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Actress and Voice Artist (1942)
Tue Feb 27 2024
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Relationship Timeline Of Lynette Mettey

Ex-husband : Michael Pschorr
Lynette Mettey and Michael Pschorr married in 1964.

Lynette Mettey is an American actress coming to fame from the early '70s all the way to the '90s! Fans recall Lynette for her perfection in the acting field. Apart from her acting career, she is also a voice artist who used to provide a voice in fictional films and radio commercials.

Mettey, who used to be very popular among the US audience, was born on April 4, 1942, in Tarrytown, New York, USA. Her zodiac sign is Aries, and her nationality is American. If you are unaware of this news, then let us remind you that Mettey was born during World War II (WWII).

Lynette Mettey: Family and Bio 

As mentioned earlier, Lynette Mettey was born and raised in Tarrytown, New York. Mettey grew up under the supervision of her parents.

Lynette Mettey in the TV show MASH.
Lynette Mettey in the TV show MASH. 
Source: Instagram

Although Mettey went on to be one of the most recognized faces in the industry, much about Lynette remains a mystery. The actress hasn't publicized her family's identity and information like her educational qualifications. 

Lynette Mettey and Her Debut

Lynette Mettey began her acting career by appearing in the TV series Calling Dr. Ganon in 1970. Lynette appeared as a nurse on the TV show. 

After that, she came into the limelight, and since then, she has appeared in many popular films like Murder by the Book and Terror at Alcatraz.

Her appearance in many popular films and TV series, as well as her excellent acting skills, got her recognition worldwide, especially from US audiences.

90's Actress Lynette Mattey A Millionaire

Sunday Drive actress Lynette Mettey was one of the most popular and successful American actresses in the 80s and the 90s just like Marita Stavrou. The US audience was fond of her. She used to rule the American film industry during her generation.

Lynette Mettey in MASH.
Lynette Mettey in MASH.
Source: Pinterest

Mettey has a net worth of $1 million, making her probably the first millionaire on the list of 90's actresses. Her primary source of income was acting, whereas her secondary income used to be voice dubbing. 

On top of that, her appearances in popular films like Liberty & BashSpecial DeliveryHeat of Anger, and many more assisted her in making a huge amount of money. 

Other Works Of Mettey

Special Delivery actress Lynette Mettey is also a voice artist, just like Kate Miller. After gaining fame and popularity in her acting career, Mettey went for a voice artist. She has also succeeded in this field, providing her voice in Batman: The Animated Series and many more.

Lynette was the commercial spokesperson of S. C. Johnson & Son, which is a family company. She gave the voice for thirty-eight years. Additionally, she worked as a spokesperson in many TV commercials during the 80s and 90s. However, she has never appeared on camera. 

Due to Mettey's excellence in voiceover, she was represented by International Creative Management.

Physical Appearances

Lynette Mettey is a gorgeous woman who has fair skin. Her height is 167 cm (5 feet 6 inches), and her weight is 58 kg (127 pounds). She has wonderful brown eyes and blonde hair, which look great on her. Her body size is 36 inches

Picture of Lynette Mettey wearing yellow dress
Picture of Lynette Mettey.
  Source: Google Next Biography

In addition, people were fond of her eyes and smile during the 90s. Still, people admire her beauty and are crazy about her.

Is Lynette Mettey Married or Single?

Currently, Lynette Mettey is single and living her life happily and peacefully. But in the past, she was married to two men. Firstly, Mettet tied the knot with Michael Pschorr. The actress then married Michael Stuart Pratter.

Lynette Mettey as Carol in her TV show.
Lynette Mettey as Carol in her TV show. 
Source: Instagram

While Lynette was a dream girl of many, she chose two as her husband. But Mettey could not continue her married relationship and got divorced from both of them. 

Lynette Mettey Divorced Michael Pschorr

According to various sources such as IMDb, Lynette Mettey married Michael Pschorrwho was an actor. They tied the knot on May 16, 1964. However, the wedding place is still unknown.

Unfortunately, they couldn't stick together and got divorced after some time of marriage. Yet, there is no proof of their divorce date and what are the reasons behind their separation.

Lynette Mettey and Michael Stuart Pratter

Lynette Mettey married Michael Stuart Pratter on December 31, 1972, in the presence of their family members and friends.

The amazing couple used to live happily and peacefully, enjoying their married life. Unfortunately, this relationship also couldn't go further, and they separated after three years of marriage, i.e., February 1975

Furthermore, there is no proper evidence or clarification why they got divorced. Also, Mettey hasn't talked about this relationship, and there is no other information about her ex-husband Pratter.

Does Mettey Have Children?

If you have queries about Mettey's children, let us inform you that both her relationships couldn't go further and end on a bad note. She couldn't stick together with both of them and get separated.

However, there is no information or evidence that proves that Mettey is a mother. We will soon update you if we get any information regarding her private life.

TV Series and Movies

Mettey's role as a nurse in Calling Dr.Ganon made her popular. After that, she appeared in many TV series such as Earth Star VoyagerQuincy, M.E., and Simon & Simon.

Not only TV series Mettey has also given superhit films to Hollywood, some of which are Liberty & BashSpecial DeliverySunday Drive, and Heat of Anger.

Because of her appearance in many popular TV shows and films and providing her voice in animated series, Mettey was one of the most popular and adorable actresses during the '90s.

Is Lynette Mettey An Introvert?

The Heat of Anger actress Lynette Mettey doesn't want her private life to be known by others, or she doesn't want to be in the limelight as she hasn't revealed anything about her personal life.

Still, Mettey's life is a mystery, and the audience in the US knows nothing about her. She has also been asked several types about her private life, but she didn't disclose them. 

Has An IMDb Profile 

Lynette Mettey has an amazing IMDb profile with over forty-seven acting credits. Besides this, she also has one credit for the additional crew and one for the soundtrack.

Screenshot of Lynette Mettey's IMDb profile
Screenshot of Lynette Mettey's IMDb profile.

Additionally, her IMDb consists of a list of TV series and movies she played during her career and her personal information and contact info.

Why Isn't Lynette Mettey In Social Media?

Popular for appearing in Calling Dr.Ganon Mettey was born before social media was invented. During her childhood or adult life, she didn't get an opportunity to use social media sites as social media was first created in 1997.

In Mettey's time, people used to talk face-to-face. So it may be why she refers to direct conversation instead of texting and calling.

Another reason may be that Mettey doesn't know the uses of social media sites which leads she doesn't have any social media sites.


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