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Jewelry Designer (1983)
Mon Apr 10 2023
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Morgana McNelis is an American Jewellery Designer who gained public attention for being the long-time girlfriend of The Gentleman actor Charlie Hunnam. She has also appeared as an actress in Acting 101, and 187: The McKenna Murders.

McNelis was introduced to the world on the 9th of July, 1983. She was raised alongside her sister Marina Milori by their parents in Georgia, United States of America. Morgana stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 9 inches (178 cm).

Did Charlie Hunnam & Morgana McNelis Split?

There is a rumor circulating about the split of Hunnam and McNelis. However, there is no evidence to back it up. So, this might be just a rumor.

Charlie Hunnam and his long-time girlfriend McNelis have been together for nearly two decades now. It is unlikely for them to have broken up.

Relationship Status: Morgana Started Dating Charlie Hunnam In 2005

The Jewellery Designer Morgana McNelis and Pacific Rim actor Charlie Hunnam started dating in 2005. The lovely couple initially met through her jewelry business. 

Even though Morgana and Charlie began their love life, their relationship was publicized only in 2014. This shows McNelis is a private person.

Morgana McNelis and her fiance Charlie Hunnam
Morgana McNelis and her fiance Charlie Hunnam. Source: Pinterest 

Morgana and Charlie got engaged on the 9th of March, 2016 in a private ceremony. However, the couple has not married yet. The love birds have been greater supporters of each other to date.

The romantic couple Morgana and Charlie are not blessed with a child yet. However, there was a rumor of Morgana being pregnant in 2015 after she was spotted with a big tummy.

Charlie Hunnam Feels Like He Is Married To Morgana

In an interview, upon asking the views of Hunnam on marriage Charlie said that he does not have romantic feelings towards it. He also said that he will do it only because his Fiancee McNelis is eager. 

Charlie also said:

"She does not feel the same. She's very eager"I'll do it because it's important to her but I don't have any great romantic feelings towards it."

Apparently, it broke Morgana's feelings. Later, The Gentleman actor corrected himself and said he did not mean to hurt his Fiancee. Giving an Interview for a long time had made him say something stupid and he regretted saying it.

Besides, Hunnam feels like he is already married to McNelis. He also said:

"I'm, like, so romantic, and the reality is I sort of consider myself married"

Morgana's Introduction As The Girlfriend Of Charlie Hunnam Was Controversial

Morgana's introduction as the girlfriend of Charlie Hunnam was controversial. Their relationship was not accepted by the public at first. 

Some female fans of Hunnam started harassing Morgana online. Amid this incident, Charlie who did not use social media platforms supported his girlfriend, Morgana via his good friend Tina Lou's Facebook Account.

Charlie said:

"I would respectfully ask you to stop doing this. She is an intelligent, beautiful, kind person who just tried to live a simple life and has nothing to do with the entertainment industry."

This shows that the lovely couple Morgana and Hunnam are supportive of each other. Charlie even does house chores sometimes to help his Fiancee. 

A Quick Look At Morgana McNelis's Net Worth

Morgana McNelis is estimated to have a net worth of $2 Million just like Shauna Redford. She has been living an affluent lifestyle thanks to her huge fortune. 

McNelis has been generating a hefty amount from her Jewelry Business. She is the owner of the Maison de Morgana. Also, Hunnam's fiancee has also collected a substantial amount from her work in the entertainment industry.

Charlie Hunnam bought a $2.7 million Mediterranean-style house in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles in 2013.
Charlie Hunnam bought a $2.7 million Mediterranean-style house in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles in 2013. Source: Architectural Digest

Real estate, cars, and properties of Morgana are yet to be revealed. On the other hand, her fiancee Charlie Hunnam with a net worth of $20 Million has some eye-catching properties. 

Hunnam bought a $2.7 million Mediterranean-style house in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. He also bought a ranch alongside Morgana in 2013 in California. According to him, the ranch has some chickens, donkeys, ducks, and some gardens as they like living sustainably.

Took Her First Jewellery Class At The Age Of 20

The Owner of Maison De Morgana, McNelis was interested in the fashion world and Jewellery from a young age. Thus, she got enrolled in the Jewellery class at the age of 20. She learned lost wax metal casting.

Afterward, as an apprentice, McNelis learned everything one would learn at lapidary school from a skilled Jeweler and metalsmith. Under his tutelage, Morgana learned classical fine jewelry crafting techniques.

Besides this, Charlie Hunnam's Fiancee McNelis also took courses in the art business, as well as in fashion. She believes taking courses outside rather than the traditional method of going to a school has helped her to think outside the box.

Rise Of Morgana In The Jewelry Industry

Morgana McNelis is a known name in the world of the Jewelry industry. She has been running a Jewelry line named Maison De Morgana since 2012.

McNelis's rise in the Jewelry industry began when the items from her Jewelry line started to appear in her boyfriend Charlie Hunnam's FX series, Sons of Anarchy. Following this, her collections have been used in many movies and photoshoots.

This success was achieved only because of McNelis's dedication and hard work. Before launching Maison De Morgana, she and her sister, Marina co-owned a Jewelry shop.  

Unfortunately, Marina and Morgana's previous Jewelry shop was shut down soon. The reason is its launch at the time of the economic downturn in 2007 which failed to earn profit.

Having lessons learned from her previous venture, Morgana was able to make her business, Maison De Morgana, successful. She introduced 'Black Magik 2012' targeting black ornament lovers.

McNelis was inspired by the aesthetics of The Ottoman Empire and Ancient Egypt. Similarly, the work of designers like Riccardo Tisci and Alexander McQueen influenced her. 

Quick Information On McNelis's Fiance Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam is a British movie star. He is known for his appearance in Son of Anarchy. Nominated twice for the Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Actor, Hunnam's talent was discovered at the age of 17 by a production manager.

Morgana's long-time love partner, Charlie was born on the 10th of April,1980 in New Castle Upon Tyne. He was raised by a single mother Jane Bell, who was a ballet dancer. 

Morgana McNelis' Fiancee Charlie Hunnam.
Morgana McNelis' Fiancee Charlie Hunnam. Source: Instagram @charliemathewhunnam

Charlie's father was a businessman named William Hunnam. He has an older brother and two half-brothers who were born after his mother remarried when he was at the age of twelve.

Starting from My Wonderful Life in 1996, Charlie has 30 credits as an actor to date on his IMDb profile. Some of his movies and TV series are Pacific Rim, Young Americans, and The Lost City of Z.

In addition to acting, Charlie is also a skilled screenwriter. He has written in some of his works. The 6 feet tall actor, Hunnam is also the producer of Shantaram and Last Looks.

Charlie Was Married Before He Met Morgana

Prior to meeting Morgana, Charlie was already married to Hollywood actress Katherine Towne. The ex-pair remained married for three years from 1999 to 2002.

Charlie Hunnam was married to Katherine Towne for three years.
Charlie Hunnam was married to Katherine Towne for three years. Source: US Magazine.

Those three years, Hunnam recalls as terrible, painful, and expensive. He regretted marrying Katherine. Charlie was under eighteen when he got married to Towne. 

Before staying in a relationship Hunnam and Katherine just met for three weeks. The pair exchanged wedding vows in Vegas in front of Silver Bell Wedding Chapel’s Reverend RJ Cotton.

Involvement In Entertainment Industry

Did you know? McNelis was also involved in the entertainment industry like her fiance Charlie Hunnam. She has made two credits as an actress on her IMDb profile.

Not only this, but Morgana also has a credit each for the costume department and producer. She has not been active in this field since 2014.

McNelis Is Active On Instagram

The 5 ft and 9 inches tall, Morgana has an Instagram account with the username @morgana.mcnelis which has more than 8k followers. Likewise, her Jewelry collection is displayed at @maisondemorgana.

Although Morgana McNelis is active on Instagram she rarely posts pictures on her account just like Cillian Murphy's brother Paidi Murphy. It seems that she wants to keep her personal information behind the curtains.


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