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Fri Mar 17 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Rita Williams-Ewing

Ex-husband : Patrick Ewing
Rita Williams-Ewing Married To Patrick Ewing In 1990 And Divorced In 1998.

Going through a critically acclaimed novel Home Court Advantage, the name of the book's author seems a little familiar. Because writer Rita William Ewing is the ex-wife of NBA's Hall of Fame basketball player Patrick Ewing. Rita and Patrick share three kids.

Born and raised in the United States, Rita has earned a degree in nursing and law. Like her former husband, Rita's son Patrick Ewing Jr. is also paving his basketball career. So, what's her current relationship status?

What's Rita William-Ewing Current Relationship Status?

Rita is also a celebrity wife like Christa Podsedly. The former wife of NBA Player Patrick is reported to be single. There are no reports of her dating any guy after her divorce with Patrick. Almost more than a decade ago, there was some rumor about her dating banker John Utendahl but the news was quickly put out.

John Utendahl is a banker by profession
Image: Rita Ewing and banker John Utendahl at the Tango Argentino 2004 event 
 Source:  Getty Images

John tied the knot with actress, Tyra Banks. But they also parted ways in 2011 as per reports. Just like another author Nancy Alspaugh, Ewing's relationship status is also single.

Rita's Wedding with Ex-Spouse Patrick

Rita and her longtime boyfriend Patrick were married in the 1990s. Their wedding was no extravagance and was kept private. The couple also never came out in the public hand in hand. 

After more than seven years, Rita and Patrick's marriage began falling apart. In February 1998, the New York Daily News reported that Rita had filed for the divorce. The divorce was settled in the same year.

Rita Williams Ewing and Patrick Ewing in a photo collage
Frame: Rita Williams Ewing and her former spouse Patrick in a photo collage 
Source: Baller Wives

Before the couple's, there were rumors about Patrick cheating on Rita. He was said to be dating Knicks City dancer Heather Errico when he was still married to Rita. He was also said to have fathered an illegitimate child. But she never approved of the rumor. She once said;

My husband, Patrick, and I…are both working toward arriving at an amicable resolution to our problems. There is no ‘significant other,’ as far as I am concerned, except, of course, my children.

A writer and a loving mother Rita are one the women behind the basketball stars. Though she is no longer together with Patrick, the duo is loving parents of their three children; Patrick Jr, Corey Ewing and Randi Ewing. Two of her kids have followed their dad's footsteps an are promising athletes.  

Homecourt Advantage Tells A Story of her Estranged Relationship with Patrick

The novel Homecourt Advantage is all about National Basketball Association and NBA wives. It tells the story about a basketballer's wife decided to leave her husband. It is also about her resentful relationship with Patrick. Rita says publicly said;

One of Patrick's teammates told me years ago that 95 percent of the guys in the league cheat.

Patrick hasn't revealed his second wife's name
Picture: Patrick Ewing and his rumoured second wife 
Source: Getty Images

And her book journeys through all the extramarital affairs that NBA champions commit. However, Rita denied the fact that the book is based on her real-life marriage. Unlike Rita, another American writer Martha Stewart prefers to write cookbooks.

How Much Is Rita Ewing's Net Worth?

Rita's net worth is assumed to be around $3 million. Before her legal separation with her former husband, she and Patrick co-owned a house in Englewood, New Jersey. The spacious house was reported to be worth around $655,000

Similarly, the couple also had a vacation home and a townhouse in Maryland which was cost $1.6 million.

Take a look at Rita Ewing's interview on Homecourt Advantage:

The average yearly salary for an author and writer in the US is $50,673. The income differs by city, experience, skill, and popularity. But Rita might earn more than the average figure. 

Besides Home Court Advantage, she has penned children's book series- Patrick's Pals. Rita also co-owns a book store named Hue-Man in Harlem, New York City.


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