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Drag Racer (1988)
Tue Feb 14 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of leah pruett

Husband : Tony Stewart
Leah Pruett married Tony Stewart in 2021.

It's not often you hear of women making a name for themselves in car racing, but that's what Leah Pruett has successfully managed to do. The American is a known name in the world of drag racing.

Leah hails from Redlands, California, and was born on May 26, 1988. This article will provide some information on the face of Tony Stewart Racing.

Her Marriage To Tony Stewart

A woman who loves cars, racing, and tracks found her passion in a man with the same interests. Leah Pruett is the wife of fellow racer Tony Stewart.

They exchanged their wedding vows on November 21, 2021, at Los Cabos. The couple first announced their engagement on March 19, 2021. She first met her future husband in 2019.

They are standing next to each other and both of them looking down.
Leah Pruett and Tony Stewart at their wedding (Source: TobyChristie)

The couple is very much in love with each other. You can see it with the number of pictures these two share of each other on social media, where they are always singing praises about each other and showing their love to the world.

Leah Found Love In The Middle Of The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic put the world on hold as people were stuck in their homes with little to do. The pandemic gave only bad memories to the people. But, for Leah, it wasn't utterly awful, as she found her love because of it.

It wasn't long before the pandemic that these two had started talking. The Motorsports Hall of Famer Don “the Snake” Prudhomme acted as a cupid as he was the reason these two first met. 

Not long after they started hanging out, the COVID pandemic happened, and Leah invited her now husband Tony to live in Lake Havasu throughout the quarantine. That's when they got to know each other. Leah, while speaking to Drag Illustrated, talked about it:

We got to literally spend four months with each other as a man and a woman. Not race car drivers being on the road and traveling and doing all the crazy stuff that we do. It gave us a chance to really get to know each other before we started adding the racing elements to it.

What Is The Net Worth of Leah Pruett & Tony Stewart? 

Leah Pruett and Tony Stewart are one of the most potent racing celebrities. Both have achieved impressive feats in their respective careers, translating into the fortune they have managed to generate.

Leah's net worth, as of 2022, is roughly estimated at $4 million. On the other hand, her husband Tony is a much bigger celebrity, and it shows with his massive fortune of $90 million.

Both are wearing shades while putting their hands on their hip.
Leah Pruett and Tony Stewart posing for the camera (Source: Drag Illustrated)

Besides their career, the couple also tried to sell their house to make money. The beautiful house that covers 415 acres has an Indoor stream and Bowling Alley located in Columbus, Indiana. Leah and Tony put up the house for the same amount as the net worth of Robert Kirkman, i.e., $30 million.

A Brief On Her Career

Leah Christine Pruett is a famous figure in NHRA. She has gained quite a fan following because of her gorgeous looks, but don't let her looks fool you. She is a talented racer, and it shows on the racing track.

The racer for Tony Stewart racing first announced herself as the real deal when She defeated Adria Hight's sister Brittany Force. Even before defeating the 16-time NHRA Champion, Leah was already showing her talent by winning the title of NHRA Jr. a staggering 37 times.

Leah has had a fantastic career so far. The Redlands racer has had a total of 16 career wins so far and a total of 27 final career rounds. Her best elapsed time record is 3.631, and the top speed she has reached in her racing is 334.15.

Little Information On Leah's Husband Tony Stewart

Anthony Wayne, or Tony Stewart, is a popular name among NASCAR fans. He was born on May 20, 1971, in Columbus, Indiana.

The Rushville Rocket has won the NASCAR Cup on three separate occasions: 2002, 2005, and 2011. The legendary racing figure made it to the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2020.

He is looking at something and has a smile on his face.
Tony Stewart in his racing suit (Source: USA Today)

Nowadays, he is more focused off the track as he is involved in racing through his team Stewart-Haas Racing. He co-owns the team alongside Gene Hass. So far, it's going well for him, as the team has won the driver's championship on two occasions.

The Time She Went To Jail

Not just her husband Tory, but Leah herself has been involved in a controversy. She was once sent to jail for misconduct.

The racer was arrested in Hendricks County, Indiana, for the case of disorderly conduct. She was arrested on October 21, 2012.

Leah Almost Died While Racing

Leah Pruett could have been taken away from us when she was in a significant accident. The incident took place at the Mopar Express Lane.

The reports indicated that the incident happened after her dragster's chassis failed. She got injured, but she should consider herself lucky as the visuals are scary.

The car can be seen flying in the air while people are watching on.
Leah Pruett got in an accident at the Mopar Express Lane (Source: NHRA)

She recalled all of it while being interviewed by NHRA National Dragster. While talking about the horrific incident, she said:

When it bowed up and got airborne, I thought that I was going to blow over, but when it didn't go back on its canopy and there was so much air time, I was confused and still hadn't processed what it looked like. When I saw the footage for the first time, it definitely made a lot more sense.

What Is Leah's Body Measurements?

Leah is an athlete, so she must be in good shape. And judging by her body physique, you can tell she takes good care of herself.

The dragster has a slim body type; her body measurement is 33-24-35. Her height is 5 Feet 9 Inches (176 cm), and the racer weighs 137 lbs (62 kg).

Leah Pruett's Husband Accidentally Took A Life

Probably something Tony Stewart would take back in a second if he could. The Columbus Comet was involved in an incident that killed racer Kevin Ward Jr.

The day was August 9, 2014. Both Kevin and Tony were in a race. Kevin's car crashed while racing. In frustration, he got out of the vehicle. While trying to cross the track, he got hit by another car. The car that Tony was driving.

The visuals took over the world as people started to discuss the incident. Many criticized Tony for "reckless" driving. In contrast, many came to defend Tony as they believed Kevin should have never gotten out of the car when it was so dark. They said Kevin had a death wish when he tried to cross the track in such a condition that every vehicle was moving at a ridiculous speed. 

The incident was ruled out as an unfortunate case of an accident. However, a documentary film was made on the incident called The Hit: An Investigative Documentary. As per IMDb,  the documentary is about investigative journalists analyzing the incident with the help of never-before-seen footage to find out whether it was a case of an accident.

Is There A Way To Reach Out To Her On Social Media?

You are lucky if you want to learn more about dragsters and update yourself on her life. Leah is very much active on the internet.

You can find her on Instagram, Twitter, and even Facebook. Her social accounts are Instagram @leah.pruett, Twitter @LeahPruett_TF, and Facebook @LeahPruettTF. She is updating on her life on all the platforms almost every day.


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