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Tue Nov 12 2019
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Ralph Cirella is an American stylist and actor. He is widely known as the consultant and friend of Howard Sterns. Cirella, moreover, became famous when he started working in the movie like Private Parts (1997), Alien Space Avenger (1989) and Welcome to the Max (1993) as their production consultant and makeup artist.

Howard's personal stylist is currently working as the set designer for The Howard Stern show.

Ralph Cirella was born on 20th April 1965, in New Jersey, United States of America, where another actor Colin Egglesfield was also born. As per his birth date, he is 54 years old by now. Born to his American parents, he is of White ethnicity and holds American nationality.

Is Ralph Cirella Homosexual or Bisexual?

The 54 years old make-artist and stylist always remained inside the closet his entire life. It's hard to accept the truth him coming out as making a boyfriend or husband unexpectedly as he seemed to be a loner guy.

As per reports, Ralph's sexual orientation indicates him to be a homosexual, but if we glance through his previous relationship affairs, he has been dating a girl and probably made an intimate contact too. He might be bisexual as well. 

Relationship Status

The famous radio and television production consultant has dated several times. After coming out publicly as gay, his several dating news began to surface.

In 1975, Cirella met his first boyfriend, James T. Hanley. Unfortunately, Ralph and his ex-lover began facing some issues, and they broke-up.

Ralph's former boyfriend Sam Simon.
Image: Ralph's boyfriend, Sam Simon
Source: Howardstern

After the separation, Ralph remained single for a long time until 2005, when he met Sam Simon (former-boyfriend), which could not last long like his first relationship. The reason of their split is still unknown. 

Besides his boyfriends, the famous stylist was rumored to date Sandra Bernhard and Sara Switzer back in 2009, which was later confirmed as a hoax. As of now, Sara and Sandra are a lesbian couple and currently share a child name Cicely Yasin Bernhard.

The famous stand-up comedian and actress, Sandra is currently running a blog, The VIP Lounge With Sandra Bernhard.

Ralph seems to be living a single life, as of now. He has not been spotted with anyone suspicious neither mentioned about his new lover. 

Ralph Cirella and Howard Stern's Gay Couple Mystery

In the beginning, when people saw a new man hired for a job as a personal stylist of Howard Stern, they wondered who the guy could be? Is that his friend or just an employee? As people began seeing Ralph in Howard's every show, they weren't convinced. However, the media blew up when they were revealed as a best friend.

Ralph was in love with Howard since his teenage and continued loving him until 2012. When Howard and Ralph's friendship began to fall apart, the news of Ralph came out that he is a type of guy who has intercourse with trannies.

Career Highlights

Ralph always wanted to be a great designer since his early days and kicked off his career as a radio show host, which led him to further his career make-up artist, clothing, costume. 

In 1986, the radio host made a Speaking Penis to crown the New Year broadcast at Forum Felt. Soon, he was offered to work as a stylist for Howard Stern

Ralph talking an interview at the Howard Stern Show
Ralph while working as a host
Source: Howardstern

Cirella, moreover, served at Howard Stern's show as a make-up artist, costume, and special effects stylist. He also served as a host for Howard 101 Time Show Greek. Do you know? In 1998, Aimee Osbourne also appeared in The Howard Stern Show.

Not to mention his one of the most notable work on movies such as Alien Space Avenger, She's, Back, and Private Parts

Net Worth

Multi-talented actor, stylist, and television host make decent money from his career. To date, he has appeared in various movies, credited in multiple shows and events, which adds up to his current wealth. 

As per some sources, the average salary of a professional stylist ranges from $20.5 thousand to $138,000 per year. Ralph being the prominent stylist for Howard Stern's show, makes a considerable income, undoubtedly.

Ralph's classic 1958 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible.
Picture: Cirella's classic car
Source: Instagram @ralphsgeektime

The famous actor is living a lavish life with his staggering fortune. He owns a 1958 Chevrolet Corvette Classic, which has a stock price of $111,000. He uses an iPhone 8 for his daily routine. The phone has a price range of $499 to $599, according to its specifications. 

Considering all his earnings and expenses, Ralph Cirella's total net worth is estimated to be $1 million, as of 2019. This is pretty similar to another American actor Darren Le Gallo with a whole wealth of $1 million.


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