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Screen-Writer (1976)
Sun Apr 23 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Megan Everett

Megan Everett Married To Stellan Skarsgård In 2009

Who is Megan Everett?

Megan Everett is the Irish screenwriter and producer. Everett took summer classes at Southern California University to enhance her writing abilities (while still in high school). She also worked with publicity firms and an established copywriter after graduating from university.

Megan Everett was born on March 3, 1976. Her birthplace is a dilemma because some source says she was born in Ohio, the United States where others say she was born in Ireland. She has not revealed any data about her parents, siblings, and early life. Meghan is of American nationality, yet her ethnicity is a matter of question. Seems like, she and Sherri Kramer belongs to the same ethnic background.

Since high school, Megan was interested in writing. While in high school, she researched writing as a part-time course, and when she entered college, she graduated in screenwriting. Additionally, she joined Fastnet Films, a video production company where she intended to develop her writing abilities further.

Megan Everett with her family. parents, kids
Image: Megan Everett with her family

She began to work for advertising agencies; initially, most of which were huge brands. Megan also worked with DDB Worldwide, a renowned Ireland-based advertising company. Everett started her film career from the Swedish film, a documentary titled Behind The Scenes: The Filming of Bye. Megan is currently working on the script of Swedish sci-fi films. Her struggling period is quite similar to Screen-writer, Nancy Alspaugh.

Personal Life: Husband 

It's alright to say that Megan Everett has got a big family. Everett is Stellan Skarsgard's second spouse. Her husband is the renowned Swedish actor who has become a household name in Hollywood as well as beyond Hollywood. 

The first encounter of the Megan and Stellan

The couple met in 2008 during an event. After meeting for the first time, the pair started dating, and they got married in May 2009 after dating for only about a year.

Before Megan, who was Stellan's Partner? 

Stellan Skarsgard before tied a knot with a doctor named My Skarsgard. The detailed information about his former wife is not available at the moment. 


With Stellan's former spouse, he has six kids (five sons and one girl). Most of Stellan's kids are now involved in the entertainment industry. 

Megan Everett with her husband and kid. children
Image: Megan Everett with her husband and kid

Megan Everett, on the other hand, is the mother of two boys, Ossian and Kolbjorn. Despite the big size of the family, the whole family is in harmony. Another screenwriter Emma Donoghue also shares two children.

Current Family Relationship  

Megan is said to be near to her stepchildren as well as being in excellent terms with the ex-wife of her husband. 

Megan Everett with her husband. partner, spouse, husband
Image: Megan Everett with her husband

It is not a common scenario with other families. Megan is currently living with her husband and two kids.

Net Worth & Salary 

As a hardworking and committed producer and screenwriter, not to mention being the spouse of a very successful actor, Megan Everett's earns impressive net worth. She has an estimated net worth of around $1 million. Her monthly and annual wage revenues, however, are not available at the moment.

House, Cars & Other Properties

Megan is pretty low-key when it comes to revealing her personal details, so there are no details about her house, cars, and other properties. 

She seems to be enjoying her life to the fullest with her family with the huge net worth and earning. 

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