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Thu Mar 30 2023
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Odessa A'zion is one of the most successful young actresses out there. She is also the daughter of the famous actress Pamela Adlon. She shot to fame by playing the role of Liv in the musical drama series, Nashville. Previously, she was also known as Jaden Smith's ex-girlfriend.

Odessa is a successful actress who comes from a renowned family of entertainers and artists. She was born Odessa Zion Segall Adlon on 17 June 2000, to her father Felix O. Adlon, and her mother Pamela Adlon nee Segall. 

Odessa's place of birth is the sunny Los Angeles area of California in America. She has European Ancestry from her parents as her father has German roots and her mother is Caucasian. Both of her grandfathers are established entertainment personnel in the USA and Germany.

Odessa A'zion Has A Rich Ancestry

It is no secret that Odessa is the daughter of a famous and respected voice actress. But her ancestry is much more vast, interesting, and even well-connected. 

Odessa's maternal grandfather, Donald Maxwell "Don" Segall was a TV comedy writer-producer who started projects such as The Dave Carraway show that became The Today Show and worked for NBC. He is also a Jewish man with Russian and Ukrainian roots.

A picture of Odessa A'zion.
A picture of Odessa A'zion. Source: Instagram @bugzbee

Odessa's paternal grandfather is the famous German director, Percy Adlon. He is a descendant of the Adlon family that opened the famous Hotel Adlon in Berlin. 

From her father, Odessa is also related to the famous journalist Thomas Meyerhöfer. Her great-grandfather is the late opera tenor Rudolf Laubenthal. Rudolf actually adopted and trained the acclaimed international musician Horst Laubenthal.

About Odessa A'zion's Net Worth & Earnings

Odessa A'zion has an estimated net worth of about $3 million. She earned that money from her acting career and her endorsements.

Her mother, Pamela Adlon is a successful actress and voice actress who has a net worth of $16 million similar to American actor Ben Shenkman. She also inherited her late father, Donald Maxwell "Don" Segall's estate. He was a successful comic writer and producer.

Odessa's sister, Gideon Adlon is also an actress and has a net worth of $2 million. She has worked on projects such as Blockers and The Mustang.

Odessa's father, Felix O. Adlon, and grandfather, Percy Adlon are also millionaires. Grandfather Percy is a famous German star director. Her father has also followed in his footsteps to a certain level of fame. Felix also got a substantial divorce settlement, as per sources.

Early Life Details

Odessa A'zion grew up spending her days in sunny L.A. and in Germany. She grew up in a privileged family, her father is a director while her mother is an actress. They are both from generational wealth.

An old picture of Odessa A'zion (left) with her sisters, Gideon Adlon (right) and Rocky Adlon.
An old picture of Odessa A'zion (left) with her sisters, Gideon Adlon (right) and Rocky Adlon. Source: Instagram @gideonaldon

Moreover, Odessa was always passionate about acting from an early age since she grew up surrounded by the industry. She went to study at the Charter High School of the Arts in Los Angeles California which is a school for performing arts.

As the middle child of three kids, Odessa was supported in her inspiration by her two sisters, Gideon and Valentine. The three sisters worked together on their careers and enjoyed their time. 

The three girls were a part of the Jewish community and went to a Jewish summer camp from a young age. Odessa wore braces growing up along with her siblings.

Odessa Is Jewish

Yes, Odessa was born to a Jewish mother and a Jewish convert father. She is a Jewish person but it is unclear if she had her Bat Mitzvah ceremony.

Most sources suggest that Odessa and her sisters did not get their Bat Mitzvah ceremonies when they were little. This may have been due to their parents split.

An old picture of Odessa A'zion (middle) with her older sister Gideon Adlon (left) and friend, Jessie Bodner in Jewish Summer Camp.
An old picture of Odessa A'zion (middle) with her older sister Gideon Adlon (left) and friend, Jessie Bodner in Jewish Summer Camp. Source: The Spiel

Odessa had Hebrew lessons growing up and is familiar with the relevant prayers. She also has a rabbi ancestor in her maternal family line.

Odessa's father was of Christian descent. Her maternal grandmother is also an Anglican Christian who later converted to Judaism.

About Odessa A'zion's Parents' Relationship

Odessa's parents Pamela Adlon and Felix O. Adlon married in 1996 after courting for a while. Felix actually converted to Judaism to marry the Jewish Pamela.

Pamela and Felix's union were fruitful and they had many collaborations. They also became parents to three lovely daughters.

An old picture of Odessa A'zion (middle) with her parents, Pamela Adlon and Felix Adlon, and her sisters, Rocky and Gideon
An old picture of Odessa A'zion (middle) with her parents, Pamela Adlon and Felix Adlon, and her sisters, Rocky and Gideon. Source: Panda Gossips

Sadly the pair split up in 2010 and Felix moved to Europe. According to Pamela, the divorce was very brutal with Felix even being awarded a portion of her income from her childhood voice actor project royalties.

According to Pamela's mother Marina Segall:

She was always the person who earns the money.The fact that she’s had to pay her ex-husband a great deal of money when he basically, as far as I know, never earned a dime . . .I don’t think that’s easy for her, but she never talks about it.

About Odessa A'zion's Famous Mother

Pamela Fionna Adlon, whose maiden name is Segall, was born on July 9, 1966. She is the daughter of Don Segall and Marina Lucy Segall. She has had an impressive career and won multiple awards including a Primetime Emmy and a Peabody award.

Pamela's impressive career includes voicing the character Bobby Hill in the animated comedy series King of the Hill. In addition to this, she has voiced other characters, including Baloo in Jungle Cubs, Lucky in 101 Dalmatians: The Series, and Ashley Spinelli in Recess, among others.

Odessa A'zion's famous mother, Pamela Adlon.
Odessa A'zion's famous mother, Pamela Adlon. Source: Instagram @pamelaadlon

As an on-screen actress, Pamela has notable appearances in films and television series. She was in a range of films such as Grease 2, Say Anything..., Bed of Roses, Lucky 13, All Square, and Holler. She has been in TV series such as Californication and Louie.

Pamela made more waves with her project, Better Things, a comedy-drama series that aired from 2016 to 2022 on FX. She co-created, wrote, produced, directed, and starred in the show as the main character Sam Fox. The show was based on her personal life experiences and her work.

Professional Life & Career

Odessa A'zion got her first official role in 2017 as the homeless street girl Liv in season 5 of Nashville. Previously she had made a cameo on her mother's show, Better Things

Pamela Adlon's daughter Odessa was formerly credited as Odessa Adlon. However, she changed her name to Odessa A'zion to be more independent.

In 2019, Odessa secured her first main role as Shannon, the younger sister of Nina Dobrev's character, in the CBS sitcom Fam. She later went on to receive rave reviews for her performance as Joey Del Marco, the lead character in the 2020 Netflix series Grand Army.

Pamela Adlon's daughter Odessa has also ventured into voice acting. She has done some dubbing for Milo Murphy's Law and The Tiny Chef Show.

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About Odessa's Famous Grandfather

Odessa's paternal grandfather is Percy Adlon. He is a German film director, producer, and screenwriter known for his unique and quirky filmmaking style. He combines drama, humor, and surrealism. He was born on June 1, 1935, in Munich, Germany.

Percy began his filmmaker career in the 1970s, making short films & documentaries before moving on to feature films. He gained recognition with his 1987 film Bagdad Cafe. The comedy-drama, about the unlikely friendship between a German tourist and a desert motel owner, got Percy Adlon very renowned.

Odessa A'zion's famous grandfather, Percy Aldon with his wife, Elenore.
Odessa A'zion's famous grandfather, Percy Aldon with his wife, Elenore. Source: Merkur

Percy Adlon has directed many other notable films, including Rosalie Goes Shopping, Hawaii, Younger and Younger, and Famous Love. He has also worked extensively in television, directing episodes of popular German shows like Tatort and Kir Royal.

Odessa's grandfather Percy has worked with Odessa's father, Felix Adlon, on the project Mahler on the Couch as a joint directorial venture. Percy is married to Eleonore Adlon and has two kids, Felix and Saskia.

Relationship Status: Is Odessa Single Or Dating? 

Odessa is very secretive regarding her love life. She has not introduced any romantic partners to the media as she is one of those people who want privacy.

A picture of Odessa A'zion in her high school prom with Jaden Smith.
A picture of Odessa A'zion in her high school prom with Jaden Smith. Source: Instagram @bugzbee

Odessa did have a past relationship with Jaden Smith in 2018. He even took her to prom during that time. Their boyfriend-girlfriend relationship however ended a year later. 

Recently, Odessa A'zion has been linked with her Outer Banks co-star, Drew Starkey. However, the relationship has not been confirmed. This has not stopped fans from shipping the pair and making edits of them on TikTok.

Who Are Odessa's Siblings? 

The 5 feet 4 inches tall actress Odessa's older sister, Gideon Adlon, is also an actor. The two grew up together and were very competitive with each other and often auditioned for the same roles.

Gideon has been in projects such as the Netflix drama series The Society and The Mustang. She has also done some voice actor projects following her famous mother's footsteps.

A picture of Odessa A'zion (middle) with her sisters, Gideon Adlon (right) and Rocky Adlon.
A picture of Odessa A'zion (middle) with her sisters, Gideon Adlon (right) and Rocky Adlon. Source: Instagram @gideonaldon

Odessa's youngest sister is Valentine "Rocky" Adlon. She has not been in any entertainment projects. They were once interviewed in Conception, a comedy documentary. Rocky has not been in any entertainment projects since then. She is a huge fan of music especially rock.

Odessa A'zion's Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Hellraiser actress Odessa has a very cute and stunning figure with slightly impish features. Moreover, her eyes are a stunning green-gray color that stands out from her fair complexion and light brown hair. 

Odessa is 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) and weighs around 70 Kg. Basically, she has a very slim and toned body. She has been said to look a lot like Yolanda Hadid's daughter, Gigi Hadid.

Odessa's sisters and mother have much darker hair and brown eyes. However, they look quite alike like they are from the same mold.

Has A Pet 

According to her profile, Odessa is a pet lover who has a lovely pet dog. The little German Spitz is an adored boy named Beemo. Previously, Odessa was the parent of a bunny named Jonesy. Sadly the little pet passed away due to old age in 2022.

Odessa A'zion with her pet dog.
Odessa A'zion with her pet dog. source: Instagram @greengoosemonkeys

Odessa's social media as well as her tagged's Instagram shows off many pets. Her online circle comprises @greengoosemonkeys which is possibly her sister Valentine Adlon. The account showcases multiple pets such as cats, dogs, and reptiles.

Odessa is often seen posing with her dog on the page and is referred to as Aunt.

Social Media Presence 

Pamela Aldon's daughter, Odessa is active on social media on Instagram. Her official Instagram is @bugzbee where she has over 998K Followers.

Odessa's sisters are also present on the platform. Rocky is present as @r0ck8t where she has over 42K followers and she is also the person behind the @greengoosemonkeys  profile.

Odessa's famous sister Gideon Adlon is present as @gideonadlon on Instagram and she has 369K followers. Her Twitter account is @gideonadlon, but she is not active on the platform and has only 10K followers.

Pamela Aldon is also active on social platforms. Her Instagram is @pamelaadlon where she has over 200K followers, and her Twitter handle is @pamelaadlon where she reaches 83.4K Followers.



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