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Fri Feb 16 2024
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Relationship Timeline Of Claudio Carlos Basso

Ex-wife : Monica Bellucci
Claudio Carlos basso married Monica Bellucci in 1990 and divorced in 1994.

Claudio Carlos Basso is a fashion photographer, popularly known for being the ex-husband of actress Monica Bellucci. Bellucci is a top actress having worked in movies like The Matrix Revolutions, The Matrix Reloaded, and Shoot 'Em Up.

Bellucci, after divorcing Basso, found herself in the arms of Vincent Cassel. But this marriage of hers crumbled as well. Claudio is a tall man with a height of 5 Feet and 10 Inches (177.8 cm) and a weight of 158.73 lbs (72 kg).

Claudio Carlos Basso Came to Fame As Monica Bellucci Ex-Husband

Claudio Carlos Basso, the photographer, had previously walked down the aisle with Monica Bellucci. Their marriage was very short-lived. Basso and Belluci broke up after six months after they exchanged their vows. 

Both Claudio Carlos Basso and Monica Bellucci are in their wedding dress as they are sitting quietly.
Claudio Carlos Basso and Monica Bellucci at their wedding.
 Source: search4bio

Basso and Belliucci exchanged their wedding rings on January 3, 1990. While Basso and his ex-lover split within a year, Bellucci and her husband, Claudio, would take years to finalize their divorce on June 25, 1994.

Claudio and Monica have chosen to not disclose their failed marriage. The reason behind their choice to end their marriage remains to be known. But Claudio met Bellucci before she became the popular actress that we know today. 

After his marriage with Monica ended, Basso kept his relationships hidden. Meanwhile, his ex-wife, Bellucci, married and later divorced her second husband. Moreover, the beautiful actress welcomed two children with her second ex-husband.

Claudio Carlos Basso And Monica Bellucci's Other Relationships

Claudio Carlos Basso and Monica Bellucci had been in relationships with others too. Basso other than Bellucci has been married to two other women. 

And, just like Basso's relationship with The Matrix actress, his other marriages also failed. Claudio keeps details of those women remain hidden from the world.

Vincent Cassel is wearing a black suit whereas, Monica Bellucci is on a white dress.
Claudio Carlos Basso's ex-wife, Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel.
 Source: USA Today

Bellucci, after leaving Basso found herself in the arms of Vincent Cassel. The French actor is known for playing in Black Swan. Cassel and Monic tied the knot on August 2, 1999

Claudio's ex-wife, Monica, welcomed two children with Vincent. Firstly, Bellucci gave birth to Deva Cassel, and then, Léonie Cassel. But this marriage also didn't go as she would have wanted. Like her first wedlock, Bellucci's marriage ended. But this time around Monica's marriage lasted over a decade. 

Monica Bellucci Found Love Again!

Cassel and Monica ended up divorcing on August 26, 2013. A decade after the actress ended things with Vincent, i.e., in 2023, she confirmed her relationship with Lena Gieseke's ex-husband and director Tim Burton.

Similarly, Vincent began his love with model Narah Baptista in 2023. The same year, he parted ways with his ex-wife, Tina Kunakey in 2013. The two shared a daughter named Amazonie Cassel

Net Worth of Claudio Carlos Basso!

Claudio Carlos Basso has tasted success in his fashion photography career, which has led him to have an estimated net worth of $5 Million, similar to actor Brice Bexter. Photography is his biggest source of income. His work has been featured in some of the top fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Vanity, New York Woman, Bazaar, and much more. 

Besides working for other companies, he also has his studio called, Woodbury Studio. He shows his artwork throughout the world with this studio and has been one of the major income sources for him.

Claudio Carlos Basso's ex-wife, Monica Bellucci, looks younger than her actual age.
Claudio Carlos Basso's ex-wife, Monica Bellucci, looks younger than her actual age. Source: Instagram

Carlos's ex-wife, Bellucci, is way richer than him. Monica owns an estimated net worth of $45 Million. She gained a lot of fame and money as an actress. Monica was counted as one of the wealthiest actresses in 2020.

As per Rotten Tomatoes, the biggest commercially successful film she has been involved with is The Passion of The Christ, which made $371.4 Million.

Claudio Carlos Basso: Career Summary

Claudio Carlos Basso is a reputed name in the photography world today. But he did have humble beginnings. He first started as an assistant for a photographer in Milan. He didn't have enough money at that time and even slept in the studio as he couldn't afford a place.

Alberto Nodolini is speaking to a mic in the picture.
Art Director, Alberto Nodolini.
 Source: Sala Baganza, Parma

But, his hard work paid off a few years later in the form of an art director named Alberto Nodolini. Nodolini taught Basso many things he knew that ended up helping Bellucci's ex-husband in the long run. His skills gave him a lot of work and appreciation globally! This made Claudio the Basso we know today.

Where Did Claudio Learn Photography?

Monica Bellucci's ex-husband, Claudio Carlos Basso, didn't join any prestigious formal institution to shape his photography. Instead, he worked as an assistant before shaping his skills. After learning new things. Eventually, Basso started his photography journey.

Claudio Carlos Basso was photographed as he smiled. 
Source: NewsTimes

Claudio started in Milan, working under a photographer. It was days of struggle for him but luckily he was paid in fixed amounts so, he didn't have to worry much. Basso also didn't have any place to go and couldn't afford a place to stay so he slept on the studio couch at the time. He slept like this for three years.

Claudio Carlos Basso Learned Filming Along With Photography

Basso wants to learn new things and his love for learning is what led him to learn films. His interest in learning films even led him to stop doing photography for a while.

His learning filming wasn't planned by him rather, it happened. The incident happened in Sydney, Australia. He had traveled there to relax on a three-week vacation but, due to a change of plans, ended up learning films there for five years.

Monica Bellucci's Ex-husband, Claudio Carlos Basso, Stopped Doing Commerical Works

Claudio Carlos Basso no longer is involved in commercial photography works as the popular photographer has now shifted his focus to making his own projects. He has previously done commercial work for some top names in fashion, and that no longer excites him.

The photograph is a monochrome picture of a tree.
Claudio Carlos Basso's photograph, Homo Ignudo.
 Source: NewsTimes

Basso has made enough doing those works and now just wants to focus on making good art. While sitting down to speak with the James Robinson Photography Blog, he said that he has now left the rat race of commercial work after working everywhere, and now gives attention to his portraiture and fine art projects.

Additionally, Claudio Carlos now is in the automotive industry. He is the director of sales and marketing at Redline Restoration which retails classic cars.

Claudio Carlos Basso: Early Life

Claudio Carlos Basso had a pretty normal life, growing up with his mom and dad. However, he had a bit of a hard setting as his family moved a lot. 

Monica Bellucci's ex-husband and the photographer was originally born in Paris, France. But Claudio's family moved to live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After that, they moved to Italy and that was the country Basso grew up in. 

Bellucci's ex-husband lived in Portofino, which is a famous comune in Genoa. Claudio has also credited Italy for his getting into photography since he grew up in a country that is filled with all kinds of art.

Claudio Carlos Basso is Multilingual

Basso can communicate in more than one language as the man has mastered five different languages. He can speak French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and English.

It remains to be discovered how Basso managed to learn five different languages. But, there is a chance it must have happened because of all the countries he lived in as a kid. He was born in France, lived in Argentina, and then Italy, so this could be the reason he can communicate in all of these languages.

Monica Bellucci's Ex-husband Became A Photographer At 14

Basso developed a love for art at a very young age and he says that he became a photographer on his fourteenth birthday as that was the time he was gifted a camera by his mother.

Claudio Carlos Basso is posing like he is using the camera.
Claudio Carlos Basso with a camera. 
Source: James Robinson Photography Blog

NewsTimes in their article mentioned that on Basso's birthday, his mother gave him a 2 ¼ Rolleyflex camera. That camera helped him to use his love for photography to take it to the next level as he now had something to use to show his camera skills to the world.

About Basso's Ex-Wife, Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci is an Italian actress who has gained a lot of fame for her gorgeous looks. The model-turned-actor is a huge name in Italy. As per her IMDb page, she first entered the movie industry with the TV movie called Vita Coi Figli in 1991. She played the role of Elda.

Since then her career has only gone uphill. She has worked on plenty of movies since. Some of her notable works include The Matrix Revolutions, The Matrix Reloaded, Spectre, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, The Passion of The Christ, and the highly controversial Irreversible.

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