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Tue Jun 13 2023
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Deva Cassel initially got the attention of people being the daughter of Monica Bellucci. Her mother Monica needs no introduction as she stands out as one of the prominent Italian actresses. 

Cassel is building her persona, who is popular for being an Internet personality and fashion model. She is one of the uprising actresses striving to pursue a career in the showbiz world. 

Cassel's Love Life Exposed: In a Relationship or Flying Solo?

Deva Cassel isn't flying solo and might be sharing a romantic affair with Luca Salandra. Both have tried to share minimal about their romantic relationship but the curiosity keeps on increasing. 

While glancing through public domains, it was reported Cassel and Salandra have been dating for two years. However, it is surprising both haven't shared anything on their social handles. 

The picture of Deva Cassel with Luca Salandra.
The picture of Deva Cassel with Luca Salandra. (Source: Celeb Critics)

Cassel hasn't publicly spoken about her relationship with Salandra on media or social sites. However, they have been seen together on multiple occasions and events since 2020.

Cassel and Salandra might want to keep their romantic affair private away from unnecessary attention. They may love to enjoy quality time with each other privately from the general public. 

Discover Cassel's Parents In Brief

Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel are the parents of Deva who welcomed her on September 12, 2004 and is in her late 20s. They shared their marital life for almost one and a half decades before separating from each other. 

Monica and Vincent had their first encounter in 1996 and spent three years knowing each other. After that, they soon completed their marriage ceremony exchanging vows on August 3, 1999.

Deva Cassel parents Monica Belluci and Vicent Cassel.
Deva Cassel parents Monica Bellucci and Vicent Cassel. (Source: Pinterest)

The ex-couple Vincent and Monica have worked in several television series and movies. Some of which are Sheitan, Secret Agents, and Dobermann with several others. 

Vincent and Monica ended their fourteen years of married life by divorcing in 2014 after announcing on August 26, 2013. It wasn't a messy divorce instead were separated from the mutual decision.

The Former And Present Married Life Of Deva's Parents

Monica Bellucci was the first wife of Vincent Cassel and wasn't formerly married. However, Bellucci was previously married to Claudio Carlos Basso before marrying him. 

Bellucci and Basso completed tied their wedding knots walking down the aisle on January 3, 1990. They were married for four years only divorcing on June 25, 1994

The Marriage Ceremony picture of Vincent Cassel and  Tina Kunakey.
The Marriage Ceremony picture of Vincent Cassel and  Tina Kunakey. (Source: Pinterest)

As of now, Bellucci is enjoying her single life and isn't in a marital relationship. On the other hand, Vincent shares a lovely married life with his wife Tina Kunakey

Vincent and Tina completed their marriage ceremony on August 24, 2018. They have already shared four years and have no news of separation or extramarital relationship. 

Deva's Net Worth Revealed: How Much is Monica Bellucci's Daughter Worth?

Deva Cassel has been able to gather a decent amount of money worth at least $1 million. She has earned most of this money through her fashion modeling career with other works. 

Furthermore, Deva has earned modeling for different magazines including Vogue Italia and Harper's Bazaar España. She is also featured in Schön! Switzerland Magazine. 

Deva Cassel wearing the unisex clothing brand PYTHIA.
Deva Cassel wearing the unisex clothing brand PYTHIA. (Source: Instagram @ d.casseluxxi)

The fashion model Deva earns through brand sponsorships, promotions, and advertising on her Instagram. She has featured the unisex clothing brand PYTHIA. 

On the contrary, Deva's mother has an estimated net worth of $45 million. While her father Vincent Cassel has made an admirable net worth of $40 million per the details of Celebrity Net Worth

Does Deva Share Any Siblings? 

Deva Cassel is the only child of her parents instead is the sister of two siblings. Léonie Cassel is her younger sister born to Monica and Vincent on September 12, 2010

Deva Cassel's younger sister Léonie Cassel.
Deva Cassel's younger sister Léonie Cassel. (Source: sugarceleb)

Additionally, the celebrity daughter Deva has shared a half-sibling named Amazonie Cassel. She has born from her father's second marriage to Tina Kunakey in 2019.

Léonie hasn't pursued any professional career and might be focusing on her studies. There is not much available to explore her personal life searching through the public domain. 

Deva's Social Media Presence: Explore Her Online World

Monica Bellucci's daughter Deva being an Internet personality uses social media often. She loves to interact and connect with thousands of fans through the use of her social platforms. 

Deva is only available on the Instagram platform and doesn't have other social handles like Facebook and Twitter. She is found under the [email protected] having 977k followers. 

The lady's social media presence reflects her blossoming personality, talent, and individuality. She updates her fans about her professional work and some glimpse of her personal life.

The Physical Appearance Of Deva 

Deva Cassel has attracted fans through her captivating physical appearance. She has an attractive figure weighing  55kg and stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 7 inches. 

The Instagram post was shared by Deva Cassel.
The Instagram post was shared by Deva Cassel.  (Source: Instagram @ d.casseluxxi)

Deva's deep and expressive hazel eyes match with smooth black hair. Her flawless skin, often showcased in her social media posts has a natural glow that radiates youthfulness and vitality. 

In addition to her facial features, Deva possesses a graceful and slender physique. She must have managed a routine exercise and a disciplined balanced diet to maintain this physique.

Deva's Career In The Entertainment Industry

Deva Cassel is an uprising actress who is going to debut in the entertainment world in 2023. She has experienced an on-screen presence through Venezia 2021: the Dolce&Gabbana Alta Moda Fashion Show in Piazzetta San Marco.

Deva's fans eagerly wait to see her in the upcoming television series The Leopard which will release soon. One of her next upcoming projects in which she will be seen doing acting work is La Bella estate

The lady is looking forward to flourishing her professional acting career with her modeling. She is following in the footsteps of her parents pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. 

A Look At Deva's Mother's Acting Career

Monica Bellucci is one of the finest Italian actresses in the showbiz industry. She made her first on-screen debut through the movie Vita coi Figli playing the role of Elda in 1991. 

Bellucci got her first breakthrough role in the movie Malena playing the role of Malena Scordia. Some of her notable projects include The Matrix Revolutions and Shoot' Em Up

The Italian actress Bellucci has bagged nine awards and thirteen nominations through her acting works. Some of them are Golden Graals Award, Teen Choice Award, and Golden Ciak Award. 

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