Does Lee Min-ho have a Girlfriend in 2021? Know his Dating List

Fri Mar 13 2020
By   Manish

Lee Min-ho thinks there was something inside him at a young age that wasn't anxious about success but was concerned about becoming a better actor. The art of acting is essential because it expresses personality and discovers characters that were important in our experience. So, Lee has all of it in his acting skills for winning millions of hearts.

South Korean-based actor, Lee had a keen interest in becoming a soccer player and continued his passion as a youth football player. But, an injury ended up his desire to become a professional footballer. Let's find out more interesting things about Min-ho's personal life below.

Who is "Boys Over Flowers" Actor, Min-ho's Current Flame in Life?

The recipient of the SBS Drama Award, Lee Min-ho is currently away from any relationship as of now. Nevertheless, the promising star's fans are curious to know whether who will be the love interest of Lee in the future?

Lee Min-ho is in the city of love, Paris from the front view of Eiffel tower. Do you know about his current flame? His past girlfriend, flings and current love
Photo: Lee Min-ho posing in front of Eiffel Tower in Paris 
Source: Instagram @actorleeminho

Well, it seems like Min-ho hasn't decided to link up with a new date and currently busy with his upcoming filming projects. Due to his acting schedules, Min-ho's love life seems to be empty up until now.

A Mysterious Love Affair of Min-ho & Suzy...

Bounty Hunters star, Lee was once in a romantic relationship with a South Korean actress, Bae Suzy in 2015. In 2010, she entranced as part of the group Miss A, eventually, a year later, she enrolled in an acting field.

After the two started dating secretly, they went out for a three-day vacation in London, England from South Korea's Incheon Airport on 10th March 2015.

After reaching London's airport, some paparazzi spotted the couple together and revealed the two were dating. The duo then publicly confirmed their relationship on arrival from London, England.

Lee Min-ho with his former mysterious partner, Bae Suzy. What is Min-ho's current relationship status? Know his past girlfriend and current flings
Photo: Lee Min-ho with his former girlfriend, Bae Suzy 
Source: Nairaland Forum

The King: Eternal Monarch actor, Min-ho, then joined a compulsory military service at Suseo Social Welfare Centre in the Gangnam City Hall on 12th May 2017. When Lee was serving for the South Korean military, his relationship started to lose its grip.

When Min-ho returned to his limelight life after discharge from public service duty on 25th April 2019, he broke up with his longtime girlfriend, Suzy. The reason why love birds separated is still a mystery to their fans. Just like Lee, another South Korean actor, Ji Chang-Wook was out of military service in April 2019.

A Glance of Lee's Dating History

Song For You singer, Min-ho first started dating Sungkyunkwan Scandal star, Park Min Young, after meeting on the set of City Hunter in 2011. But, the duo briefly ended their relationship after dating for five months, due to some misunderstandings.

Lee Min-ho and his first ex-girlfriend, Park Min Young. Do you know about Min-ho's mysterious relationship with Bae Suzy?
Image: Lee Min-ho with his former partner, Park Min Young 
Source: Soompi

Model Min-ho, then involved in a six-month relationship with an ordinary South Korean girl, who was two years older than him. Nevertheless, they break up due to their incompatible personality.

His dating list does not stop here. Min-ho, furthermore, started his co-actor from one of his films. 

Lee Min-ho and Park Shin Hye were a romantic dating couple just like on the big screen of The Heirs. Who is Min-ho's current girlfriend?
Frame: Min-ho with his former girlfriend Park Shin Hye 
Source: Pinterest

Min-ho began an intimate affair with his co-actress of The HeirsPark Shin Hye in 2013. When the rumors of their dating started to knock on their doors, they eventually separated their ways and broke up their relationship.

It was a time once he was bonded secretly in a romantic relationship with a college student. In 2011, he himself revealed the fact of dating after the end of the movie, City Hunter. According to some sources, they broke up after 6 months of dating.

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