Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes and Geraint Hughes Married Life 2005

Mon Oct 21 2019
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Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes covered many major sporting tournaments across the world, and billions of people during these major events are glued to their TV screen. In those times of her coverage, Lizzie appears in her charismatic personality. 

The beautiful and talented BBC host might have robbed the heart of many viewers. If you are one of them, then you might have to brace for disappointment as she is a married woman. In fact, she is also a proud mother. To know more on this, keep reading as we try to explore more into her personal life.

From Colleagues to Life Partners

Lizzie joined BBC in the early 2000s, and Geraint Hughes also worked at BBC as a sports correspondent. The pair gradually fell in love at their work station, where they used to meet every day.

Finally, in 2005, the pair walked down the wedding aisle in a private ceremony in front of their loved ones. Both husband and wife are of very secretive nature, so the evidence of which can be spotted are unavailable as they are not that active on social media platforms.

Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes and Geraint Hughes at their wedding function in 2005
Image: Geraint Hughes (right) and Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes (left) at their marriage.
Source: Shutterstock

The duo is very active regarding their physical and mental health, no wonder they love sports very much. In fact, Lizzie plays for her local hockey club. Not just that, Greenwood is also an enthusiastic runner who completed the London Marathon. Any such things about Geraint are not disclosed; maybe he loves sports but is not involved in the game physically.

Lizzie's Work-life Balance

Lizzie travels a lot as per the requirement of her work and so does Geraint, who now works for Sky Sports. Despite such a busy work schedule, the couple manages to take out time for the family.

In their fourteen year-long marital life, the pair has successfully managed to raise two children. Any details regarding their offsprings are not disclosed, but in an interview, after winning the BHS charity horse race, she mentioned her children.

Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes training before the BHS Charity Horse race at Horse training school
Picture: Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes training on a simulated horse before the BHS Charity Horse race.
Source: BBC

She talked about how the whole experience was scary for her as she couldn't train with horses as much before the race. Her commitment to her family and her work cut short her training time, but eventually, she managed to win the race.

The Olympic Queen!

No guys, she has not won any Olympic medal, but she has covered the big Olympic tournament a couple of times. Since 2005, alongside Jake Humphrey started presenting a show called Sportsround on BBC.

During that time, Lizzie traveled to Melbourne to cover the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games. Greenwood furthermore managed to present the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, the same year. Similarly, Greenwood was the face for BBC in 2008 Beijing Olympics, Paralympics, and the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010.

Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes on her show reporting on the Olympics 2010
Frame: Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes reporting on the Olympics for the BBC.
Source: TV Newsroom

One of her other accomplishments in 2010 is to collaborate with Estelle for a children's TV show. As of now, she is still associated with BBC sports network, where she covers The Football League Show, which shows the highlights of all the English league's matches. Concerning her personal life, there is no controversy as such between the lovely couple, and they are living happily together with their children.

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