Lisa Laporta Clive Pearse Marrital Status

Tue Oct 08 2019
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Born in London, United Kingdom, Clive Pearse moved to Los Angeles in search of a better career. Unlike many others, he found success and now is popularly known as the host for the HGTV home design show Designed to Sell.

There is a lot of speculation about the relationship status between him and Lisa Laporta. The couple features in the show together which deals with designs of fashion and home accessories. So' what's the truth of their relationship? Are they married or not? Let's find out more about the hot topic.

Are Clive Pearse and Lisa Laporta Married?

To all of Clives' female fans who have a crush on him, it's good news. Pearse is not married to Lisa Laporta. In fact, he is single as of now as we cannot spot any wedding ring in his finger.

Why the speculation? Many people believe that Lisa and Clive are a couple but that's not true. In one of his facebook posts, Clive wishes Lisa on her birthday and calls her his television wife. 

Lisa Laporta and Clive Pearse at an event
Image: Clive Pearse (right) with his television wife Lisa Laporta (left) at an event. 
Source: Facebook (Clive Pearse)

The pair hosts the show on HGTV which was based on designs for home and fashion accessories. In the show, contestants compete by bringing their designs with each other. Since the days of hosting, the pair has formed an unbreakable friendship with each other.

Other than this, there is nothing going on between the pair romantically as confirmed by their frequent social media posts. 

His Love for Animals...

There are no hints as to whether the English host was ever married. As far as the reports go, the host has never been part of any nuptials featuring him. Scrolling through his Social media, we can see him with a lady named Linda Blair.

Clive Pearse and Linda Taylor with a rescued dog
Picture: Clive Pearse (left) with actress Linda Taylor (right) and a rescued dog. 
Source: Facebook (Clive Pearse)

Is she his Partner-in-crime? Linda is an academy award nominee actress for her work. She's also featured in a scary role in The Exorcist but nowadays the actress is busy rescuing animals. 

Clive is very fond of animals and together with Linda he also involves rescuing animals via a non-profit organization Linda Blair World Heart Foundation. Through the foundation, Clive and Blair try to spread awareness for abused companion animals.

Clive Pearse Personal Life

Apart from his television world, Pearse hangs out with Lisa a lot. They are very good friends and spends a lot of time together. Besides that, Clive often visits performances to support his friends' work.

Clive Pearse with his friends
Frame: Clive Pearse (right) with his friends on a night out. 
Source: Facebook (Clive Pearse)

Not just that, he also holds his family in high place in his life. In some of the pictures, the host is seen spending quality dinner time with his family but rarely speaks about them in the public.

After 2001, Clive is not spotted in any hosting work and has stayed out of sight from the media. Prior to that, he worked as an interviewer as well and interviewed the likes of Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray, and Nicolas Cage to name a few.

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