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Journalist (1964)
Wed Apr 20 2022
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Who is Reeta Chakrabarti? 

Experience in a difficult environment and surroundings helps to create knowledge in the globe like no other things. Reeta Chakrabarti is a journalist based in London who spent a while in her indigenous nation of India as a teenager where she finished high school. As for now, she is a renowned journalist. 

Born on December 12, 1964, Reeta Chakrabarti grew up in London's Ealing. She grew up in India and England throughout her adolescence. Despite being British, she traces her ethnic background to Indian descent. She belongs more specifically to an Indian Bengali family.

Her father is Chakrabarti Bidhan and mother is Ruma Chakrabarti. Her father worked in a radio station, and her mother worked as a teacher. Besides that, there are no details about her early lives and days of growing up. 

Reeta Chakrabarti in her studio. career, professional life
Image: Reeta Chakrabarti in her studio

She attended Calcutta International School at Kolkata in India for her education. Reeta then registered at Oxford's Exeter College. She graduated later in 1988 with a degree in English and French from there. Reeta works along with Emily Maitlis, Sophie Raworth and Naga Munchetty in the set of BBC News. She also admires the efficiency done by Mishal Husain.

As for now, Chakrabarti is a news reporter and news presenter. Chakrabarti has been involved in the journalism field for more than two decades and still active in the field. Then, she started to work for BBC Radio 5 Live in 1994. Reeta has already worked for several other BBC channels such as BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Radio 4, and so on. 

Personal Life: Husband 

The gorgeous and hardworking journalist Reeta loves poems and is the fan of John Keats. She even chose his job on Celebrity Mastermind as a specialist topic, a 2016 television quiz show. It demonstrates how faithful or committed she is to her loved ones and is also, fairly romantic.

It's not a new fact that she's a married woman. It's been really long that she is married to the love of her life. Although she is in very romantic love life and, she has maintained the identity of her husband confidential.

It might surprise many of you, but on the internet, there is not a single photo of the couple. Another thing she's been able to maintain the information about her children from the public's eye. 

As per some of the source, her all children are daughters. It looks like she doesn't want to reveal any details about her kids and husband due to the privacy matter. 

Net Worth & Salary 

The net value of Reeta Chakrabarti is estimated to be around $1 million. As a journalist and newsreader, she has gathered all the riches from her profession. Most of her income as a correspondent comes from the BBC. 

Reeta Chakrabarti during her vacation. career, professional, income, earning
Image: Reeta Chakrabarti during her vacation.

Chakrabarti is also one of the reporters who make more than the PM wage of the UK, according to sources. It is revealed that as a newsreader and correspondent, she earns $197,000 per year. She was named on the BBC One and BBC News channel as a news presenter in 2014. 

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