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Senior Editor, Broadcast journalist
Sun May 29 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Noreen Jameel

Husband : Cal Perry
Noreen Jameel took the weeding vows with Cal Perry on 2012.

Noreen Jameel is one of the known names in the field of Journalism. She is the commissioning editor and broadcast journalist. Also, she is the former head of foreign news at Vice News Tonight

Noreen is the Emmy award-winning personality. She manages daily news agendas for 24-hour News networks and also works as senior editor. During her career, she has worked for various new media to get a startup and also worked as Media Adviser and PR role for the European Union

Noreen Found Her Love Life, Cal Perry

Noreen found her love in Cal Perry back in her early years of career. She used to work as a Chief Crew producer on Aljazeera TV while Noreen worked as the reporter. 

During a Libyan revolution, both were tasked to work in Libya, where all their internal instinct came out across. Both started dating each other and are seriously deep in their relationship. Hence, their romantic relationship turned into a nuptial relationship.

Shares Wedding Vows With Cal Perry

Eventually, the pair shared their wedding vows which took place in Cal's grandfather's house located in North Arlington. The wedding was filled with all their relatives, family, and Al Jazeera's team. 

Cal Perry reporting
Image: Noreen Jameel husband, Cal Perry reporting for Al Jazeera
Source: YouTube

However, the exact date of the matrimonial ceremony is still missing, but as per notice posted by Sam Hosseini, the pair walked down the aisle in June 2012. Sam also congratulated the newlywed couple on the notice.

Blessed With Two Beautiful Kids

The pair are now married for seven years, and during this duration, Noreen gave birth to two children. However, they have still disclosed the details of their children. As for now, the family of four is living a happy and prosperous life. 

Kids of Cal perry and Noreen Jameel
Photo: Son of Noreen Jameel and Cal perry. 
Source: Twitter @njameel9

Though the pair haven't revealed their children's names, they are often seen uploading their kid's photos on their individual social sites. Being a busy personality, they still manage time for their kids and often seen traveling different places with the whole family.

Fortune Earned by Noreen Jameel

Noreen has been one of the most experienced journalists. Having engaged in so many news and media, she holds an estimated net worth of $2 Million; however, it hasn't been officially confirmed yet.

During her career, she was involved in various jobs and works from which she has accumulated a hefty remuneration with her great experience. Working as a Senior editor and Broadcasting journalist, she earns wages more than $200,000 annually. 

Noreen Jameel photo
Picture: Noreen Jameel during broadcasting. 
Source: Twitter @njameel9

Furthermore, her husband is now the veteran in the field of journalism and has a wealth of $3 Million. He has been engaged in various top television networks which include Voice of America, MSNBC, CNN and much more television in a higher level designation. Undoubtedly, he is being paid a hefty amount of remunerations.


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