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Thu May 05 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Loey Lane

Husband : Tyler
Loey Lane took the weeding vows with Tyler

From just another YouTuber to being one of the biggest stars and influencers on the platform, Loey Lane has achieved a huge name and fame for herself. She started building named for herself since her YouTube channel began in February 2013. 

Using the social media platform, she is inspiring many women, just like Candy Godiva. Born on May 20, 1993, the YouTuber is now a businesswoman as well with her new skincare products. Many reports suggest that she is now divorced from her husband. What's her current relationship status? Let's explore more.

Loey Lane's Husband and Family Life

Lane married an officer of the U.S. Army named Tyler once. The couple tied a nuptial knot in 2012. They have not shared any details regarding their wedding as of now. 

Loey Lane with her husband Tyler
Image: Loey Lane with her spouse Tyler. 
Source: YouTube @LoeyLane

The couple lived happily with their pets: dogs, horses, cats, and guinea pigs. Soon after the marriage, Tyler went to serve in the army, and Lane started her YouTube channel. Recently, the absence of a wedding ring in many of her videos is raising questions about her relationship status.

Loey and Tyler First Encounter 

Lane and Tyler met while they were still in middle school. They were only friends at first; then they began dating on and off for about seven years until the duo decided it was time to take the next step as they loved each other and wanted to be together. 

Loey Lane with Tyler at her wedding
Picture: Loey Lane and her Spouse at their wedding. 
Source: Instagram @loeybug

Loey often shared a picture with Tyler, but from 2016, she completely stopped sharing a picture of him. Is that mean she is divorced? Or separated? Well, the details regarding that will soon be updated, but what about her photos with a guy named Jake at present.

Current Fling 

She often posts a picture with her manager Jake Webb. Many online tabloids suggest that the couple is currently dating each other. However, Loey is not dating Jake, and they are just good friends; Lane confirmed this on a few occasions on her YouTube video. 

Loey Lane and her manager Jake Webb
Frame: Loey with her manager Jake. 
Source: Instagram @loeybug

The pair visits the various place together and doesn't hesitate to share a picture of one another. They remain so cozy that even fans started speculations regarding their connections. Recently, she is busy pursuing her business of skincare products, so she hasn't declared her current relationship status.


Well, 26-years-old YouTuber doesn't share any children with her partner. She is giving more time to her youtube career rather than start her family.

In one of her videos, Loey describes having a baby inside her. The doctors checked her up and found she was pregnant, but they never found a fetus. The whole pregnancy situation was quite confusing for her, and even to this day, she is unsure about it.   

Net Worth

Working as a full-time YouTuber, Loey has earned a pretty good amount of money. Her current net worth is around $400,000, which is pretty decent. With her hundred of fan followers on Instagram, she earns a pretty fair amount of revenue per Instagram post.

As per some of the sources, Loey receives payment of $849 - $13.6 thousand per month and around $10.2 thousand - $163 thousand per year from her YouTube channel and AdSense. Soon, she might level other bulky earning YouTuber like Roman Atwood and James Rallison.

Sneaking into her Instagram post as well, we can say she is living the best days in such a prosperous manner.

Early Life of Loey Lane

As a kid, she had a creative mind, and one of the outlets she used to express herself was fashion. There is barely any information regarding Lane's parents, siblings, and educational background on the internet.

Since she was a little girl, Loey has always struggled with weight problems. This has caused her to create unhealthy food habits to be thin and what society has deemed gorgeous. However, she decided to stop fighting her body and accept it for what it is after years of self-loathing, body-shaming, and the continual bullying she suffered because of her weight.

Loey Lane with her friend at Disney land
Image: Loey Lane (right) with her friend. 
Source: Instagram @loeybug

Soon she realized that there was an enormous gap in the fashion and beauty sector when it comes to plus-sized bodies. So she decided to begin a YouTube channel to bridge that gap and encourage other females like her to love themselves and acknowledge them. 

That was just the beginning of Lane's massive success in the field of social media. As for now, she has amassed 1.8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel with thousands of Instagram followers.


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