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Comedian, Actress, Writer (1992)
Fri Feb 24 2023
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Rose Matafeo is a Kiwi comedian, actress, writer, and producer. She is mostly known as a comedian. Her fans love her humor, and her show Horn Dog has been highly rated by her fans. 

Matafeo is also an actress and has worked on TV series like Starstruck, Golden Boy, Funny Girls, and Temp. Besides her work, she is also famous for once being in a relationship with an English Comedian James Acaster. 

Relationship Details: Did Rose Matafeo Marry James Acaster?

No, Rose Matafeo is not the wife of James Acaster. It is because she has never been married to anyone. However, she and Acaster briefly dated in the past. Their relationship was short-lived, lasting only around a year, from 2015 to 2016. She loved Acaster, and as per The Guardian, she had moved to London to live with him.

James Acaster is wearing a sweater which has brown, orange, and peach color mixed.
Rose Matafeo's ex-boyfriend James Acaster (Source: Late Night with Seth Meyers YouTube Channel)

What caused their breakup remains a mystery. However, Matafeo has talked about her failed relationship with the English comedian, Acaster. She famously said that no one should ever go out as a comedian, including herself. This led to some speculations from the fans on what must have caused the breakup between the two. 

After breaking up with Matafeo, Acaster found himself in the arms of actress Louise Ford. However, this relationship didn't last long as well. Acaster alleged that Ford left him for Rowan Atkinson. Matafeo has remained single since leaving Acaster.

Comedian Matafeo's Education Status

Comedian Matafeo did her studies at the Auckland Girls Grammer School. It is an all-girls school in Auckland, New Zealand. She must have been a good student as she was the head girl in her secondary school class.

Matafeo gained success as a comedian at a very young age. She started performing at fifteen, which must have been why she didn't continue her studies, as she always had a thing for comedy and wanted to make a living out of it.

What Is Rose Matafeo's Net Worth?

The popular New Zealand comedian Rose Matafeo has an estimated net worth of $5 Million. Her humor has made her both rich and famous. She works as a writer for the beloved comedy show Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. Her show Horn Dog won the best show award at Edinburgh Fringe, and she also won the prize money of $12,400.

Rose Matafeo is posing with her right hand on her head.
Rose Matafeo in a photo shoot with The New Yorker (Source: Rose Matafeo Instagram @rosematafeo)

Besides that, Matafeo's show Starstruck is also responsible for her being rich. She has been involved in the industry since 2012 and has worked in numerous shows. So, it's no surprise that she has also made a lot of wealth in the process. 

Supports Green Party

James Acaster's rumored wife, Matafeo, is a huge admirer and a supporter of the Green Party. It is a political party involved in green politics, focusing on environmentalism, social justice, nonviolence, and democracy.

She has also tried to associate with the party, but it hasn't gone in her favor in the past. The comedian joined the party's campaign in 2020 as an MC. However, she was later removed by the party. One of the party's MPs was the reason she was taken out of the campaign. She has said that she has no relationship with this MP, so she didn't know why she was taken out of the campaign.

Family Background

Rose Matafeo comes from a mixed family background. She is a mix of Samoan, Croatian, and Scottish. She gets her Samoan from her father and Croatian and Scottish from her mother. We are still discovering her mother's identity, but her father's name is John Matafeo. She also has two older brothers who also live a private life.

Rose's parents met in the Rastafarian Church, as mentioned in the article in The New Yorker. How these two fell in love remains a mystery. But their marriage hasn't crumbled yet, as Matafeo's parents are still living together.

Rose Matafeo and John Matafeo are giving thumbs up while taking a selfie.
Rose Matafeo with her father, John Matafeo (Source: Rose Matafeo's Instagram @rosematafeo)

Rose's father, John, is associated with the Polynesian Panther. It was a revolutionary political party that fought for the Māori and Pacific Islanders right back in the day in New Zealand. Her father, her uncles Jake and Iki, and her aunties Tish and Patty were actively involved with the Polynesian Panther back in the day.

Body Measurements

James Acaster's ex-girlfriend Matafeo's body measurements are 29-27-34 inches. She is taller than many female celebrities, with a height of 5 Feet and 10 Inches (178 cm). Putting her at the same height as Cainan Wiebe. Her height is further complimented by her slim body, which weighs 133 lbs (60 kg). 

Matafeo's shoe size is 10, and she has said that this is also one of the reasons she doesn't wear girl shoes. In a New Zealand Herald interview, she said she usually wears sneakers because girl shoes don't fit her. And she credited her huge feet to the Samoan genes she got from her father.

Matafeo Offered Hotdogs For Her Lost Cat

Horn Dog actress Matafeo had previously offered hotdogs to those who would find her lost cat. Her furry friend Burt Bachacat had gone missing for a while in 2013. She offered to give 100 hotdogs to the one that would find her cat and bring him home safely. The cat was named after Burt Bacharach.

Burt Bachacat is hissing in the picture.
Rose Matafeo's cat, Burt Bachacat (Source: Rose Matafeo Twitter @Rose_Matafeo)

Matafeo's neighbor later discovered the cat and gave it back to her. However, the cat didn't always go by this name. The cat was previously called Boy Boy. The Starstruck actress had always been comfortable around cats. She also has a fear of dogs.

Active On Social Media

Matafeo is on social media. You can find her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Her Insta page, Twitter handle, and Facebook account are @rosematafeo, @Rose_Matafeo, and @Rose Matafeo, respectively.

However, Rose has been inactive on her Facebook for quite some time now. She is heavily active on Twitter and Instagram. Most of her posts are related to her work. Besides that, being a comedian, she also posts humorous tweets now and then. She posts pictures from her personal life on her Insta page.

Career Highlights

Rose Matafeo wanted to become a comedian at a very young age. She did her first ever show when she was fifteen. It happened with the help of the Class Comedians. She announced herself quickly as her performance was a hit among people, leading her to win the Nailed on the Night Award at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival.

Horn Dog is another successful show which landed her best show award at Edinburgh Fringe. Rose not only does shows but writes, produces, and acts. She has written shows like Starstruck, Golden Boy, and Funny Girls. 

Not only Rose wrote these shows, but she also acted in them. According to her IMDb, Pocket Protectors was the first show she worked on. The show came out in 2012, where she played the role of Sam.


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