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Thu Jul 14 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Lynn Greenfield

Husband : Wolf Blitzer
Lynn Greenfield Married To Wolf Blitzer In 1973.

Lynn Greenfield is the wife of a famous American Journalist Wоlf Вlіtzеr. Her husband is renowned in the profession since his early period. Wolf began working for CNN in 1990 and is a prominent journalist. He is best known as the host of the show The situation Room. On the other hand, Lynn used to work as a personal shopper in Maryland.

Talking about Lynn's birth date and early life, then there are no official specifications made by her. Neither she has disclosed the details regarding her parents. Meanwhile, her husband Wolf Blitzer has received a Master of Arts in International Relations from the Johns Hopkins University School. Scroll down, know about her marital life.

Marital Life Of Lynn Greenfield

As we all came to know that Lynn is the wife of veteran journalist Wolf Blitzer. There is not much information regarding how the duo first encounters each other neither they have disclosed the details of their wedding ceremony. Moreover, it seems like both of them want to hide their personal matter from the public.

Lynn Greenfield And Wolf Biltzer
Image: Lynn Greenfield And Wolf Blitzer
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However, they exchanged their wedding vows on behalf of their close family and friends in 1973. At that time, Wolf and Lynn just got graduated from college, and Wolf did not even have pursued his career in the journalism sector.

Their long term marriage life is the example of a perfect wedding, and so far, their union stays solid, and there are no rumors concerning their breakup and divorce. Scroll down to know about her children.

Lynn And Wolf's Only Daughter

Lynn is a proud mother of her only daughter Ilana Blitzer Snider. Her daughter graduated from Emory and worked as a beauty editor of Family Circle in New York. Lynn and her husband Blitzer welcomed IIana in 1981.

As per now, her daughter is 40 years old and got married to a man known as David Snider on June 14, 2015. Currently, Lynn and her husband Wolf Blitzer are grandparents. Her daughter gave birth to a son named Ruben Daniel Snider on August 15, 2016.

Lynn GreenfieldHusband Wolf Biltzer And Their Daughter Ilana Blitzer
Image: Lynn GreenfieldHusband Wolf Blitzer And Their Daughter Ilana Blitzer
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In addition to that, their family seems to be wonderful, and as Wolf became a grandfather, CNN shared with the nation the news with a snapshot of the Lynn and Wolf carrying his infant grandchild.

Furthermore, Lynn's daughter Ilana Blitzer had previously been married to Joseph Gendelman in 2008. Joseph is the president of  Bruce Gendelman Insurance Company, but the marriage of the pair did not survive, and they eventually separated. However, the exact date of their divorce is uncertain.

How much is Lynn Greenfield Net Worth?

Talking about her net worth and income, unfortunately, there are no details regarding her exact net worth. She used to work as a personal shopper at the Saks Fifth Avenue store in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

However, Lynn enjoys a great amount of wealth and fame through her husband's career. Together they have estimated net worth around $16 million, which is similar to MSNBC political commentator, Chris Matthews. Her husband Wolf is a famous journalist of CNN who has been to many higher positions.

Lynn Greenfield And Wolf Biltzer Lavish House
Image: Lynn Greenfield And Wolf Blitzer Lavish House
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Moreover, her husband Wolf Blitzer also appeared in several movies such as  James Bond Skyfall,  Netflix's House of Cards, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Mission: Impossible Fallout, through which he must have earned thousands of dollars

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