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Celebrity ex-spouse (1966)
Mon Mar 18 2024
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Relationship Timeline Of melissa ann piavis

Ex-husband : Paul Wight
Melissa Ann pavis married Paul Wight in 1997 and divorced in 2002.

Melissa Ann Piavis is one of the celebrity ex-spouses out there who gained public attention after marrying a famous personality. She is the former wife of Paul Wight, aka 'Big Show,' the seven-time WWE Champion. 

Her ex-husband Paul is a wrestler and actor known for his ring performance in the WWE. He has also performed in AEW (All Elite Wrestling) and WCW (World Championship Wrestling). 

This article will help you to learn about Melissa and Paul Wright's relationship, net worth, and other exciting facts. So, stick with us till the end.

Has A Meaning In Her Name 

Melissa is a European woman who was born on May 30, 1966, under the zodiac sign Gemini. She is originally from Greek, as her ancestors belonged to that place. Moreover, her name 'Melissa Ann Piavis' carries a significant meaning in greek.

Her first name, 'Melissa,' is a female given name from Greece, which signifies 'Honeybee.' Furthermore, the name's spiritual meaning is "Servant of Jesus."

Melissa Ann Piavis & Paul Wight Married Life

Melissa Ann Piavis first met Paul Wight in his ring disguise name Big Show 1995. At that time, he was in the early phase of his career. Later on, they started to come closer and eventually began to date. After dating for some time, they exchanged vows on Valentine's Day on February 14, 1997.

Melissa Ann Plavis and her ex-husband, Paul Wight, at a Vanity Fair event.
Melissa Ann Plavis and her ex-husband, Paul Wight, at a Vanity Fair event.
(Source: Instagram @paulwight)

Unfortunately, the online tabloids have not found any details of their wedding. It is because they married in the 90s when cameras and digital stuff were rarely seen, resulting in missing their wedding pictures.

Melissa Ann Piavis & Paul Wight Got Separated: But Why?

Melissa and Paul seemed inseparable, but not for a long time until they came to the media to discuss their incompatibility. As the couple said, they were experiencing rifts in their relationship, which indicated a bad sign for their future.

After facing the same problem for a long time, Melissa and Paul came to a decision and parted ways in 2000. Although they got separated, the legal proceedings were not fulfilled. 

After two years of separation, they ultimately completed the divorce settlement in legal terms and finalized it on February 6, 2002. Since that moment, they have been busy with their personal life. 

Has A Daughter 

As a husband and wife, Melissa Piavis and Paul Wight took the responsibility to become a parent of a child. After one year of marriage, they gave birth to a daughter Cierra Wight in Florida. Currently, Melissa's daughter is in her early twenties but looking at her appearance; she doesn't seem to be at the age she is now.

Melissa Ann Piavis daughter, Cierra Wight normal selfie
Melissa Ann Piavis and Paul Wight's daughter, Cierra Wight.
(Image Source: Instagram @paulwight)

Melissa's daughter Cierra attended Palm Harbor High School and completed her graduation from the University of West Florida in graphic design. Like her mother, she has also been far away from the media. 

Melissa Ann PIavis Life After The Divorce: Did She Marry Again?

After divorcing Big Show, Melissa disappeared from the public. It is not because of separation from a spotlighted person but because she probably seems to live away from the limelight. Besides, she is also not available on any social media platforms making it more difficult to track her moments. 

On the other hand, her ex-husband, Paul Wight, moved to North Carolina with his partner, Bess Katramados. There they started a new life after getting married in 2002. As of now, they have become parents of two children. 

Did Melissa Ann Plavis Receive Millions From Alimony?

Well, it is still a mystery how much money Melissa received as alimony because she has not personally revealed it. However many sources have stated that she received a handsome amount of money as alimony from Paul Wright. An estimated figure is around $1 million

Melissa Piavis enjoying a time with her husband, Paul Wight
Melissa Ann Piavis and her ex-husband Paul Wight in the gym.
(Source: Instagram @paulwight)

On the other hand, Paul Wight has a staggering sum of $16 million, which he amassed from his wrestling career. Besides his wrestling career, he has also made money from acting. In addition, he has appeared in infomercials for Stacker 2.

What Is Melissa Ann Plavis's Ex-Spouse Doing? 

Paul Donald Wight II, widely known by his ring name Big Show is a professional wrestler, actor, and sports commentator. Besides that, he also had another ring name, 'The Giant.' Currently, Paul performs at the AEW (All Elite Wrestling) and hosts a streaming television show, Dark: Elevation

Paul Wight uploaded a picture on his Instagram wearing AEW T-shirt.
Paul Wight uploaded a picture on his Instagram wearing AEW T-shirt.
(Source: Instagram)

If you are a Big Show fan, then you might know that he was widely recognized as The Giant from 1995-1999 in World Championship Wrestling.  Afterward, he changed his stage name to 'The Big Show' from 1999 to 2021 at the World Wrestling Federation.

Height & Weight Of The Giant 

It is a matter of fact that the seven-time WWE Champion Big Show is an enormous giant man. His power estimation is way beyond that of an average person. He stands at a height of 7 feet 2 inches (218 cm), similar to that of Pollito Tropical.

Regarding his weight, he is 230 kg (383 lbs). He has a body measurement of Chest: 60 Inches, Waist: 40 Inches, and Biceps: 26 Inches. Likewise, his muscle loaf biceps is 22 inches, comparable to the biceps of eight-time WWE champion Boby Lashley.

How Melissa's Ex-Husband Changed His Stage Name To 'Big Show'?

Paul Wight is currently hosting an AEW, but looking back, he performed for nearly three decades in the ring as a wrestler under the name of the Big Show. When he was asked about the incident that made him think to change his stage name, he replied it was Vince McMahon, a WWE Manager. 

pBig Show after winning WWE championshi[
Big Show with his WWE world championship title.
(Image Source: WWE)

In the Chris Van Vliet interview, he disclosed how he came up with the name Big Show in WWE. The words said by the Big Show himself are presented below:

"That was Vince. When I first came into WWE I was Paul Wight, I just don't think Vince liked the spelling of my name or just my name. But what would Vince know about marketing? [laughs] But he walked by me one day and he goes 'So how's The Big Show today?' I go 'I'm good but who the hell is The Big show?' He goes 'You! 

Is Not Active On Instagram?

As previously mentioned, Melissa Ann Piavis is not active on any social media handle including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She loves to live a secretive life away from media attention.

On the other hand, her former husband seems to be actively present on various social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter. He has millions of fans and followers on all his handles.


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