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Tue Jan 10 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of svetozar marinkovic

1997-08-22 1997-09-22
Ex-husband : Robin Givens
Svetozar Marinkovic married Robin Givens in 1997 and separated in 1997.

Svetozar Marinkovic is a famous retired tennis instructor from former Yugoslavia who turned into a divorced celebrity husband of a popular American actress. 

Moreover, the married life between Marinkovic and his ex-wife has created a history. Further, his work and dedication to tennis have always made him a favorite among his fans.

Keep reading to learn more about the professional career and personal life of Svetozar Marinkovic. Also, get to know interesting facts regarding his ex-wife.

Know About Marinkovic Dating History & Wedding Ceremony

Svetozar Marinkovic was previously married to the famous American actress Robin Givens. The former duo tied the knot with each other on 22nd August 1997 in San Diego at Hotel Del Coronado. However, his married life was not successful.

Svetozar Marinkovic in a white t-shirt with his wife in a black bodycon.
Photo of Svetozar Marinkovic and Robin Givens (Source:

It has been reported that the former married couple began dating in 1996. Marinkovic used to train Givens in tennis. The pair started having an interest in each other and soon began dating each other. They were very much in love and remained great supporters of one another.

Shortest Married Live Ever: Their Marriage Only Lasted Several Minutes

The ex-Marinkovic couple is actually famous for their shortest wedded life ever. The married life of Givens and Marinkovic lasted only seven minutes, and they split up on the very day of their wedding.

The news about their separation after just a few minutes of completing their marriage ceremony shocked everyone. 

Total Net Worth

Svetozar Marinkovic has a total net worth of $200 thousand that he earned from his previous profession as a tennis coach. Further, he also has got some passive sources of income. Marinkovic is living a lavish life in his residence.

Besides, his ex-wife, Robin Givens, has a net worth of $1 million ensued from her acting, directing, and film directing career.

Divorce To Single Life

Marinkovic and his ex-wife got divorced on 22nd September 1997. The actual cause of their separation is yet a secret. Only the former couple knows what happened that day that caused them to part ways.

Robin Givens in a yellow dress smiling on the left photo and her husband in a white shirt and black pants in the right photo.
Photo of Robin Givens on the left & Svetozar Marinkovic on the right (Source:

After their divorce, Givens went into a relationship with Murphy Jensen from 1999 through 2000. They even have a son together. However, Marinkovic remained single rest of his life.

Past Relationship

Svetozar Marinkovic does not seem to have had any past relationship before he met Givens. His dating history has not been traced yet.

However, his ex-wife was married before being engaged to him. Givens married Tyson on 7th February 1988, and later divorced him on February 14, 1989. 

According to Givens, she filed for divorce not because she hated Mike but due to security issues. Well, the thing is, Givens filed the divorce for citing spousal abuse. 

Her attorney Marvin Mitchelson stated that,

"She loves Michael Tyson, but there is continued violence, and she fears for her safety." 

Svetozar Marinkovic ex-wife, Robin Givens, along with Mike Tyson.
Svetozar Marinkovic's ex-wife, Robin Givens, along with Mike Tyson. (Source: Newsweek)

Early Life 

Even though Marinkovic's professional life is familiar to everyone, he has never let his fame peek into his private life. His birth details are yet behind the curtains; however, he looks like he is in his mid-fifties.

Yugoslavia used to be a country in Europe that is now divided into six different republics. Therefore, the actual birthplace and current address of Marinkovic are not updated by any sources. As per his ethnicity, he is a Yugoslavian by nationality.

Family Details 

Marinkovic has kept his family details low-key. The names of his parents and their professional details have never been discussed. However, the parental information of his ex-wife is available. 

The name of Marinkov's ex-father-in-law is Reuben Givens, while that of his ex-mother-in-law is Ruth Roper Givens.

Life As a Tennis Instructor

The ex-husband of Robin Givens is a former tennis player and sports instructor. He served more than a decade in this field. Later, he took an official retirement and started living a simple life.

However, his current vocation of Marinkovic is yet to be reviewed. He might have been involved in some kind of business for a living.

Educational Status

The Batwoman actress's ex-husband is a well-educated person with an excellent degree in his hand. Unfortunately, he has not shared anything about his high school and university education with any of the media agencies.

Regarding the academic qualification of Marinkovic's previous wife, she is graduated from Sarah Lawrence College.

Physical Appearance

Svetozar Marinkovic is 5 ft and 8 inches tall (172.72 cm) and has a weight of 65 kg (143.3 lbs). Further, he has a mesomorph body build.

Moreover, he has a rectangular face perfectly adorned with dark brown eyes and shoulder-length hair.

Marinkovic Into The Spotlight

Marinkovic came into the spotlight after he was ensured to get engaged to the former partner of Mike Tyson. His popularity got even highlighted when he was divorced from his better half seven minutes after they wedded.

Currently, he is away from the eyes of the media and fans. He is leading a normal life distanced from sports and movies.

Hobbies & Interests 

Last Looks diva's ex-partner loves to do exercises and practice good health. Moreover, he goes swimming on weekends.

To sum up, he also enjoys scrolling through online news articles. Marinkovic loves reading novels and watching thriller movies.

Who is Marinkovic's Wife?

Robin Givens is an American model, actress, and film director. She was born on 27 November 1964 in New York in the US. 

Robin Givens posing in a black shirt.
Photo of Robin Givens wearing a black shirt(Source: Instagram@robingivens)

Givens is admired for her role as Sierra McCoy in the 2017 television series Riverdale. Moreover, she has also acted in Saints & Sinner's Judgement Day, Dear Christmas, Ambitions, and more.

Caught In Affairs 

Marinkovic has never been into any affair, gossip, or controversies throughout his tennis career. His professional life was spotless.

Nevertheless, his ex-wife was drawn into an affair controversy with her previous husband regarding their marital life. They had an aggressive relationship and a vicious divorce.

Where Is Marinkovic Now?

The current residence of Marinkovic has not been revealed yet. However, it has been reported that he is living a single life in his house somewhere in Europe.

Moving towards his wife's present address, Givens lives in Morgan St, Clearwater, FL.

Ex-wife's Children

Givens is a mother to two sons. Their names are William Givens Jensen and Michael Givens. William was born in October 1999, while his elder brother was welcomed in 1992. William is the son of Murphy and Robin.

William Givens Jensen in a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and black jacket riding a bicycle.
Photo of William Givens Jensen (Source: Instagram@robingivens)

Givens raised her children on her own. She is a single mother to children and has fulfilled every possible need.

IMDb Profile

Svetozar does not have an IMDb profile, as he has never appeared on-screen. However, his ex-wife has a highly rated IMDb profile. She has earned 115 credits as an actress, eight credits as a director, and forty-seven credits as a self.

To sum up, she has also won two awards and has been nominated for two more. Givens was honored with the ''Jury Award'' in 2017 for Best Supporting Actress in Dreams I Never Had. Late in 1991, she was awarded the ''ShoWest Award'' as the Female Star of Tomorrow.

Social Media

Svetozar Marinkovic is not available on any social platforms. He seems very busy in his personal and professional life that he does not get time to manage time for social sites. However, he is extremely friendly and social in his real life.

However, Marinkovic's ex-wife is a social media influencer and has got enormous followers on her accounts.

Instagram Profile

The Bold and the Beautiful actress Givens is followed by more than 698k adherents on her Instagram profile. Moreover, she has nearly 530 posts and is currently following nine people.

Robin goes by the username @robingivens on Instagram. She mostly posts updates on her new movies, outings, parties, and travels.

Twitter Account

God Bless the Broken Road actress has a presence on Twitter. She joined it in October 2012, and her profile name is @Therocknrobn. Givens has approximately 15.9k followers and is currently following seventeen people.

Furthermore, she has made a total of 1278 tweets to date. Saints & Sinners actress is immensely cordial with her fans and often replies to their comments on her social accounts.



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