Natalie Wihongi: Unraveling the Intriguing Life of a Celebrity Ex-Spouse

Sun Jul 09 2023
By   Prajwol

Behind every successful man, there is a woman, this proverb does not seem to be fitting in the case of Natalie Wihongi. She rose to prominence due to her relationship with New Zealand actor, Karl Urban. 

Natalie and Karl are no longer together. The once inseparable duo drifted apart after being together for a decade. Where is Karl Urbans' Ex-wife now? Let's know about this as we delve into the Intriguing Life of a Celebrity Ex-Spouse.

Who Is Karl Urban's Ex-Wife?

Karl Urban's ex-wife, Natalie Winhogi is a make-up artist from Auckland, Newzealand. She has worked in various movies like Rain, Privateers, and so on.

Natalie Wihongi and her former husband Karl Urban
Natalie Wihongi and her former husband Karl Urban. Source: Featured Biography

Natalie and Karl dated for some period of time before they tied the knot in September 2004. The couple remained married for 10 years. During this time, Winhogi became the mother of two. Once the lovebirds whose relationships sparkled just as brightly as the stars themselves announced their divorce in 2014. 

The divorce statement said:

"It is with great regret that we, Karl Urban and Natalie Wihongi, have made the mutual decision to separate"

Apparently, even the most dazzling romances can fade away into obscurity. Urband and Winhogi finalized their divorce the same year. However, they remained friends for the sake of their children.

Natalie Wihongi's New Boyfriend: Is Karl Urban's Ex-wife Dating?

Newzealand makeup artist, Wihongi now lives a private life away from paparazzi and media reach. She has vanished from the public eye, leaving us all wondering about her current relationship status.

Karl Urban and Katee Sackhoff started dating in 2014
Karl Urban and Katee Sackhoff started dating in 2014. Source: Pinterest

However, some sneaky sources claim that Karl Urban's ex-wife, Natalie may have found solace in the arms of Chad Enns from Canada since 2016. But, there is no sufficient evidence to back up this claim.

On the other hand, Wihongi's former spouse has been in numerous relationships after their divorce. Yes, the same year Karl and Natalie divorced, the lord of the Rings actor announced his relationship with actress Katee Sackhoff. Unfortunately, they broke up in 2018.

List of women Karl has been romantically linked with:

  • Natalie Dennis (relationship)
  • Natalie Wihongi (married from 2004 to 2014)
  • Shantel VanSanten (relationship)
  • Danielle Cormack (relationship)
  • Katee Sackhoff (relationship from 2014 to 2018)
  • Thandiwe Newton (relationship)

Who Is Karl Urban's Wife Now? Homelander Actor Current Relationship Status

As of 2023, Karl Urban is apparently single and is definitely not married. He is now tired of multiple failures in relationships. The Homelander actor now seeks true love and a committed partner.

Flying solo in the realm of love, Natalie's ex-husband is focusing more on himself now. Lord of the Rings actor, Karl, has been busy with his professional work as well as his epic adventures lately.

Is Natalie Wihongi Co-parenting Her Two Children With Karl Urban?

During the divorce, Wihongi stated that even though she is separating from The Boys actor Karl, their two children will be co-parented by the couple. Now, the two children are grown up and on their own.

Natalie Wihonge is the mother of two children
Natalie Wihonge is the mother of two children. Source: Marriedwiki

Wihongi's eldest son Hunter Urban was born in December 2000. He is an avid dog lover and is fascinated by guns as well as cars. Although Hunter posted a picture of Karl on his Instagram, Natalie's picture seems to be missing. This might suggest, he is not that close to his mother.

Speaking of Natalie's second child, Indiana Urban, was born on June 28, 2005. Indiana prefers to live a life shrouded in mystery like his mother.

Natalie Wihongi's Net Worth In 2023

As of 2023, Natalie Wihongi has an estimated net worth of $1 Million. Karl Urban's ex-wife has amassed this fortune from her longtime career as a makeup artist.

Wihongi received wide appreciation for her work as a makeup artist in the movie Rain. As a professional makeup artist, it's no surprise that Natalie enjoys a salary more than the average i.e., $17.49 per hour.

Natalie Wihonge and Karl Urban owned a house worth $3.58 Million
Natalie Wihonge and Karl Urban owned a house worth $3.58 Million. Source: NZ Hazard

Before divorcing, the former couple lived in an extravagant mansion of $3.58 million (NZ$5.4 million). However, they had to sell their house after the divorce. But, Natalie and Karl received an astonishing price of $4.18 million (NZ$6.65 million).

Furthermore, Wihongi also shared a five-bedroom villa also located in the affluent Herne Bay area. This stunning piece of real estate is worth a cool $956,000.

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