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Entrepreneur, Model (1991)
Thu Feb 09 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Leandra Gonzalez

Ex-husband : Fetty Wap
Leandra Gonzalez exchange her wedding vows with Fetty Wap.

Leandra Gonzalez is an African American entrepreneur. Apart from that, she is a model too. But the woman is more popularly known for once, having married American rapper Fetty Wap.

She was born in the year 1991. The former celebrity wife nowadays lives a low-key life. In this article, we will provide some insights into Gonzalez's life.

Had A Relationship With Fetty Wap

Leandra Gonzalez gained popularity after marrying famous rapper and songwriter Fetty Wap. The ex-couple dated for a while before deciding to spend their lives together.

They are both looking at each other with a glass of drink on their hand.
Leandra Gonzalez and Fetty Wap at their marriage (Source: Instagram @sisterssippingthetea)

As per TMZ, the two exchanged their wedding vow on August 3, 2019. It wasn't a lavish wedding and was done between their close friends and family.

Why Did Gonzalez Divorce Fetty Wap? 

Gonzalez and Fetty Wap have been very public about their failed relationship. They haven't held back while criticizing one another. She has called out her ex-husband for being abusive towards her. She also alleged that he had cheated on her with someone else and had gone on expensive trips with other girls. 

It is a common trend among most Hollywood celebrities that weddings don't last long. It only lasts for a few years at most. But what's surprising about their relationship is that it did not even last a year.

Although technically, their marriage lasted over a year as their divorce was finalized on September 4. But the fallout between the two already happened a long time ago. She had filed for divorce in March.

Net Worth: How Rich Is Gonzalez?

Leandra Gonzalez is a successful woman. Her relationship with Fetty Wap may have helped with her fame, but that's not to say she isn't a self-made woman. She is an entrepreneur and a model, enabling her to have the same net worth as Ronni Hawk at $400 thousand.

She is holding a glass with a straw in her mouth.
Leandra Gonzalez posing with a drink (Source: Instagram @rosedealer)

Her ex-partner Fetty Wap who helped her to give a bit of fame, is a millionaire with his estimated net worth being $1 million. The song Trap Queen's success dramatically contributes to his richness.

Fetty Wap's Reputation With Women

Leandra Gonzalez's husband doesn't have a good reputation regarding women. He is considered a womanizer by some. The reason why people don't like him is mainly to do with his previous relationships. He is a father of six. And he had those six babies with five different women.

He had Aydin with Ariel Reese, Khari with Masika Kalysha, Amani with Elaynna Parker, Lauren with Turquoise Miami, and two kids with Lezhae Zeona in Zaveria and Zy.

His reputation is why some people had no sympathy for Gonzalez's failed marriage with him. They didn't feel the need to be sorry for her as she knew what she was getting into when she married him. One of them commented:

She married him knowing how he was .. so no sis I don’t feel sorry or care to know bout your divorce

The Public Fight With Her Ex-husband

The separation between Gonzalez and Fetty was pretty messy. Their failed relationship was already being talked about in entertainment tabloids. They also didn't help themselves by calling each other out on social media.

They took a dig at each other through Instagram. They were publishing stories about each other which only gave the media more stories to cook about them.

Fetty published a story on his Insta saying she was doing all this unnecessary drama to be on Love and Hip Hop (the reality show which follows the lives of people related to the hip-hop industry).

Story is in text format with a hand on a face emoji.
Fetty Wap calling out Leandra Gonzalez on Instagram (Source: Instagram @fettywap1738, Money Land Forum)

Gonzalez, on the other hand, criticized the man with her own story that, said:

Let me get a divorce to be on LHH. Yes make sense not bcuz you been a non existent "husband" Like cmon. But Yo...

She also said she was doing all of this to return to living an everyday life away from all the trouble that came with her marriage to him.

Who Is Fetty Wap?

Willie Junior Maxwell II, popularly known as Fetty Wap, is a famous rapper, singer, and songwriter. His songs include Trap Queen, a huge hit back in the day. The song made it to the Billboard Top 100 chart and also used to be heavily prevalent on the now-extinct social media platform Vine.

He is throwing hand signs while wearing a hoodie.
Leandra Gonzalez's Ex-Husband, Fetty Wap (Source: Instagram @fettywap1738)

He is easy to differentiate and recognize as he is known as the guy with one eye missing. Widespread rumors suggested he was shot, which damaged his left eye, but he cleared the air regarding it in one of his interviews. 

He revealed that it happened because of an accident when he was a kid and not because he was shot. In his interview with Shade 45, he revealed:

When I was little, I had gotten into a little accident and it gave me congenital glaucoma in both of my eyes. 

Instagram Presence

Gonzalez is on Instagram. However, she isn't an avid user, as she hardly ever posts on the platform. Her Instagram handle is @rosedealer. The few posts she has on Instagram are mostly related to photoshoots. 

Moreover, she has also posted many pictures of her daughter on her Instagram handle.  

Has A Daughter 

Leandra Gonzalez is a mother of one (like Zulekha Haywood). She has a baby daughter. Her daughter did not come from her marriage to Fetty Wap. 

She is posing with a peace sign as mom has edited the picture with red heart emoji on her.
Leandra Gonzalez's daughter Veronica (Source: Instagram @rosedealer)

Gonzalez is cautious with her daughter and doesn't want her to go through the pressure of being famous. Hence, she hasn't shared much information about her or her father. It is believed that the daughter's name is Venice.

Gonzalez shared a video on her Instagram about her daughter, where she was seen taking long dive into the pond. The people were all praises for the braveness of her daughter.

Her Daughter Almost Accidentally Consumed Drugs

In what would have been a horrific incident, Gonzalez prevented her daughter from accidentally consuming a drug. Her daughter is still a baby, so consuming could have resulted in her death.

It happened during Halloween when she went trick-or-treating to collect candies as all kids would. Mother discovered that someone had given her a pill wrapped up in a candy wrapper.

No one could tell if someone gave it to her daughter by accident or on purpose. But it could have resulted in a tragic incident either way. She posted a video about the candy, and it said:

V went Trick or Treating in FORT LEE NJ!!! This is one of her candies. Check YALL candies please or throw them all s**** all out!!!

The Death of Her Ex-Husband's Child

Gonalez's ex-husband had to suffer when his daughter Lauren died at such a young age. She was just four years old. She died from heart complications. 

TMZ published the reports of her death. The statements made the mother, Turquoise Miami, very angry. She called them out for not respecting their privacy and publicizing her daughter's death.

A lot of people came in support of her and slammed TMZ. One of them commented:

TMZ has gone even lower than the gutter. This is a 4 yr old child. I just cannot believe someone did not stop this, that not one person at TMZ didn't see how wrong this is. I'm sure plenty of people on staff have children. This child was not a performer, and she deserves respect.

While the other wanted them to sue TMZ for their awful act with the comment:

I hope they sue TMZ. I pray God gives them peace during this horrible time of grief and despair.


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