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Sun Feb 20 2022
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Romina Di Lella is an Italian actress, Producer, writer, composer, and director. She was born September 20, 1982, in Berlin, Germany. 

She was raised in Berlin yet her underlying foundations have consistently stepped her back to Italy, Milan. The city of design and craftsmen of limited-time film. 

Parents Of Di Lella

Di Lella is the daughter of an Italian father and a Roman mother. Her father's name is Maurizio Di Lella and her mother's name is Venera Di Lella. She got a multilanguage and multinational childhood from her Italian father and her mother, who came from Romania.


Di Lella began training in acting, singing, and dance, Career In 2004 which she completed in 2007. In 2004 she played a supporting role in the action film Target. 

With the lead role of "Giulietta Di Messina" in the action thriller Love Hate & Security by director Damian Chapa, she achieved her greatest success in 2013 to date.

Portrait photo of Romina Di Lella wearing a red coat.
Portrait photo of Romina Di Lella (source: Wall of celebrities)

She played alongside Ralf Moeller and Damian Chapa. She was also featured as a singer on the film's soundtrack and as a producer for film music. 

In the 2015 film Enemy Within, Di Lella played her second leading role in a Hollywood-only production, where the role of Concetta played Mosconi. 

Net Worth Of  Romina Di Lella

The Italian entertainer Romina is famous due to her talent and beauty. She is an actress, producer, writer, composer, and director. She lives a wealthy life in Berlin and Milan. She has debuted in many movies, music videos, and tv series.

Her main source of income is modeling, advertising, music videos, and acting. The net worth of Romina Di Lella is $2 million.

Relationship Status

Actor Romina Di Lella is a beautiful model and actor she is very attractive. She hasn't revealed her any relationships and currently, she is still single.

But she has mostly seen with one of the male models in her every music video and the chemistry between them is so adorable. The name of the male model is undisclosed, he might be in a private relationship with Di Lella.

Debut, Films, and Music Videos

The Pistolera producer Lella has also debuted as Actress in 6 films, Target Female Agent - Desert as Romina DiLella in 2004, Testing Life Johanna as Romina DiLella in 2011, Dead Blood (Short) Princess as Romina DiLella in 2012, Love, Hate & Security Giulietta in 2014, Enemy Within Concetta Mosconi in 2016/II, and Pistolera in 2020.

She has also debuted in 3 Music Videos in 2014, Love, Hate & Security, Enemy Within in  2016/II, and Pistolera in 2020.

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