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Golfer (1931)

Relationship Timeline Of Peter Alliss

Wife : Jackie Aliss
Peter Alliss Married To Jackie Aliss In 1969.

Peter Alliss was a former English professional golfer. He was also a television presenter and commentator as well as author and designer of various golf courses. 

Alliss was well-known worldwide for his fascinating and one-off style of commentary and banter, usually showing a humorous attitude through it. He passed away at the age of 89 in 2020.

Early Life and Family 

Peter Alliss was born on 28 February 1931 in Berlin, Germany. He was the second son of English Golfer Percy Alliss and his wife, Dorothy Rust Alliss. The couple's eldest son was Percy Alexander Alliss, aka Alec

Peter Alliss (L) with his father, Percy.
Photo Source: Golf Digest

Peter's family returned to the UK when he was just a year old. He attended a private boarding school in the south of England. The golfer did not have much interest in studies, and hence at the age of fourteen, he left school to pursue golf.

Career As Golf Player, Commentator, and Golf Course Architecture

Peter Alliss started playing professionally in 1947 when he was just 16-years-of age. In the beginning, he served as an assistant to his father. 

Alliss played professionally for more than twenty years. During this period, he won more than 20 tournaments, half a dozen national championships, and appeared in 10 World Cups and eight Ryder Cups.

Peter Alliss was a former golfer and commentator.
Photo Source: Irish Mirror

After retirement, Alliss joined BBC as a golf commentator. His straightforward commentary gained both fans as well as critics. Nonetheless, BBC continued to hire him, and over time he became one of the longest-serving golf commentators in the BBC and gained the title of Voice of Golf. In addition to the BBC, he also provided commentary at other big networks worldwide, including ESPN and Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

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Alliss was also a golf course architect. He has created over 50 courses, including The Belfry. Furthermore, he also hosted seven series of the TV show, Around with Alliss, where he would talk to celebrities about their love for golf. Also, he is the author of several books on golf.

Awards, Honours, and Hall of Fame Speech

Peter Alliss was given several awards and honors in his lifetime for his contribution to golf. In 2002, he was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters by Bournemouth University. Similarly, he was chosen for the 'Spirit of Golf award' by the Golf Foundation. Also, in 1993, he was set to be appointed as Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for services to golf. However, he turned down the honor. 

It is not wrong to say one of his biggest and most memorable honors is his induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2012. The event was particularly well remembered by the audience because of his speech and action.

During his Hall of Fame speech, he talked about his fomer headteacher Mrs. Violet Weymouth. He told the story of how Mrs. Weymouth told his parents that he does have a brain but loathe to use it, and she fears for his future.The golfer finished his story by showing the middle finger to his former teacher.

Peter Alliss's Net Worth

Peter Alliss's net worth at the time of his death is reported to be £750,000 and £3.72million ($1-$5million). He earned this wealth from his successful career as a golfer, commentator, and golf course architect.

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The former BBC Commentator was one of the few celebrities who openly talked about his finances. In an interview back in 2009, he mentioned that as a golfer, he made £12,000($16671.42) to £15,000($22228.56) per year, and as of 1999, he was worth £1million($1389285).

Peter Alliss and his car.
Photo Source: The Times

In the same interview, the former golfer mentioned that he does not spend much money on himself. Also, his biggest purchase is his £112,000($155599.92) house which he bought in 1980. As for the car, he drove a 2004 Bentley Arnage

Peter Alliss: Married Life and Kids

Peter Alliss was married twice. In 1953 he exchanged vows with Joan McGuinness. Soon after the wedding, the couple welcomed two children, Gary in 1954 and Carol in 1960. 

Peter with his second wife Jackie

Peter with his second wife, Jackie
Photo Source: Daily Mail

Sadly Alliss's first marriage ended in divorce. In 1972, he tied the knot with Jackie Grey, his second wife. They had two daughters together, Sarah and Victoria, and two sons, Simon and Henry. Victoria was born severely handicapped and later died at the age of 9. Gary is also a Golfer and was a captain of the Great Britain and Ireland PGA Cup teams in 2007 and 2009. 

Peter Alliss's Death

Peter Alliss passed away peacefully on 5 December 2020 at the age of 89 at his home in Hindhead, Surrey. His death came as a surprise to many.

Though 89-years-old was admitted to hospital in September 2020 for a short period, his health, in general, was good. He was still providing commentary from his house in 2020.  

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