and her age is 23-year-old as of 2019.

Laura's husband and daughter posing for a picture
Laura's husband and daughter
Source: Grand Forks Herald

They similarly welcome their third daughter, Makani Ravello Harrelson, in June 2006, and currently, she is 13-year-old. In an interview with HuffPost, he talked about his daughters as he was asked that On What He Wants For His Kids? he replied,

"It would have been great if I'd been as easy-going as Woody in 'Cheers' ― I loved that show ― but I wasn't. I have taught my daughters to experience life and not be constantly making judgments, which held me back. I am a great example for my daughters for what not to do. But they are strong and tough; they see through falseness. At the same time, they are optimistic and open."

Laura, Woody, and Makani in Italy
Laura, Woody, and Makani.
Source: Walikali

Surely, Laura and Woody must be taking good care and co-parenting them well.

Net Worth Of Laura Louie

Laura, who is a co-founder of a company, Organics, was an actress in the past. So, she might have earned a decent amount of money by herself. As of now, Laura's net worth is around $800 Thousand. The major income source of Louie is her company, which delivers organic foods.

On the other hand, her husband, Woody's net worth is around $65 Million as of 2019. He earned this hefty sum of money from his successful career as an actor. 

To date, he has contributed the Hollywood movie industry with many hit movies such as Zombieland, The Hunter Games, Zombieland: Double Tap, Now You See Me, and Venom. The collection of those films include:

Film NameWorldwide Earnings
Zombieland: Double Tap$111,015,547
Now You See Me$351,723,989

Apart from earnings, Woody owns a house in Beverly Hills, California.

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