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Tue Nov 19 2019
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According to business experts, Instagram and YouTube are growing at an exponential rate right now. Cashing on that opportunity was Loey Lane, who is now a big-time social media influencer. She is a plus-sized model, just like Candy Godiva, and influences many women via her social media. 

In her content, Lane vlogs about her scary videos, places, and her experiences. Her 2.26 million subscribers want to know more about her personal life too. She was once married to an army man. Yes, guys, let's know more about their married life. Are they still together? If you want to see the answer to this question, then read along.

She Married her School Sweetheart

The YouTube star found love when she was in middle school. After the duo shared their love for each other, they started dating for almost seven years. She still was not a Social media star back then, so maybe that's the reason people don't know much about her wedding.

After dating for seven years, Lane and Tyler took their relationship to the next level. The pair walked down the aisle in 2012, in an intimate ceremony. Tyler soon joined the US army and the duo was in a long-distance relationship. 

Loey Lane with her husband Tyler at their wedding
Image: Tyler kissing his wife Loey Lane on the forehead. 
Source: Married Celeb

After Loey started her YouTube channel in 2013 and made content that influenced many other people, she started getting more attention. Many people found about her married life and knew that they were in a happy place together. Recently, Lane is not posting anything regarding her husband. Are they still together?

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Loey is no longer an Army Wife

You can find many online reports saying the couple parted ways with each other in 2016. After the year 2016, there are no photos of her and Tyler together. The duo was together for such a long time, and many of her fans got disheartened by the news of the divorce.

On December 21, 2016, Loey posted a video on her YouTube, where she talks about her family. In the video, Lane makes it clear that she and Tyler are still together. Not just that, you can also see the wedding ring on her finger in the video.

Tyler and Loey Lane kissing each other during Christmas
Picture: Loey Lane (right) kissing Tyler (left). 
Source: YouTube @LoeyLane

So, the reports suggesting the couples' divorce back in 2016 might not be accurate at all. But in her recent Instagram posts and YouTube videos, Lane is not seen wearing her wedding ring. So, this suggests the pair might not be together now; however, Loey has not confirmed anything about her relationship status yet.

In addition to that, some online reports suggest that Lane is currently in a relationship with her manager Jake Webb. There is, however, no evidence to confirm this love affair. They might be terrific friends. Lane is very focused on her career right now as she just launched an affordable skincare line of products for women.

Loey was Pregnant Once

In the YouTube video Loey posted on May 21, 2016, she shared her pregnancy story. According to her, the couple was excited to have a baby, but the test came out negative when tested.

After a few days, Lane started to feel some changes in her body. As per her, she wasn't quite sure about her pregnancy. And after consulting with her mother, Lane went to the hospital for a check-up.

Loey Lane sharing her pregnancy story in her YouTube vidoe
Frame: Loey Lane on YouTube video sharing her story. 
Source: YouTube @LoeyLane

With some blood tests, the doctor found that Loey was pregnant at that time. She was just 19 at that time, but after the doctor did an ultrasound test, there was no fetus inside of her. To this day, she explains that the whole situation of her getting pregnant became a confusing process.

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Lane still doesn't know if she was pregnant or not. According to the doctors, she had a significant injury on her ovaries, and maybe that could've caused all the pain for her. Besides this, Loey does not share any children with her partner as of now.

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