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Mon Dec 02 2019
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Many people take their time in dating before deciding to get married. While many of them know that their partner is right for them, such is Rachel Schofield and Jeremy Vine

The two media mogul are now together for more than fifteen years. From their long lasting marital relationship, the couple is raising two daughters. Jeremy is still a prominent figure in the media while Schofield resigned from BBC in 2012 but still works on a freelancing basis. Now, let's find out more about the pair's married life.

Fell in Love during General Election

Rachel and Jeremy, both joined the dinner gala during the general election of 2001. That is where they first got introduced, but the pair started dating after some time.

Jeremy Vine with his wife Rachel Schofield
Image: Rachel Schofield (left) with her husband, Jeremy Vine (right). 
Source: Pinterest

Jeremy started touring Britain in the VW Camper van in the run-up to the 2001 general election. That is, again, he locked his eyes with Schofield. Gradually, the couple started dating, and in no time they knew that they were right for each other.

The Wedding

Within a year of dating each other, the duo was ready to take their relationship a notch higher. The pair decided to take their relationship to the next level. Jeremy bought a ring and decided to propose his lover.

In April 2002, Vine surprised his love, Rachel, while she was on work at You and Yours. Schofield said, 'Yes' to the proposal and on September 2002, the couple tied the knot. The duo walked down the aisle in a Devon Village Church where only their loved ones and close friends attended.

Rachel Schofield and Her husband Jeremy Vine
Picture: Jeremy Vine (left) and Rachel Schofield (right). 
Source: Liverampup

Neither Vine nor Rachel talks about their wedding ceremony in the media. There is not much information about weddings expect for the venue. It's been now seventeen years to their blissful marriage, and so far, there are no rumors about the separation.

Rachel's Daughters are Big Taylor Swift Fans 

After two years into their marriage, Rachel gave birth to the couples' first child. Their eldest daughter Martha Vine was born in 2004. The duos' family then expanded from two to three, and five years later; the pair were ready for the addition of the second child.

Schofield became pregnant with the duos' second child in 2009. She gave birth to another daughter Anna Vine which completed their family. The pair spends a lot of time with their children, and often, we can see their pictures on social media.

Jeremy Vine, Rachel Schofield with their children and Taylor Swift
Frame: Rachel and Jeremy with their two daughters and Taylor Swift. 
Source: Pinterest

Especially, Jeremy enjoys spending time with his daughters and considers them an apple of his eyes. His daughters are a big fan of singing sensation Taylor Swift. To fulfill his kid's wish, Vine took them to Taylor's concert, where the family took pictures with the star.

Jeremy Slashed his Monster Salary

Vine is the highest-earning host on BBC. According to the Daily Mail, he receives around $967,524. In July 2019, he decided to slash his monster salary to admit the equal pay among both the genders.

He said,

"I was appalled to hear I was paid so much more than Emily Maitlis".

Jeremy Vine at work with BBC radio 2
Image: Jeremy Vine at work with BBC Radio 2. 
Source: Daily Mail

Vine, furthermore, admitted that the gender pay battles at the BBC are not over yet. In the news network, other female journalists like Carol Kirkwood, Alina Jenkins, and many more workers who do not receive a similar amount of pay. Jeremy might've started an initiative, and many believe the equal pay battle will get better in the coming future.


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