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Thu Nov 14 2019
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Despite featuring in some movies during the 90s, People recognize Robyn Crawford as the best friend of late Whitney Houston. Now, seven years after the death of Houston, Robyn is coming out with a new memoir describing her relationship with Whitney.

As of now, she is happily married to her wife, Lisa Hintelmann. When she published her book about her life, everyone wanted to read more about her and Whitney's relationship. On the other hand, many people also want to know more about Crawford as she remained quiet after the death of the soulful singer.

Destiny Put Robyn and her Wife together

During the 80s, Robyn and Whitney's relationship was going very well, but suddenly, in 1982, they ended their personal and professional relationship. The decision came in as per the suggestion by Houston as being in a lesbian relationship would cause them trouble back then.

After the public breakup of Houston and Robyn, she went her separate way; this is where she met Lisa. Robyn met her future wife while working with Houston, but at the time, they remained very secretive about their romantic affair. After dating for some years, the lovely pair tied the knot with each other. 

Lisa Hintelmann with her wife Robyn Crawford enjoying lunch
Image: Robyn Crawford (right) with her wife Lisa Hintelmann (left). 
Source: The Passions of Lust Noir

Neither Robyn nor Lisa have confirmed anything about their wedding ceremony. The duo kept it a secret and did not attract any media attention. You can assume how discreet both of them were by the fact that the pair does not have any social media presence.

Robyn and Lisa are Raising Two Kids

As of now, the pair is successfully raising two kids in their house in New Jersey. Crawford and Lisa adopted a set of twins, and apart from that, not many details are provided of their family.

Robyn Crawford and her wife Lisa Hintelmann with their two kids
Picture: Robyn Crawford (right), her wife Lisa Hintelmann (left), and their two kids. 
Source: Pinterest 

Despite very less is known about the pair, Lisa is currently working as Head of talent and entertainment partnerships in Audible Inc. According to her LinkedIn page, Lisa previously served as the editorial projects director for Esquire magazine and as well as ELLE UK, and GQ.

The reveal of Romance between Robyn and Whitney

In Robyn's new memoir, which just got published on November 12, 2019, she explains her romantic relationship with Houston. Throughout her lifetime, Crawford was very close to the late singer.

Until now, there were rumors about the possibility of Whitney and Robyn being in a lesbian relationship. But with a release of the memoir, it is no more a secret. As per the book, their love story started when they were teenagers.

Robyn Crawford and Whitney Houston in their old pictures
Frame: Robyn Crawford (right) and Whitney Houston (left). 
Source: News

Their lips touched for the first time, and the whole experience was blissful, recalls Robyn. After being in a secret relationship for so long, in 1982, Whitney decided to end their physical affair after she signed a record deal with Clive Davis.

Houston was afraid that people would judge their relationship and use that against them. Whitney went on to marry Bobby Brown in 1992, with whom she gave birth to late Bobbi Kristina Brown. In 2000, Houston and Crawford publicly broke-up, after which Robyn went under the radar.


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