Lisa Rinna's Thriving Marriage with Harry Hamlin

Fri Jun 02 2023
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Actress Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin are the ultimate power couple: The pair have been married for nearly three decades!  

When gauged alone, Lisa Rinna is the ultimate boss lady. She rose to stardom early in her career with roles in Days of Our Lives, Melrose Place, and Good Advice, and later went on to unleash her unmatched panache in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills franchise.  

But when positioned with her loving husband, actor Harry Hamlin, Lisa's supremacy grows even bigger. The power couple is one of the most enduring and enviable pairs in Hollywood. Of course, they've experienced several conjugal woes over the years, but have seemingly come out stronger through the downs.  

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin's Successful Marriage!  

It's twenty-five years later and soap opera alum Rinna and her dashing husband, Harry, are happier and stronger than ever. Well, at least on the outside. During Rinna's long stint in RHOB, there has been more than one instance where Rinna's fellow castmates insinuated her secret-filled marriage.

Lisa Rinna is married to Harry Hamlin.
Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin are considered a power couple. Photo Source: Instagram

For the Days of Our Lives actress, Hamlin is her first husband, but such is not the case for the latter. Hamlin had already been married twice when he first met Lisa, in 1992. Harry had previously won the People's coveted Sexiest Man Alive title and a young Lisa was understandably star-stuck by him.  

Hamlin; although married to his second wife, Nicollette Sheridan, at the time, still fell in love with Lisa at first sight. The actor finalized his divorce from Sheridan the same year and soon started dating Rinna, who had to wait five years for Harry to propose to her.    

Lisa and Hamlin's secret to their enduring marriage! 

Lisa later reveals that Hamlin was reluctant because of his past but eventually got over it. The attractive pair tied the knot on March 29, 1997, in an intimate ceremony in the backyard of their Hollywood Hills home. They went on to welcome two kids in the next few years and raised them to become successful individuals.    

Lisa Rinna left RHOBH after eight years.
Lisa Rinna waited five years for Hamlin's proposal. Photo Source: Instagram

Rinna and Hamlin share a relationship beyond their marital and familial ties. The pair are also diligent business partners. The couple's joint ventures include their clothing boutique Belle Gray, their reality show, Harry Loves Lisa, and more.  

Rinna joined the conspicuous show, RHOBH, in 2014, and although it broaden her horizon, and made her more famous, so followed recurring scrutiny of her personal life. The long-married couple has sparked a few cheating rumors over the years and Rinna's former castmate, Kim Richards, has also hinted at their imperfect marriage a couple of times.   

The couple tied the knot in June 1997.
The couple tied the knot in June 1997. Photo Source: Instagram

Sure, no marriage is devoid of some flaws and secrets, and if anything, Rinna and Hamlin should be applauded for concealing them so well. When asked what the secret to their thriving marriage is, Hamlin says it's their polar-opposite personalities that keep them intimate.  

Harry Hamlin: The Ever-Supportive Husband! 

Hamlin, 71, is best known for his roles in Clash of the Titans, L.A. Law, Made Men, and Mayfair Witches. Throughout his nuptials with the RHOBH fame, Hamlin has shown the utmost support for Rinna and her endeavors. Rinna's departure from the Bravo franchise had left many shocked and viewers in dismay, but Harry was of the other opinion.   

Lisa Rinna's husband, Harry Hamlin, is an actor.
Harry Hamlin has been married twice before. Photo Source: Instagram

In an interview earlier this year, the Clash of the Titans actor backed his wife's decision to leave the show after eight years. "It was the right decision to make at this point after eight years," Harry said before praising his wife's contribution to the show. "I think she took it as far as she could take it, and she elevated the show," he added.  

The former People's Sexiest Man got lucky on his third try. Hamlin has been married three times. The actor was married to actress Laura Johnson, from 1985 to 1989. His second marriage to actress Nicollette was even shorter, lasting only a year. Hamlin shares his oldest son, Dimitri, 43, with his ex-girlfriend, Ursula Andress.  

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin's Stunning Daughters!  

The soap opera alum and her husband often gush about their beautiful daughters. Parenthood has been the most important role endowed to them and Lisa and Harry take much pride in it. The duo's daughters, Delilah, and Amelia, are all grown up, and successful.   

Harry Hamlin shares a son with his ex-girlfriend.
Rinna's daughters have a half-brother from Hamlin's previous relationship. Photo Source: Instagram

The RHOBH stars welcomed their firstborn daughter, Delilah, in June 1998. Being the oldest daughter, fans have had a substantial insight into Delilah's journey through Harry Loves Lisa and RHOBH. She is known as the more passion-driven of the two siblings.  

Delilah studied criminal psychology at New York University, is also a budding entrepreneur, and has dabbled in modeling. But life hasn't been a bed of roses for the celebrity daughter. Delilah has extensively spoken about her battle with mental health. The duo's lastborn, Amelia, 21, has mirrored her older sister's career trajectory.  

Amelia moved to The Big Apple in 2019 and pursued an education in nutrition, wellness, and psychology. Just like Delilah, Amelia is also an entrepreneur and has worked as a model. During one of her many appearances on RHOBH, Amelia famously got candid about suffering from anorexia.  

The stunning sister duo also have a half-brother, Dimitri, from their father's earliest relationship. Starkly known for his alluring looks and physique, Dimitri is also an actor and model. But unlike his glamorous stepsisters, Dimitri likes to keep his life on the low.  

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