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Dance Instructor (1972)
Wed Feb 21 2024
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Relationship Timeline Of Meegan Rubin

Ex-husband : Michael G. Rubin
Meegan Rubin married to Michael G. Rubin.

Meegan Rubin is the former celebrity wife of an American business professional, Michael G. Rubin. Meegan came into the spotlight after she got married to her ex-husband.

If we go for a close look at the life of Meegan and point out a reason she deserves to get famous is her excellence in dance choreography. Broadly speaking, Mrs. Rubin is a dance teacher at a reputed school in New York City.

Meegan Rubin: Early Life

Meegan Rubin was born on 8th December 1972 in the United States. Rubin was raised by her parents along with her siblings.

Meegan Rubin and her ex-husband Michael Rubin.
Meegan Rubin and her ex-husband Michael Rubin. (Source: Pinterest)

Meegan began her early education at home and later attended a reputed school. Michael Rubin's ex-wife was a shy girl since her early days.

Hometown and Birthplace of Meegan

Even though Rubin has not revealed her hometown yet, she was raised in New York by her parents. Meegan was born at a local hospital in New York City.

New York City is famous for Times Square, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and more. According to the 2020 census of New York, the total population of that place is 8.38 million.

Educational Details of Meegan 

Rubin completed her higher studies in excellent institutions. Rubin graduated from New York University's Tisch School of Arts. 

After completing her high school education, she attended a university for higher studies. In her later life, Rubin was admitted to the University of  Arts in Philadelphia. 

Meegan Rubin: Parents & Siblings

Meegan Rubin is extremely secretive regarding her family details. She has not disclosed anything about her parents' personal and professional life. However, her previous parents-in-law are well known to all. 

Rubin's ex-father-in-law is Ken Rubin and her mother-in-law is Paulette Rubin. Furthermore, Meegan has not discussed whether she has a sibling or not. Therefore, it is still vague if she is the only daughter of her parents.

Meegan Rubin: Marital Life with Ex-Husband Michael Rubin

The actual married date of the Rubin ex-couple has not been updated yet. However, Meegan Rubin and Michael Rubin shared their vows before 2006.

Meegan Rubin smiling on the left side. Michael G. Rubin posing in a dark blue shirt on the right.
Photo of Meegan Rubin & Michael G. Rubin. (Source:

The dance expert and her former husband were very much in love in the beginning days. However, things did not go right and the pair split up soon.

Reasons Behind The Divorce of Meegan and Micheal Rubin

The Rubin couple, Meegan and Micheal, divorced in 2011. Even though the reasons behind this have not been publicly remarked by the ex-couple, they used to make clear that their marital bond had gone weak with time.

Some of the sources claim that Michael used to go out to late-night parties as he is a close friend of rapper Meek Mill. Moreover, he used to remain around other ladies and is now believed to have an extra-marital relationship with his present wife. This was the principal reason why the former beloved couple broke up.

Mother To One

Meegan Rubin shares a daughter with her ex-husband. Her name is Kylie Rubin. Kylie was born on 23rd February 2006. Kylie has grown up and spends most of her time with her father.

Net Worth of Meegan Rubin and Her Ex-Hubby

Mrs. Rubin has earned a good sum of money from her dance teaching profession. She has a total net worth of $1 million ensued from her vocation. 

In addition to it, Meegan has also got heavy alimony from her divorce. It has been reported that she has got a total of $25 million from her ex-husband.

Who is Meegan Rubin's ex-husband?

Meegan Rubin's ex-husband, Michael Rubin, is the current CEO of Fanatics. Michael was born on the 21st of July 1972 in Philadelphia. He is a notable alumnus of Villanova University in Villanova, Pennsylvania.

Michael G. Rubin smiling in a light blue shirt.
Photo of Michael G. Rubin (Source:

Michael is listed among the World's Richest Billionaires, Forbes 400: The Richest People in America, Bloomberg Billionaires Index, and more.

Meegan's Ex-Husband remarried

After Michael Rubin split up with his first wife, Meegan Rubin, he dated two beautiful women. Rubin married the latter one. Michael married twice and even shares a baby with his second wife.

Camille Olivia Fishel posing by the seashore.
Photo of Camille Olivia Fishel (Source:

The co-chair of REFORM Alliance is currently married to Camille Olivia Fishel. They are believed to have been together since 2015. However, their actual date of marriage has not been revealed yet.

Michael was dating a CNN news anchor, Nicole Lapin at one point. But things between Rubin and Nicole fizzled out. Later, the businessman decided on his second marriage.

Michael Rubin, Meegan Rubin's Ex-Husband, Became A Dad Once More!

Michael Rubin and his second wife, Camille Fishel, welcomed a child together! Fishel gave birth to Michael's second daughter, Romi Eloise Rubin. However, her birth date and other information are not updated at the moment.

Michael Rubin, Camille Fishel, and their three kids took a picture on Christmas.
Michael Rubin, Camille Fishel, and their three kids took a picture on Christmas. (Source: Instagram)

Further, the former Executive Chairman of ShotRunner's wife was believed to have been pregnant in July 2020. But it turns out Fishel was indeed pregnant, just not in 2020.

Rubin and his wife, Camille, welcomed their youngest daughter, Gema “Gigi” Paulette Rubin in 2022. Likewise, Fishel gave birth to Gema on June 8, 2022. Michael and his spouse took to Instagram and told the world about their new child.

Professional Life of Michael

Moving towards the career of Mr. Rubin, his LinkedIn profile describes that he is the current founder and CEO of Kynetic in Greater Philadelphia.

Meegan's ex-husband, Micheal Rubin, his daughter, and his new wife took a family picture in their PJs on Christmas.
Meegan's ex-husband, Micheal Rubin, his daughter, and his new wife took a family picture in their PJs on Christmas. (Source: Instagram)

Kynetic is an organization that concentrates on capitalizing on consumer Internet business and digital transformation of commerce.

Dance Teacher: Rubin

Meegan Rubin is a dance teacher at LibertyMe Dance Studio. The founder of this dance academy is Bryn Mawr.

In this academy, students are taught dance moves in a healthy and clean environment. Rubin is a talented and well-admired dance mentor in this studio. She teaches them hip-hop and jazz.

Hobbies & Interests

Rubin is interested in many things. She is primarily in love with new and exciting dance moves. Moreover, she adores spending time with her little students at her studio.

Moreover, Mrs. Rubin enjoys reading news articles in her leisure time. She also goes on outings with her friends and family.

Physical Appearance of Meegan 

Meegan Rubin has a pair of brown eyes well-adorned with long and silky dark brown hair. Further, she has an oval face shape with no particular natural marks and spots.

To sum up, Meegan is 5 ft and 5 inches tall (152.4cm) and weighs 62 kg (136.687 lbs).


Rubin was born under the star sign, Sagittarius. People under this horoscope are mostly known as risk-takers, sharp-minded, and emotionally intelligent.

However, they can sometimes turn into a carefree person which might cause others to feel that they are careless. 

Meegan Rubin & LibertyMe

Meegan Rubin had joined Liberty Me Dance Studio long before she got married. However, she has not revealed when she began her career as a dance instructor. Meegan is not teaching dance at a local school.

LibertyMe Dance Centre is now permanently closed. The actual reason behind this has not been disclosed yet.

Where is Meegan Rubin Now?

Mrs. Rubin is currently living a single life in New York. She is still engaged in the same profession. Rubin is close to her daughter from her ex-husband.

Meegan has now maintained a distance from the spotlight. She is rather enjoying a secretive life with a small circle and fewer people around her.

Social Media Presence

Talking about Meegan Rubin's life on social media she has kept herself away from every single factor of media as far as possible. She is not even available on any kind of social media platform.  

Rubin has not got accounts even on the most common and popular social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, her ex-partner and his present wife have a great presence on such sites.

Instagram Account

Michael is followed by more than 337k fans and followers on his Instagram account. He is currently following nearly 735 people and has made approximately 500 posts. He goes by the username @michaelrubin.

Similarly, Fishel also has enormous adherents on her Instagram profile. Her profile name is @camillefishel. She is followed by over 31.7k followers and is following nearly 1k people.

Twitter Account

Mr. Rubin has a presence on Twitter. He has made a total of 1.2k tweets through his profile. His account name is @michaelrubin. He has a total of approximately 50.1k followers on his Twitter account.

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