Richard Rawlings Divorce List

Tue Sep 10 2019
By   Bibek

"You never really know a man until you've divorced him". This statement has proven right twice for Richard Rawlings' wife Suzanne Rawlings. The couple married twice with each other and separated twice from each other.

Is Suzanne the only one? Who else has Richard married and divorced? If you want to know more about the Gas Monkey Garage owner's Marital life, then you're at the right place.

Richard Rawlings Unsuccessful Marital Life

In 1993, Rawlings met Karen K Grames and he probably thought that he found the love of his life. Richard, being a gentleman asked her out and went on a date with her. Their date went very well; so well that the couple gave their relationship a name of husband and wife.

Richard Rawlings (right) and his first wife Karen K. Grames (left)

The couple tied the knot in 1993, in an intimate affair. Little did he know, his marriage would not last forever. 

A year later in 1994, Karen filed for divorce from American entrepreneur and that was the end of their marriage. Any reasons for the split is not shared by either of the couple. 

His Second Attempt ended with Divorce

After the divorce, he very much looked forward to Saturday night date. More than that, Richard focused all of his energy on building a successful business. Currently, he owns the Gas Monkey Garage, Garage Rehab, and is also the host of the TV show "Fast N' Loud". 

Finally, his wait to find the perfect partner was over in 1999 after he met Suzanne Marie Mergele. She exchanged wedding vows with Rawlings and their marital relationship lasted for around a decade. All was looking very sweet for the American entrepreneur but their relationship turned sour after a decade long marriage.

Richard Rawlings (left) with his ex-wife Suzanne Rawlings (right) at Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie show

However, after their divorce in 2009, the couple decided to give their relationship a second attempt. In 2015, the couple walked down the aisle again in an intimate wedding ceremony. But the pair failed to make their matrimony successful as in 2019, the duo announced their divorce via Twitter.

Richard Rawlings Divorce Settlement. How much did it cost him?

The divorce with his wife cost Richard a lot. Richard and Suzanne never had to fight for the custody of children as they never had any kids. In his first marriage with Karen, he might've paid huge settlement fees but there are no records of that agreement. 

The Fast N' Loud star certainly has many assets to divide with his former wife. According to TMZ, Rawlings is paying out around $300,000 in two payments. Not just that, he is also giving his ex-wife a Mercedes SL 450 roadster which cost around $91,000.

Richard Rawlings and his Mercedes

In addition to that, she also gets to keep her bank accounts helping her to afford the needed things. More than the cars, the bank accounts is a hefty sum for Rawlings. The fans have learned that he still has enough to pay out his agreement fees. His net worth is at $20 million similar to that of other American entrepreneurs like Lisa Hintelman and Elizabeth Holmes to name a few.  

What's next after the Divorce?

After the split and the settlement, Richard is spending a lot of time with his Gas Monkey Garage crew members. In a recent tweet, Rawling asked Hollywood actor Seth Rogen for the phone number of Hollywood diva Charlize Theron but Theron has not replied to that. 

Richard Rawlings posing for the poster of his new season of the show Fast N' Loud

Furthermore, the Fast N' Loud star is returning with another season of the show. According to his interview with Joe Rogan, the show is slotted to be aired in June.   

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