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Child Actor (2005)
Sun Jan 01 2023
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Max Torina is an actor who has gained quite a fan following thanks to his works in Upside-Down Magic, Raven's Home, and Sydney to the Max. He is also a bit of a social media star and, besides acting, he is also popular among girls for his looks.

Torina resides in the home of Hollywood, i.e., California. He was born on February 25, 2005, meaning his zodiac sign is Pisces. He is just seventeen years old and is already getting his foot in such a competitive industry. With how hardworking he is, Torina is going places.

Relationship Status: Is Max Torina Dating?

Max Torina has a decent fan following, and most of them are females. But he is not seeing anyone right now. And it's most likely because of his age. He is still just seventeen years old. Technically, you can get into a relationship in the US as they allow the connection at that age as long as it's non-sexual. However, finding such young kids in a relationship is not common. 

Max Torina is doing the Usain Bolt signature pose in the picture.
Max Torina at the beach (Source: Instagram @maxtorina)

The Raven's home actor Torina is a busy young man trying to make a name for himself in acting. With acting, school, and other activities, he is already occupied with many things and hardly has time to get into a relationship. He enjoys his life and spending quality time with his close friends and family.

Torina Is A Wealthy Kid

It hasn't been long since Max Torina started acting, yet he is already making a lot of money. The actor hasn't even been legal to vote but already has a fantastic career, as his net worth is $400 thousand.

His net worth can be credited to the success he has had on television. Having worked in highly related TV series like Animal Kingdom and Raven's Home and a TV Movie under his belt with Upside-Down Magic, his net worth shouldn't come as a surprise. With his career moving, it wouldn't be long before we see his name alongside some of the top Hollywood earners.

Why Does Torina Has A Huge Fan Following Among Girls? 

Max Torina is an incredible actor for his age, but besides that, he is also a heartthrob. As mentioned in the beginning, he has a huge fan following among girls, and looking at him, you can see why. He has the looks, and his infectious smile further compliments his brown eyes. 

Talking about his height, he stands at 5 Feet and 4 Inches (163 cm) with a body weight of 123 lbs (56 kg). Considering his age, he will most likely get even taller in the future. Torina's body measurements are 36-28-33 inches. He is not too conscious about his food, which can affect his body size, but since he is still a kid, he doesn't need to be health-conscious now. 

A Brief On What Torina Has Achieved So Far In Acting

Max Torina is an incredibly talented kid, and he still has a lot of time to improve his already outstanding acting skills. Since he stepped foot into acting, his career has only been going uphill. He first announced himself to the world in 2019

He was part of the highly well-received TV series Animal Kingdom (the show that also featured actress Sohvi Rodriguez and Laura San Giacomo). Although his role was small, with the actor featuring in only one episode as Tyler, he was probably happy to get such a fantastic start. Plus, it looked good on his portfolio.

Like most American child actors, the company that can be held responsible for Torina's career is Disney. It happened a year later, in 2020, when he got the role in Disney's Raven's Home. Unlike Animal Kingdom, this time, the position was much more prominent. He was featured in eight episodes of the show as Ramos. Additionally, he was also part of Disney's TV Movie Upside-Down Magic as Andres.

Torina Is Home Schooled

Education is a must thing to have, and Torina's parents realize this, but they are also aware of their son's popularity. This is the reason Torina has been home-schooled. Sadly, he will miss out on everyday school life. 

However, you could also make the case that, with Torina's popularity, he would not have been able to experience everyday school life if he had gone to school. Parents know what's best for their kids, and in the case of Torina, he should receive his education from home.

Loves Connecting To The Nature

In case you were wondering, the Animal Kingdom actor Torina when not occupied with his work loves to spend time alone in nature. His idea of relaxing his mind involves going outside and connecting to nature.

half of it's Huck's and half of it's mine!

Max Torina is posing with his hands open as he is wearing a sleeveless shirt with Mickey mouse in it.
Max Torina posing in front of a tree (Source: Instagram @maxtorina)

If you look at his Insta page, you will see him spending more time wandering in nature than anything else. His page is filled with pictures of him traveling through the forest, lakes, and even beaches. 

He Believes One Should Be True To Themselves

Torina made a career at such a young age, and being a Disney actor; it's obvious many kids want to be like him. And for that, he has terrific advice for everyone. He believes that it is necessary to be true to yourself. If you are doing something you don't want to (otherwise, not being true to yourself), you will never be happy. 

While giving an interview with alexisjovyipaccess on YouTube, this is what Torina had to say:

I got to take a page out of noor's book and say that and just kind of finding who or what's special about you personally and shaping that into, you know, who you want to be, who you are because especially when people are young, you know, they're discovering who they are and who they want to be for the first time. And so really staying true to yourself and true to those around you, you know, the ones that love you is really important to discovering one's own identity, i guess that makes sense.

Has A Pet Dog

If there's one thing that Torina loves just as much as nature, then it has to be his pet Chica. His time outside of his home school and working for Disney goes to spend with his dog. Chica is a Spanish word that, in English, translates to a girl, but we do not know who named her. She is five years old at the time of this writing.

Chica is licking her nose in the picture.
Max Torina's pet dog Chica (Source: Pinterest)

According to Sweety High, she is a rescue dog, meaning Chica was previously homeless or had an owner who abandoned the poor dog. She got rescued and later adopted by Torina and now lives happily with him.


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