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Financial Analyst (1985)
Thu Feb 23 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Radina Aneva

Husband : Jeffrey Michael Jordan
Radina Aneva and Jeffrey Michael Jordan married in 2019.

Radina Aneva is the wife of the former American Basketball player Jeffrey Michael Jordan. In case you were wondering, because of his surname, yes, he is the son of legendary NBA player Michael Jordan.

Aneva herself is more than just a celebrity wife, though. She is involved in the world of finances and works as a Financial Analyst at the Disney Company.  

Married To Jeffrey Jordan

Radina Aneva's marriage to Jeffrey Jordan was the talk of the town. After teasing their fans for a long time post-engagement, the two finally walked down the aisle on May 25, 2019

Radina Aneva and Jeffrey Jordan are posing while cutting their wedding cake.
Radina Aneva and Jeffrey Jordan at their wedding (Source: Instagram @a_radina)

Aneva and Jordan's wedding was lavish, as they did everything to make it as memorable as possible. It was a white-themed marriage, as evident from the wedding venue itself. Both of them went in the traditional wedding dress. She wore all white, and he showed up in a tuxedo.

The fans could finally get relieved seeing Aneva and Jordan tie the knot. It seemed like they took forever to take their engagement to the next level. They got engaged in November 2017, and Jordan made a move by asking her to be his wife while they were in Hawaii.

The Wealth Status Of Aneva

Radina Aneva may be known for her husband, Jordan, but she is a working woman. Her involvement in the world of finances has helped her to gain a net worth of $1 Million. Avena might not have her business, but she has been involved with many big companies. 

Currently, Avena serves as a financial analyst at Walt Disney Company's giant firm. She also worked at a movie distributing huge Twentieth Century Fox. Her salary remains to be discovered, but since the job of financial analyst is one of the highest paying in the States, her wealth is no surprise.

Avena's husband, Jeffrey Jordan, is the biggest earner in the house, with a net worth of $24 Million. The now-retired Basketball player is an entrepreneur and involved in many things. He is one of the founders of Heir Inc. and has also been involved with one of the most influential companies of our time, Air Jordan.

Some Information On Aneva's Career

Radina Aneva has been involved in Finances for a long time. Her skills, determination, and hard work have landed her a job at the Walt Disney Company. She has been part of the company as a financial analyst since February 2020

Aneva has been involved with numerous other companies too. Before Disney, she worked for another Hollywood giant, Twentieth Century Fox. She was the team lead & worked there for four years. Not only as a team lead, but she has also been part of the company as a Collection Specialist for four years. She was starting from February 2016 to January 2020

Radina Aneva is holding her MacBook and files in the picture.
Radina Aneva during her time at the Twentieth Century Fox (Source: Instagram @a_radina)

Aneva has also worked in her home country Belgium. She worked in ECS2XL for six years, from February 2010 to January 2016. Her job title was a Financial Analyst/Credit Controller. The beginning of her working journey started at MAPASS Inc., where she worked for a year. The Virgo worked as a Scheduling Coordinator from April 2008 till March 2009.

Has A Degree In IT And Mathematics

Avena works as a Financial Analyst at Disney. A company like that will only trust you with their finances if you are good at your job. Her job title requires many technical skills, which can only be gained through education. She has a Master's degree in IT and a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

The celebrity wife Avena gained her bachelor's degree from Sofia Univesity "St. Kliment Ohridski. And she was associated with the institute from 2004 to 2008. More specifically, her Master's degree is in the Management of IT Projects. She gained it from New Bulgarian Univerisity and studied there from 2009 to 2011.

Besides the formal education degree, Avena also has various certifications. She is MS Excel certified by Devise Expert, specializing in Formulas, Functions, and Data Analyst. Not only that, but she is also a certified Mathematics and Computer Science teacher from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski.

Has A Pet 

Aneva and Jordan are yet to have kids, but they have been kept busy by their pet dog Mak. He is a massive part of the family, as he is involved in all family events.

Mak is lying on Radina Aneva's lap as Aneva is looking at him.
Radina Aneva with Mak at Christmas (Source: Instagram @a_radina)

Mak is a seven-year-old white husky. Judging by his pictures on Aneva's Insta page, he seems like a well-obeyed boy.

Is A Religious Woman

Radina Aneva is a firm believer in god in an age when many people turn to atheism. She believes that our destiny has already been pre-defined and has asked people to do their work, and she is confident that god will help them.

More importantly, Aneva believes god has decided the state and position you will be in. It doesn't matter what people think about you; god will be there for you. She says:

I am a firm believer that our destiny is pre-determined. Examples in my life of what people would say is "unbelievable" or "luck", but I had already known and felt that those "things" will happen to me and have lived my life preparing and making sacrifices when I have to, because my faith is so strong! 

Aneva's Husband Was Charged With Assaulting A Healthcare Worker

Jeffrey Jordan landed in hot water when he was charged with physically assaulting a person in the hospital. The son of Michael Jordan was arrested in September 2021 for attacking a healthcare worker.

If you were wondering what Aneva's husband Jeffrey was doing in the hospital, then we have something for you. Wajih AlBaroudi for CBS Sports reports that he was brought to the hospital by the cops after he suffered a head injury. He got hurt in a bar called Casa Amigos after slipping and getting hit on the back of his head. Aneva's husband's actions didn't leave a good image of him as expected.

Social Media Presence

Radina Aneva loves to share her life events with the world, and she does that through her Instagram. Anyone wanting to learn more about her life can follow her on her Insta page, @a_radina.

Just like other celebs, Aneva also posts about her family, friends, husband, and pet husky Mak. Her other picture includes traveling, eating, and having fun.

Loves Travelling & Beaches

Aneva loves traveling, with seas and beaches being her favorite. Her Insta page shows that she loves to be near the sea and beaches and have a good time.

Both Jeffrey Jordan and Radina Aneva is sitting on the beach and laughing in the picture.
Jeffrey Jordan and Radina Aneva in the photo shoot at the beach (Source: Instagram @a_radina)

Aneva loves the beach, whether partying with her friends or just sitting idly and enjoying the view. Interestingly, she did her wedding venue right near the beach.


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