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Tue Aug 22 2023
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Lilliana Bowrey is an Australian surfer champ who has achieved amazing feats lately. She is one of the few people who surf both longboard and shortboard.

After making a name in the surfing world, Bowrey is making waves in the acting world too. Yes, Lilliana played the role of Poppy Tetanui in Surviving Summer. Keep scrolling to know more about this young talent.

Lilliana Bowrey Relationship Status: Is She Dating?

The Australian surfer Bowrey's relationship status is single apparently. Yes, despite some sources claiming Lilliana Bowrey's boyfriend to be Baiame Nielsen, the pair have not confirmed their love life.

Lilliana Bowrey's parents wedding picture.
Lilliana Bowrey's parent's wedding picture. Source: Instagram @cut_lap

Amid dating rumors, Bowrey seems to be flying solo. She has not given any hints about dating a co-star from Surviving Summer, Nielsen. Baiame has also not said that he is Lilliana's boyfriend.

Speaking of her parent's love life, Alisa and Jake got married on August 9, 2010. Their relationship is as strong as ever.

How Old Is Australian Surfer Lilliana Bowrey? Know Her Early Life

Born in the year 2005, Lilliana Bowrey's birthday celebration is on the 19th of July every month. Bowrey celebrates her birthday a day after Ethan Hawke's daughter Clementine Jane Hawke.

Lilliana Bowrey with her father Jake Bowrey when she was little.
Lilliana Bowrey with her father Jake Bowrey when she was little. Source: Instagram @cut_lap

Speaking of age, the 160 cm tall Lilliana just turned into an adult in 2023. Bowrey is a water child since day one. The Australian surfer studied at Sunshine Beach State High School which is located at her birthplace South East Queensland, Australia.

It should be no surprise that this young Australian talent is a school athlete. Lilliana keeps on taking part in several water sports like swimming, surfing, and so on.

Lilliana Bowrey's Parents: Couple Behind Daughter's Success

Everything Lilliana Bowrey has learned to date is from her loving parents. It was her mother Alisa Bowrey, who taught Lilliana to surf and flow in the wave.

It is not certain if Alisa could surf like her daughter, but one can be sure that Lilliana's mother is a pretty good teacher. Furthermore, Alisa is the best friend of her daughter.

Lilliana Bowrey with her mother.
Lilliana Bowrey with her mother Alisa Bowrey. Source: Instagram @alisabowrey

Speaking of Bowrey's mother, Alisa is a native of Australia and belongs to the Gubbi Gubbi tribe. Meanwhile, Lilliana's father, Jake Bowrey is not from Australia. Jake is from the United Kingdom but follows every religion and tradition his wife follows

While Alisa taught the young actress how to surf, Lilliana's biggest inspiration is her father. She wished birthday to Jake with a caption:

"to the guy who inspires me most. Happy birthday Papa. ❤️"

Lilliana Bowrey Has A Big Brother

Surviving Summer actress Lilliana Bowrey has a brother named Billy Bowrey. The Bowrey's siblings are extremely close to each other. The Australian surfer often posts pictures with her brother.

Lilliana Bowrey's brother Billy Bowrey fishing.
Lilliana Bowrey's brother Billy Bowrey fishing. Source: Instagram @alisabowrey

Billy celebrates his birthday every May 29. While Lilliana loves surfing, her brother seems to have a great interest in soccer. In addition to this, Billy is a collector of Jordan.

Aside from this, Billy rides bikes. Bowrey's brother has shared a glimpse of him riding a bike. Well with proper guidance, he will be quite popular in this as his sister.

Lilliana Bowrey's Net Worth: Sponsorship, Earnings

At such young age, Lilliana Bowrey has earned quite fame. With fame comes sponsorship and endorsement deals. Lilliana Bowrey has a net worth of $100 thousand similar to Kylie Jefferson and is sponsored by Billabong.

Billabong is a clothing line business for surfers. She wins a great amount in the prize after winning competitions. Lilliana is into acting now.

Lilliana Bowrey in a lavish outfit.
Lilliana Bowrey in a lavish outfit. Source: Instagram @lillianbowrey

Not only this. Lilliana also generates a substantial amount by making appearances on birthdays and pep talks. yes, Lilliana charges a certain amount for a birthday, holiday season celebration personalized videos.

Speaking of her parents, Jake is associated with Thomas Surfboards. Apparently, he is into the surfboard-selling business. 

Lilliana Bowrey Has A Good Relationship With Sky Katz

Sky Katz is Lilliana Bowrey's co-star in Surviving Summer. She plays the lead role, Summer Torres, who is a rebellious teenager. While the chemistry between Sky and Lilliana is not clear, they are pretty close off the screen.

Lilliana Bowrey with Sky Katz and other co-stars.
Lilliana Bowrey with Sky Katz and other co-stars. Source: Instagram @lillianabowrey

Bowrey has clicked selfies together and often comments on each other's pictures. Both Summer and Poppy aims to be the world champion in surfing.

Lilliana Bowrey's Surfing Accomplishment

Well, before being an uprising Netflix star, Lilliana Bowrey is an accomplished surfer. It is this skill that has helped her to land the role in Surviving Summer.

Lilliana Bowrey showing her signed surfboard.
Lilliana Bowrey showing her signed surfboard. Source: Instagram @lillianabowrey

Bowrey is considered a rare enigma in the surfing world who can surf both longboard and shortboard. Further, she is the five-time champion of the Queensland state championship.

Likewise, in 2022, Lilliana competed in various surfing championships including Nias Pro Women's. Her dream is to be a world-renowned surfer.

Lilliana Bowrey's Road To Acting 

Never in her life, Bowrey thought she would be acting in her lifetime, let alone being nominated at the Logies. The surf champ said that it surprised her when she won the role for Surviving Summer.

Lilliana Bowrey in her makeup room.
Lilliana Bowrey in her makeup room. Source: Instagram @lillianabowrey

While surfing was normal for Lilliana, acting in front of the camera was quite difficult for her. Initially, Bowrey used to think about what people were going to think of her. 

Now, the surf champ has adapted to her new path and is enjoying being an actress. Bowrey is loving this new opportunity and the company of talented co-artists.

"It's also mind-blowing and it's a great experience, and being around such amazing talent people is great."




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