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Actor and Singer (1996)
Wed Apr 27 2022
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Joined as the singer and songwriter with his three brothers to form the music group Ochoa Boyz, Rick Ochoa now has amassed huge fan followers. If you want to know all the details about Rick and his personal life, we suggest you read the entire article. 

Who is Rick Ochoa? 

Rick Ochoa is a famous American singer as well as an actor. He is associated with a boy band named The Ochoa Boyz. Ochoa writes most of the music for the group. He began his acting career at the age of five. He decided to stop for a while and play high school football after succeeding in the sector.

Rick Ochoa was born in San Diego, California, the USA on June 30, 1992. As for siblings, he has an elder brother and two younger brothers, Raymond Ochoa and Robert Ochoa, Ryan Ochoa and Destiny Ochoa sister.

Rick Ochoa with his mother. parents, siblings, family
Image: Rick Ochoa with his mother

He was born to mother Deanna Espero Ochoa and father, Robert Ochoa. Rick comes from a diverse heritage and is of Mexican, Italian, Russian Jewish, Filipino, English, and German descent.

Rick Ochoa posing for the camera. career, professional life
Image: Rick Ochoa posing for the camera

He's loved entertaining individuals since his childhood by making them laugh, and he knew he'd get into acting after growing up. True to his word, he moved to Los Angeles to begin a career in the entertainment company when he was seven years old. 

Ochoa has already appeared in the TV series named Pair of Kings, broadcast on Disney XD. Similarly, he is also well known for playing the personality of the evil cousin Lanny. 

He credits Leonardo DiCaprio, Dwayne Johnson, Johnny Depp, and Tom Hanks for having inspired him to begin an acting career. Besides acting career, Ochoa also has a very flourishing music career. 

Personal Life: Girlfriend 

Well, it's obvious that when you are in the limelight, people tend to ask about your personal life often. Likewise, Rick is no new to such questions. There are thousands of girls who want to know about his personal life. 

Spelling the tea, Rich seems to be single at the moment. Rick has always loved the idea of keeping his personal life to himself. So, to date, he hasn't given an idea to people about his possible girlfriend. Moreover, other than his sister, mother, and co-actor, he is hardly seen with any girl. 

Past Relationship

Just like his dating life, his past relationship status is close to non-existence. Even if he has a few past relationship experiences, he hasn't given out any details to the public about it. 

Net Worth & Salary 

Working as an actor and musician, Rick earned a pretty good amount of money. However, the exact figure of his earning is still under review. The movies and TV series that Ochoa has appeared in are doing exceptionally well in the industry that ensures he is pocketing a huge amount of money. 

Rick Ochoa enjoying his vacation. net worth,earning, salary, ]
Image: Rick Ochoa enjoying his vacation

Along with his net worth and salary, there are no details about his house, cars and other properties. His sibling, Ryan Ochoa, has a net worth around $1 Million as of 2019.

Along with his siblings, Ochoa also tours around performing their music gigs. The Ochoa Boyz has still a lot to achieve in the coming days.

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