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business reporter (1984)
Tue Jan 31 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Lauren Simonetti

Husband : Mark Cubrilo
Lauren Simonetti and Mark Cubrilo married in 2001.

Lauren Simonetti is a well-known news anchor and business reporter born on 1984 October 10, Staten Island, New York City, USA. Her zodiac sign is Libra.

In addition, she is also one of the top business reporters in the nation and is currently working as a member of the Fox Business Network.

Bio & Wiki Of Simonetti 

Simonetti grew up in New York with her parents, siblings, and grandparents. She completed her bachelor's degree from George Washington University Magna um laude.

Childhood photograph of Lauren Simonetti playing
Childhood picture of Lauren Simonetti. (Source: Instagram @Lauren Simonetti)

After her bachelor's degree, she joined Columbia University for her higher education education and completed her master's degree in arts in English and comparative literature. 

Interestingly, she has also been a member of the Financial Writers Association of New York since childhood.

Family Details 

The American News anchor Simonetti was born to Raymond Simonetti (father) and Janet Simonetti (mother). Her father is a businessman, whereas her mother is a housewife. 

Lauren Simonetti's childhood picture with her dad Raymond Simonetti
Lauren Simonetti's childhood picture with her dad Raymond Simonetti.            (Source: Instagram @Lauren Simonetti)

Both of her parents are Italian Americans, and they grew up celebrating Italian American traditions such as the Christmas Eve Feast of the Seven Fishes. 

Family Gathering Simonetti 

Simonetti has a considerable family, and they often do family gatherings during their vacation. Moreover, she has shared many pictures of her family members on her Instagram handle. 

Lauren Simonetti's family picture celebrating her grandparent's 70th marriage Anniversary
Lauren Simonetti's family celebrating her grandparent's 70th marriage Anniversary. (Source: Instagram @Lauren Simonetti)

To add up, she has shared a beautiful picture of her family members on her Instagram handle during the occasion of her grandparent's 70th marriage Anniversary.

What Is Lauren Simonetti's Husband?

Former CNN business news writer Simonetti is happily married to Mark Cubrilo, a Satellite Engineer at FOX News Network. 

The lovely couple fell in love while working in the same company and started dating. After a few years of other love life, they exchanged their vows on October 1, 2001, in Crystal Plaza in Livingston, New Jersey. 

Wedding photograph of Lauren Simonetti and her husband Mark
Wedding photo of Lauren Simonetti and her husband, Mark Cubrilo.                 (Source: biogossipy)       

It was a private ceremony, so only their close friends and relatives were invited to the wedding. The romantic couple spent their wedding in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Moreover, they are blessed with three children and live happily in New York City, USA.

About Simonetti's Husband: Mark Celia

Mark Cubrilo, the husband of Simonetti, is a team member for Fox News in Manhattan as a satellite engineer and field engineer. 

Moving towards his educational details, he is a high school graduate from Cliffside Park. A fun fact is that Mark Cubrilo met his wife while working at Fox News.

Lauren Simonetti: Mother To Three

The lovely duo Simonetti and Cubrilo are blessed with three children two daughters and a son. In October 2015, the couple was blessed with a beautiful daughter Rae Vivian Cubrilo. 

Lauren Simonetti posing with her son and daughters
Lauren Simonetti with her children, Rae Vivian Cubrilo, Mark Jameson & Celia Cubrilo. (Source: Instagram @Lauren Simonetti)

After three years, on April,l 18, 2018, they were again blessed with their second child, a baby, a boy named Mark Jameson

On 2020, the couple was again blessed with a beautiful princess Celia Cubrilo, making them a happy family. To add up, Simonetti shares many photos of her children on her Instagram.

Net Worth Of Simonetti: Why So Rich?

Lauren Simonetti has an estimated net worth of $5 million, similar to Lauren Scala. She has collected a hefty amount of wealth through her successful reporting career. She has many luxury cars, which include her Bungalow.

Lauren Simonetti driving her car.
Lauren Simonetti driving her car. (Source: Instagram @Lauren Simonetti)

Simonetti, on the first hand, is paid an enormous salary at Financial Writers Association. Her annual salary is expected to be around $200 thousand. On the other hand, Fox News Network pays her about $45 thousand monthly for the numerous events she hosts. 

Siblings Of Simonetti 

Simonetti has two siblings with whom she spent her whole childhood. However, she has not revealed her sibling's identities to the public for the time being. 

Lauren Simonetti enjoying with her siblings in her childhood
Childhood picture of Lauren Simonetti and her siblings (Identities Not Disclosed)                                        (Source: Instagram @Lauren Simonetti)                                     

However, she's posted many pictures of her sibling on her Instagram, expressing her love on the occasion of international siblings day.

Career Highlights

Talking about Simonetti's career outset,  she started her career in the entertainment industry as a production assistant for Lou Dobbs Tonight (an American political and financial talk program).

She also worked in CNN and CNN International for around two years. She got the opportunity to learn a lot as a freelance associate producer. She was in charge of CNN's field reporting during her time there.

Moreover, Simonetti was also the sole business producer of the New York Stock Exchange. She worked as a supervisor of economic events, including securities investments and financial crises.

Grabbed New Opportunity In FBN

In September 2007, Lauren Simonetti began working as a Fox Business Network (FBN) field producer. She became a public figure after she joined Fox Business Network, a television network that broadcasts American news channel that includes Business, Technologies, Government, Debate, and Networking.

FBN is owned by the Fox News Media division of Fox Corporation.

Lauren Simonetti reported from Trump Tower regarding the latest news for Fox
Lauren Simonetti reported from Trump Tower regarding the latest news for FBN. (Source: Instagram @Lauren Simonetti)

Simonetti has been a financial reporter forGood Day New York, which airs in the morning in the United States, and a general reporter for other finance-related matters for the channel.

She has also spoken with traders and executives at the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, NYMEX, and Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Stan and Inky: Two Pets Of Simonetti 

The FBN field producer Simonetti has two pet dogs, Stan and Inky, in her home. She has a very close bonding and emotional attachment with her dog.

Stan and Inky (pet dogs of Lauren Simonetti) dressed up for the Halloween festival.
Stan and Inky (pet dogs of Lauren Simonetti) dressed up for the Halloween festival. (Source: Instagram @Lauren Simonett)

She always involves her pet dogs in every family function, such as dressing them up during the Halloween festival. 

Awards & Achievement  

Simonetti also received the ''Italian American AchievementAward'' from the NYPD Columbia Association in May 2014.

Moreover, she is doing great in her career and might probably win the other awards shortly. 

Height & Weight 

Simonetti is 5 feet 1 inch (154 cm) tall and weighs around 55 kilograms (121.25lbs). Her body measurements are 34-26-35, which is a perfect size for her.

Lauren Simonetti posing for full figure photograph
Picture Of Lauren Simonetti. (Source: Instagram @Lauren Simonetti)

As per her Instagram, Simonetti is very concerned about her clothing. She wears an appropriate, slightly sexy dress when appearing on television, as required on-screen.

Moreover, she has blue eyes, and brown hair perfectly suits her personality. 

Leisure Activities

Simonetti spends most of her leisure time looking after her kids and playing with them.

Lauren Simonetti spends time with her kids in the garden (Source: biogossipy)

She spends her free time doing creative things, gardening, roaming, swimming, and watching movies with her kids. Her Instagram is also full of her children's pictures.

Simonetti's Social Media Activeness 

Talking about Simonetti's life on social media, she is super active on her Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. To add up, she is a social media queen.

She looks active on her Instagram @ Lauren Simonetti, with more than 25.6k followers. We can also see many pictures of her children and family get-together on her Instagram handle.

Additionally, she is very active on her Twitter @ Lauren Simonetti, with more than 44.2k followers and 25k followers on her Facebook page @ Lauren Simonetti.


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