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Fri Jan 26 2024
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Relationship Timeline Of Marijke Demuynck

Ex-husband : Clark Olofsson
Marijke Demuynck and Clark Olofsson married in 1975 and divorced in 1999.

Marijke Demuynck is the ex-wife of the notorious Swedish criminal Clark Olofsson. He was a famous gangster whose crimes involved murder, and robbery, among many things. In addition, he is also responsible for the existence of the term Stockholm Syndrome. 

The famous criminal, Clark, was given a second chance as he was no longer in prison. He currently lives in Belgium and has moved past his previous life.

Marijke Demuynck was Previously Married To Clark Olofsson

Marijke Demuynck loved the Swedish gangster Clark Olofsson, despite her knowing what kind of man he was and what he had done. The two were married on August 12, 1976, but they got divorced in 1999. He was in prison when she exchanged wedding vows with him. 

Clark Olofsson is being escorted by cops in this picture.
Marijke Demuynck's ex-husband, Clark Olofsson, appearing at Bruge Palace (Source: IMAGO)

The two first crossed paths on a train, and Clark, at that time, was wanted for robbing a bank in Copenhagen, Denmark. She fell in love with the gangster, and despite knowing what kind of a man he was, she still decided to marry him.

Marijke's ex-husband Clark served in the Kumla prison in Sweden in charge of robbing a bank. The bank was Handelsbanken, a popular bank in the country. Clark has been involved in criminal activities for a long time and was also running away from the police when he first met Marijke. 

The Net Worth Of Marijke Demuynck And Clark Olofsson

Marijke Demuynck is living a secret life after leaving her marriage to a notorious gangster Clark Olofsson. So, her whereabouts and what she does for a living remain hidden. However, her net worth is estimated to be around $1 Million.

Marijke Demuynck's ex-husband, Clark Olofsson, during his youth.
Marijke Demuynck's ex-husband, Clark Olofsson, during his youth. Source: Pinterest

Unlike Clark, Marijke grew up living a wealthy life, all thanks to her father. Stuti Gokhale, from The Cinemaholics, in their article, mentioned that her father at the time worked as a director of the electronic giant Philips.

Demuynck's ex-husband, Clark, held a roughly calculated wealth of $8 million, engaging in criminal activities back in the day. But we all know blood money doesn't stick around for long. After getting out of prison, Olofsson is now living a normal life with an estimated net worth of $1.3 Million.

Clark Was A Charming Man (The Stockholm Syndrome Case)

Besides creating problems for the European authorities through his works, Clark Olofsson was also known as a charming man. You don't associate deadly people with being charming, but in Clark's case, that was one of his biggest assets. 

Donegal Demuynck's father's charming nature also helps us to learn why Marijke Demuynck fell in love with him. Yes, Marijke was aware of his crimes. But the biggest story regarding this aspect was when he practically invented the concept of Stockholm Syndrome.

Clark Olofsson is looking onto something as two hostages are sitting next to him.
Clark Olofsson with the hostages in the 1973 Bank Robbery (Source: HISTORY)

Stockholm Syndrome is a condition in which the victim develops affection for the person who hurt them. The infamous bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden, occurred the same year Bruce Lee passed away in 1973

It shocked everyone when the four hostages they had held for six days when freed, decided to protect him against the cops. In those six days, he had managed to make a good relationship with those hostages.

Marijke Demuynck Shares Three Kids With Clark Olofsson

Besides Clark's criminal activities, he is known for having affairs with a few women during his time. He is the father of six kids with four different women, three of whom were with Marijke Demuynck. All three are sons, David Demuynck, Dorian Demuynck, and Donegal Demuynck.

David is the oldest of the bunch, having been born on May 29, 1983. Donegal was born around two years later, on March 5, 1985, and the youngest, Dorian, was born on November 12, 1991. Much like their mother, all three of his sons live a quiet life, and their whereabouts are yet to be discovered.

However, these three weren't his first kids, as Clark was already a father to two daughters before tying the knot with Marijke. She was aware of something, but she continued to marry anyway.

Donegal's father, Clark, welcomed his sixth child with his current fiance. While the names of his sixth kid and the mother remain unknown, Daniel Demuynck's youngest is a son.

The Character Of Marijke Demuynck In The Mini-Series The Clark

Netflix has a history of making shows inspired by true events, and their long list of movies and TV shows also includes The Clark. The mini-series was based on the life of Marijke's ex-husband Clark and all of the illegal activities he was involved in. 

This show touches upon many events from the life of the Swedish gangster, including Marijke. Sofie Hoflack plays her character, and she features in the two episodes of the show, while Bill Skarsgård plays her ex-husband.

Clark is a fascinating man, and the show tries to bring many things to light. However, the show isn't completely true to its source as they have altered some things in the show from real-life events. For Instance, the show only shows them having two kids, but in reality, they were the parents of three kids.

Marijke Demuynck's Ex-Husband Clark Olofsson's Other Relationships

Clark Olofsson's charming personality is no secret, and not only does he use it to his advantage, but he also uses it to get the girl that he wants. He has been in a relationship with many women, and we will discuss some of them here.

According to News Unzip, even before he tied the knot with Marijke, he was previously engaged to a woman named Madiore Britmer in 1967. A few years before marrying Marijke. 

Not only before meeting Marijke but even after ending his marriage with her, he was in a relationship with another woman, Angelique. She also happens to be the mother of one of his six kids. But not all of his children's mother's identity is known.

The marriage also seemed not to have ended badly between, Clark and Marijke, as per the Swedish gangster himself. He revealed in 2018 that he and Marijke still talk to each other and have remained on good terms.

Where Are Clark Olofsson And Marijke Demuynck Today?

Clark Olofsson's a free man after walking out of prison in 2018. In case you were wondering what he is up to nowadays, let us tell you there's nothing to worry about as his robbery days are past him. Currently, he is living a normal life in Belgium.

Clark Olofsson is doing his shopping while also talking to the camera who is recording him for the documentary.
Clark Olofsson doing grocery shopping (Source: YouTube @Dokumentären Gewe)

Olofsson also has a different name nowadays, as he changed his name to Daniel Demyunck. However, this name change happened a long time back in 1991. This was when he was still involved in such activities and was even arrested later.

On the other hand, Marijke Demuynck's whereabouts remain unknown. However, some rumors on the internet suggest that she also lives in her home country Belgium like Clark, as they both lived together in Belgium in 1991

Also, Clark revealing they are on good terms led to this rumor. But there is no concrete evidence, so take this information with a pinch of salt.

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