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Sat Sep 16 2023
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Nicole Frangipane has caught the attention of people for being the mother of Halsey. Her daughter Halsey is an American singer-songwriter known for her songs like Closer and Without Me

The details of Nicole's married life and husband with whom she welcomed Halsey are explored. You can uncover the details of her parents, net worth, early life, and other kids in this article. 

Explore Nicole's Relationship Status: Who Is She Married To? 

Nicole Frangipane has shared a lovely marital life with her husband Chris Frangipane. They have shared life for over three decades tackling numerous difficulties and overcoming them.

Nicole Frangipane and Chris Frangipane with their kid.
Nicole Frangipane and Chris Frangipane with their kid. (Source: Pinterest)

Nicole and Chris were college sweethearts and were married in their college years. During that time, Nicole was pregnant with their firstborn child Ashley Nicolette Frangipane aka Halsey

At the time of marriage, Nicole and Chris had to face a lot of uninvited challenges due to their financial instability. They even had to relocate several times in search of better jobs to sustain. 

The loving duo Nicole and Chris haven't divorced from each other and look forward to sharing more years. They have always looked out for Halsey and their other kids providing love and support.

The Children Of Nicole Shared With Chris

As noted earlier, Nicole Frangipane and Chris Frangipane are the parents of three kids. Their firstborn child is  Ashley Nicolette Frangipane aka Halsey born on September 29, 1994

Nicole Frangipane's kids Sevian Frangipane and Halsey.
Nicole Frangipane's kids Sevian Frangipane and Halsey. (Source: Instagram @ sevianfrangipane)

The couple Nicole and Chris didn't only welcome Halsey but were the parents of two more kids. Ashley's younger siblings are Sevian Frangipane born in 1998 and Dante Frangipane born in 2005.

Among all kids, Halsey has received widespread fame being an American singer-songwriter. She is loved for her phenomenal songs like Without Me and Him & I with several others on the list. 

Sevian and Halsey love their younger brother Dante who is artistic, intelligent, and funny. Nicole's son Sevian is available on Instagram under the username @ sevianfrangipane. 

The Net Worth Status Of Nicole: What Is Her Financial Status? 

Nicole Frangipane possibly has a decent net worth but the exact figures are unavailable right now. She might be sharing the net worth of her daughter Halsey, who is a popular American singer. 

Nicole Frangipane's daughter Halsey has a net worth of $20 million.
Nicole Frangipane's daughter Halsey has a net worth of $20 million. (Source: Instagram @ iamhalsey)

Moreover, Halsey is estimated to have a net worth of at least $20 million just like Alan Greenspan. She has accumulated this massive wealth through her successful music career. 

Halsey makes money through the music rights of her songs on YouTube and music platforms like Spotify. According to Social Blade, she makes $126.6K to $2M yearly through YouTube. 

In addition, Halsey earns money through her concerts at different locations and merchandise sales. She has done several brand collaborations like YSL Beauty, Magnum, and Beats by Dre.

Real Estate Of Nicole's Daughter

Halsey has increased her net worth value involving in the real estate business. She owned a home Hollywood Hills bought for $2.23 million and was later sold for $2.375 million in March 2020.

Likewise, Halsey also purchased a home in Sherman Oaks for $2.4 million in 2019. He bought Liam Payne's Calabasas mansion for $10.16 million and later sold $11.95 million in April 2023. 

A Quick Brief On Nicole's Bio/Wiki

Nicole Frangipane was born on July 20, 1973, and is the age of early 50s right now. She holds an American nationality and comes from a family holding an Italian-Hungarian-Irish ethnic background.

Nicole Frangipane with her daughter Halsey.
Nicole Frangipane with her daughter Halsey. (Source: Yen News)

There are no details to cover about Nicole's parents, siblings, and family members. She is a private person and has kept the early life details under wrap for now. 

Nicole is a college dropout and the reason for leaving college was pregnancy carrying Halsey. She also used to work in the security and emergency management field at the Stanton Company.

Is Nicole Active On Social Media? 

The celebrity mother Nicole is probably too old to be involved in all those social media platforms. She is inactive on social media sites having no account on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. 

Regardless, Nicole's children Halsey and Sevian are active on social networking sites. You can find Halsey's Instagram page with the username @ iamhalsey with over 31 million followers. 

On social media, Nicole's kids Halsey and Sevian can be seen giving some glimpses into their personal lives. They make sure to engage with fans building a genuine community.

Know About The Music Career Of Nicole's Daughter Halsey

As noted earlier, the American singer-songwriter Halsey was born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane. As of today, she has rapidly emerged as a prominent and influential figure in the music world. 

Ashley began her music career at the age of 17 by posting videos on platforms like YouTube in 2012. Moving ahead, she landed an official music career with the release of her debut single Ghost

Halsey's breakthrough came from her collaboration in The Chainsmokers single Closer. It was released in 2016 and was a hit topping charts in over 10 countries and has several awards. 

Over the years, Ashley has been at the top of the game releasing amazing singles and albums. Some of them are Without Me, Eastside, Lilith, and Him & I with several more on the list. 

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