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Wed Jul 05 2023
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Léonie Cassel has gained massive fame for being the daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel. Both of her parents are widespread actors active in the entertainment industry. 

Léonie is also known for being the younger sister of Deva Cassel. Her sister Deva has already built her persona and is well-known as an Internet personality and fashion model.

Is Léonie Cassel Still Single? Discover the Truth About Her Relationship Status

Léonie Cassel is still in her teens and too young to be involved in a romantic relationship. So, it will be better to discuss the relationship details of her parents as of now.

Léonie Cassel and her sister Deva Cassel were photographed together.
Léonie Cassel and her sister Deva Cassel were photographed together. (Source: Instagram)

Léonie is the daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vicent Cassel born on May 20, 2010, and is in her early 10s. Her parents shared their marital life for almost fifteen years before parting ways. 

Monica Belluci with her former husband Vincent Cassel.
Monica Bellucci with her former husband Vincent Cassel. (Source: Pinterest)

Monica and Vincent crossed paths for the first time back in 1996. The duo completed their marriage ceremony on August 3, 1999, eventually after spending three years of understanding each other.

Moving forward, it might have been difficult for Monica and Vincent as they ended their one-and-a-half-decade marriage in 2014. They announced their divorce on August 26, 2013, and the decision was made under both's mutual determination. 

Léonie's Parents: Parents: Past and Present Married Life After Divorce

Monica Bellucci shared her martial journey with Claudio Carlos Basso before marrying Vincent Cassel. They exchanged wedding vows completing their marriage on January 3, 1990

The ex-couple Bellucci and Basso didn't have a longstanding marital life. They ended their marriage with divorce on June 25, 1994, and isn't seen sharing a relationship with anyone presently.

Vincent Cassel with his present wife Tina Kunakey.
Vincent Cassel with his present wife Tina Kunakey. (Source: Instagram @ tinakunakey)

On the other hand, Vicent Cassel didn't have any past married life and Bellucci was his first wife. As of now, Cassel is sharing his life with Tina Kunakey after his divorce in 2014. 

The duo Cassel and Kunakey completed their marriage ceremony exchanging vows on August 24, 2018. They are happily sailing their love boat with no news of separation or divorce right now. 

Léonie Cassel's Net Worth a Hidden Fortune! The Shocking Truth Revealed

Léonie Cassel is young to have a net worth and is probably focused on school, hobbies, and building her passion. She is presently enjoying the net worth of her parents. 

Léonie's mother Monica Bellucci has made a jaw-dropping net worth of $45 million per the details of Wealthy Gorilla. She has made this possible through her fortune made in her acting career. 

Monica must have earned for her portrayal of Bianca in the movie Mafia Mamma. She earns through her acting appearance in the upcoming three projects including Ark: The Animated. 

Similarly, Léonie's sister Deva Cassel has a net worth of $1 million being a fashion model and internet personality. Her father Vincent Cassel has a net worth of $40 million from his acting career. 

Léonie Cassel's Mother Bellucci Real Estate And Cars

Monica Bellucci has made several real estate property purchases. She is the owner of a lavish home located in Paris but its specifications and cost aren't detailed for now.

Léonie Cassel's mom Monica Bellucci still works as a model.
Léonie Cassel's mom Monica Bellucci still works as a model. (Source: Instagram @ monicabellucciofficiel)

Bellucci also owns luxurious homes in Rome and Lisbon, with the one in Lisbon located in the historic Castelo neighborhood. However, she tends not to disclose the price of those houses 

The lady owns a Lancia Delta III which comes within the range of $76,000 to $264,000. Also, the Mercedes Benz, Mini Cooper, and Audi cannot be missed from the list of her collections. 

Léonie Cassel Has Shared Two Siblings 

The celebrity daughter Léonie Cassel has shared two siblings and Deva Cassel is one of them. She is her older sister and was born on September 12, 2004, to Vincent and Monica. 

Likewise, Amazonie Cassel is Léonie's half-sibling from her father's second marriage with Tina Kunakey. She was born in 2019 and is nine years younger than her. 

Léonie Cassel's sister Deva Cassel during the photoshoot of MUSE Magazine.
Léonie Cassel's sister Deva Cassel during the photoshoot of MUSE Magazine. (Source: Instagram @ d.casseluxxi)

Amazonie is young to pursue any profession but Deva has achieved success being a fashion model. She has appeared on the cover of popular magazines like Vogue Italia. 

Deva Cassel is even looking forward to pursuing an acting career in the film industry. She is going to give her acting performances in two upcoming projects La Bella Estate and The Leopard. 

A Little Brief On Léonie Cassel's Mother's Career In Showbiz World

Monica Bellucci is an Italian actress who made her debut in the movie Vita coi Figli. She is active in the showbiz industry since 1991 and has completed over three decades. 

Monica Bellucci with Keanu Reeves at some film festival.
Monica Bellucci with Keanu Reeves at some film festival. (Source: Instagram @ monicabellucciofficiel)

Bellucci has delivered outstanding acting work in the movie Shoot Em' Up and The Matrix Reloaded. She will be seen in three upcoming projects and fans her excited to see her acting work. 

The lady has made acting appearances in eighty-two projects including movies and TV Series. Overall, she has made a name for herself in the entertainment world through her acting. 

Has Léonie Stayed Active On Social Media Platforms? 

Deva Cassel's sister Léonie isn't active on social media platforms. People search for her Instagram but she doesn't have her official Instagram handle including Facebook and Twitter. 

On the contrary, Léonie's mother and sister can be seen active on social media sites. They might be keeping her away from the pry of social media as she is young to involve in the digital world. 

Deva is found under the [email protected] having 977k followers on Instagram. While Monica has over 5 million followers on her official Instagram under the handle@monicabellucciofficiel.

Explore Léonie Cassel's Father's Professional Acting Career Details 

Vicent Cassel who was born on November 23, 1966, is a prominent French actor. He has been contributing to the showbiz world through his acting work in TV Series and films since 1988. 

Vincent made his acting debut in La Belle Anglaise but got his breakthrough in the movie La Haine. Some of his notable acting attributes include Black Swan and  West World

Léonie Cassel's father Vincent Cassel with the actor Samuell Jackson.
Léonie Cassel's father Vincent Cassel with the actor Samuell Jackson. (Source: Instagram @ vincentcassel)

In addition to acting, Vincent is also produced and has produced several movies and TV Series. Some of his produced movies are Black Tide, Sheitan, and The World Is Yours

Vincent continues to entertain his fans through his acting performances. He will be seen in nine upcoming projects including The Shrouds and Eastern Promises 2

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