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Fishing (1990)
Thu Aug 03 2023
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Marissa McLaughlin is an American reality star famous for appearing in Wicked Tuna. McLaughlin's reality show broadcasts on National Geography. Marissa appears with his brother, Tyler McLaughlin, who is the captain of the ship, the giant Bluefin. 

A graduate of Suffolk University, Marissa was born on April 17th, 1990. McLaughlin is not only a public relations specialist but also talented in fishing. She went on a variety of fishing expeditions with her brother, Tyler. Know more about the sister of Tyler McLaughlin, Marissa, as we take a more in-depth peek at her life net worth and marriage. 

Is Marissa Mclaughlin Really Dating TJ Ott?

Marissa Mclaughlin isn't in a romantic relationship with a fellow co-star of Wicked Tuna, TJ Ott. Basically, TJ is the captain of the boat which McLaughlin and her brother, Tyler McLaughlin, ride on during the Wicked Tuna TV show.

Photo of Marissa Mclaughlin and TJ Ott.
Photo of Marissa Mclaughlin and TJ Ott. Image Source: Distracity

At the beginning of their romantic journey, Marissa and TJ stayed private about their relationship. They did not reveal their dating life to the public.

After some time, TJ Ott tagged Marissa in his Instagram post, where he shared photos of his dog. Although he did not share about their ongoing relationship with Marissa, many people speculated about their relationship through that posts.

Later on, both Marissa and TJ confessed to their dating relationship in public. 

Are Marissa McLaughlin & TJ Ott Still Together?

Marissa McLaughlin and TJ Ott aren't in a relationship anymore. Moreover, most of their social media post is related to fishing and their other professional work.

TJ Ott and his partner Alex took a picture on Ott's boat.
TJ Ott and his partner Alex took a picture on Ott's boat. Source: Instagram @tjhottuna

In a recent post on Ott's IG, he showed off his best catch, his partner Alex. Apart from Marissa's last relationship update, which she did a few years ago, they have not shared any other clues regarding her love life. 

While Ott seems to have moved on, McLaughlin hasn't shared about her relationship. Likewise, after Marissa's first public relationship ended, she started to keep her romantic life private again.

How Much Does Marissa McLaughlin Earn? 

Being a television celebrity, Marissa McLaughlin has earned a bit of fame and wealth. Her estimated net worth is around $600,000. Marissa's main source of income is the Wicked Tuna show, where she must be getting pretty much a decent amount of wealth.

Marissa Mclaughlin And Her Expensive Ride
Image: Marissa Mclaughlin And Her Expensive Ride
Source: Instagram@pinwheelteam

Besides her current income, Marissa has worked in several corporate companies before joining Tyler on Wicked Tuna. She started work in Sep 2014 as a Residential Sales Representative in McLaughing Transportation System

Marissa was a marketing director at Pinwheel Tuna Fishing, and working for these companies, she must have gained thousands of dollars in salary. 

Likewise, she has also opened her own online merchandise shop through which she sells various lady clothing items. 

Marissa McLaughlin's Income And Earnings From Wicked-Tuna

Perhaps we all know by now that she is a member of the Pinwheel team. Marissa and her brother are one of the larger catchers of Tuna Fish on the show. When the T.V. show Wicked Tuna began, the crew at making around $2,000 to $3,000 per cruise, per episode similar to Layla Kayleigh. Therefore her net worth is estimated at around $250,000.

Meanwhile,  as the show has risen in success, they are now casting on Wicked Tuna and charging more than $10,000 dollars per episode.  According to the Looper, This single variety of fish powers industry brings in $800 million in sales on a yearly basis. In one instance, partially as a publicity stunt, a single bluefin tuna was purchased for nearly $2 million.

The biggest recorded fish captured was a giant bluefin tuna that weighed more than 800 pounds. It was published by the Broad Pelagics Research Center on August 3rd of this year. And by catching it Marissa and Tyler must have earned thousands.

Marissa's Career

Marissa McLaughlin frequently fishes with her brother Tyler. In reality, she is part of the Pinwheel team alongside her brother. After appearing in the show, she is gaining more and more recognition. They two were credited for taking in several very big tuna.  

Marissa Mclaughlin And His Brother Tyler Mclaughlin With Their Team Pinwheel Team
Image: Marissa Mclaughlin And Her Brother Tyler Mclaughlin With Their Team Pinwheel Team
Source: Instagram@pinwheelteam

Thanks to her fishing work, she has gained not only popularity on the internet but also a good number of followers on her social media handles. On Instagram  @pinwheelmrm, she has accused more than 45.8k fan followers.

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