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Mon Feb 06 2023
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Paisley Verea is a Britain-born celebrity child famous for being the daughter of Gabrielle Anwar and John Verea. She is currently residing with her mother, Gabrielle. 

Vera's residence with her mother is due to her parent's separation. Her lovely parents got separated when she was only one year old. In addition, she is very admired in the US because of her parents' popularity.

Why Did Verea's Parents Get Separated?

As mentioned above, Verea's parents got apart when she was only one year. She was born in 2004 in the United Kingdom as the second child of her parents.

Picture of Paisley Verea's father John Verea
Picture of Paisley Verea's father John Verea (Image Source: IMDb)

The former couple made their separate way in 2005 with the only option of divorce. Soon after the divorce, Verea's mother, Gabrielle, moved on and married an American actor, whereas her father, John, remained single. 

As a result, Gabrielle is rumored to be the cause of their failed married life. According to some stories, the reason behind their divorce is Gabrielle's romantic relationship with her current husband. 

Has A Lovely Sibling: Who Is He?

It is no surprise that Paisley Verea was born the youngest child of her parents, Gabrielle and John. Before she came into this materialistic world, her parents were already blessed with one lovely son, Hugo Verea

As per Linkedin, Hugo is currently studying finance major at Loyola Marymount. It seems he wants to make his career in Banking rather than following the footsteps of his parents, which is stepping into the acting world. 

Furthermore, Verea once stated that she spent most of her childish life with her elder brother Hugo. The shocking thing is that they have never seen together at award functions or on social media. 

Craig Sheffer Is The Step-Father Of Verea 

Aforesaid, Verea's mother Gabrielle married an American actor after she detached from her then-husband, John. She tied the knot with Craig Sheffer in 2015 in the presence of their family members and close friends. 

Picture of Paisley Verea's mother Gabrielle Anwar and her step-father Craig Sheffer
Picture of Paisley Verea's mother Gabrielle Anwar and her step-father Craig Sheffer (Image Source: DuJour Magazine)

Verea's mother, Gabrielle, and her stepfather Sheffer are enjoying their marriage for over seven years without any conflicts. In fact, within those seven years, they welcomed a beautiful daughter named Willow Anwar.

Undoubtedly, it has been clear that Verea is the step-daughter of Sheffer and a half-sibling of Willow, an American actress. Talking about her father, John, he is enjoying his thriving solo life. 

Rumors & Controversies Of Willow Anwar

Many of you are unaware that Anwar came into this materialistic world on November 8, 1993, in California, USA. However, her parents exchanged their vows in 2015.

As a result, the stories circulated on the internet regarding Anwar is not the natural daughter of Gabrielle and Sheffer. Since then, people in the US have been criticizing them. 

Supporting this news to be accurate, Reyn Hubbard, an American actor, has been claiming to be the birth father of Anwar since the early 90s. He has also stated that he was in a romantic relationship with Gabrielle. 

However, Anwar's mother, Gabrielle, denied being in a relationship with Hubbard and stated her daughter's biological father is her current husband, Sheffer.

(A Fun Fact: Hubbard is still claiming to be the birth father of Willow Anwar.)

Is Paisley Verea Single Or Dating?

As per various online tabloids, Verea is currently single and is not involved in any relationship. She has been single since birth and is now relishing her solo life. 

Picture of Paisley Verea and her boyfriend
Picture of Paisley Verea and her boyfriend (Image Source: Instagram @paisleyverea)

However, Verea's Instagram handle denies this news as she has been spotted with her boyfriend, whose name has not been disclosed yet. It seems she wants to keep her boyfriend's identity secret. 

Despite closing her lover's name, she has shared their amazing pictures on Instagram, where they both look made for each other. 

Verea Shares Her Parents' Net Worth

It is evident that Paisley Verea lives a wealthy life and is enjoying her parents' massive fortune. Since she is a student and has not entered any professional career, she does not earn money by herself. 

Despite not working, she owns many expensive items because of her parents' strong bank balance. Her mother, Gabrielle, has a net worth of $6 million, whereas her father, John, has earned a massive fortune of $1.5 million

Physical Appearance

Verea has a charming face with impressive brown eyes. She has fair skin and straight brown color hair. We can often see her in well-dressed and striking earrings. Additionally, she has not done tattoos. 

Picture of Paisley Verea and her mother Gabrielle Anwar
Picture of Paisley Verea and her mother Gabrielle Anwar (Image Source: Instagram @gabrielleanwar)

Regarding her height and weight, she stands at 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) tall, weighing around 55kg (121 lbs). Intreatingly, she looks taller than her actual height just like Svetozar Marinkovic.

Often Shares Pictures On Social Media 

Verea seems fond of social media platforms as she often shares her beautiful pictures. She enjoys spending time on Instagram and has got a profile on it. 

Her Instagram handle, @paisleyverea, has already amassed more than 4K followers in a brief period. Furtermore, she is not found on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

Some Amazing Facts Of Verea 

  1. Paisley Verea is the granddaughter of Shirley Anwar and Tariq Anwar. Both are renowned American actors known for their superb acting skills, especially in the mid-90s.
  2. She loves traveling and is a huge foodie. Most of her Instagram pictures include her adventurous pictures.
  3. Verea's great grandparents are Rafiq Anwar and Edith Reich. Both were born in British India when the British used to rule over India.
  4. She is going to start her acting career. Once she stated that her parents' acting skills significantly influenced her.


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