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Mon May 30 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Robin Vernon

Ex-husband : Ted Vernon
Robin Vernon exchange the weeding vows with Ted Vernon on 2000 and divorce on 2016.

Rather than being in an abusive relationship, one is good without their violent partner. Robin Vernon, who is a prominent American actress and producer, survived 15 years with an abusive relationship. Well, she is well-known for her works in movies such as Hell Glades, Massacre, and South Beach Classics.

The Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre actress, Robin was born as Robin Ziel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the USA. Moreover, she belongs to white ethnicity, and her nationality is American. She gathered the limelight after her divorce with her ex-husband.

Married Life With Ted Vernon, Who Is Ted?

The blonde actress, Robin was married to Ted Vernon. Ted Vernon, aka Wolfman, is a popular auto-dealer, actor, film producer, and professional prizefighter who rose to prominence after co-starring in the show, South Beach Classics, which was aired in Discovery channel.

Robin and Ted officiated wedding in a Buddhist style
Image: Robin and ex-husband, Ted Vernon at their wedding day
Source: miaminewtimes

Then a couple, Ted and Robin exchanged their wedding vows in 2000, in front of their close friends and relatives. Likewise, their marriage ceremony was successfully executed by the Buddhist style wedding.

Robin in her purple dress and Ted in white shirt
Image: Robin and Ted in South Beach Classics
Source: Pinterest

Ted and Robin also share a son from their matrimonial. Their son's name is Ted Vernon Jr, and he might be attending his elementary school for now. Moreover, the two met through a blind date in 1998 for the first time and started getting closer until they decided to tie the knot. The couple was living happily until 2016 as they parted their ways. 

Survived 15 Years of Abusive Relationship And Finally Divorced

It has been 16 years of their marriage, and the news surfaced that Ted has been verbally, financially, and physically abusive. Back in 2016, Ted taunted Robin with another woman, and she packed her bag and tried to leave. 

But, Ted stopped her and mercilessly abused her physically and verbally. At that time, her wounds from Ted's beating were worse as she got a black eye, bloody lips, and swelled face. After the arrival of the police, she was taken to the hospital and had to get surgery.

Robin's swelled face
Picture: Robin face after got beaten by her husband back in 2016
Source: Miami New Times

After it, she reached her limit and filed for divorce, which she should have done years ago. There was a saying, "Separation is the only solution in a toxic relationship."

Started Love Affairs with a Blind Date

They were first met at a blind date in the year 1998. Vernon's insurance agent was the medium in starting of their love. Though they both had nothing in common, Robin Ziel just reached the age of 20 while Vernon, who is twice the age of Robin as well as the single father of two. However, Robin agreed to meet him at his residence to understand the true intention because he was calling her every single day.

Robin and Ted posing for a picture
Picture: Robin with her husband, Ted Vernon
Source: Pinterest

Ted's first impression wasn't much good as his house was a mess, and ted wasn't that attractive as well. But, as the night passes by, Robin started losing herself over him. Robin might found him interesting because of his pictures of charity works done with sick kids in wheelchairs that he showed her that night.

A couple of weeks later, Ted came to her house, entered Robin's childhood bedroom. He then started packing up Ziel's clothes and loaded to the card boxes placing it to the back seat of a limousine. It was just a few months of dating, and Robin made a move towards his home. 

Millions of Dollars as a Net Worth

Robin's net worth is estimated at around $2 Million as of 2019, which is similar to Bridget Regan and Brittany Curran. She collected a lucrative amount of dollars from her successful career as an actress. Besides it, she also earns a decent sum of money from auto-mobile business and TV Series. She has appeared in some of the critically acclaimed films such as Hell Glades in 2013, Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre in 2014, and South Beach Classics sine 2011.

Also, she adds a decent amount of money to her net worth through endorsements deals, promotional works, and commercials. After her divorce from her husband, Ted, she is living a low-key life. As of now, she must be living a lavish lifestyle in Miami, Florida.

Founded "South Beach Classics" Along with her Ex-husband, Ted

After her marriage with Ted, the married couple started a business of automobile which was named, Ted Vernon's Specialty Automobiles. Fortunately, they were recognized by Discovery Channel in 2011, and their producers approached them to grow their venture.

Robin and Ted posing for a picture
Image: Poster of South Beach Classics
Source: Facebook

The same year, their automobiles business turned into the show, "South Beach Classics" which was aired on the Velocity Network. Not to mention, it was the breakthrough step of their career, and they became stars across the US. Whatsoever, the show was briefly canceled as the two parted their ways.



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