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Sat Jun 24 2023
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Rowan Francis Henchy is an American actress who has featured in Entertainment Tonight and Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields. She has been in front of the camera since the age of 3.

Despite being an actress, Rowan is popularly known as the daughter of Brooke Shields and Chris Hency. If you are wondering what it's like to be the celebrity's daughter, let's have a look at Hechy's life.

Is Rowan Francis Henchy Dating?

The first daughter of Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy, Rowan Francis Henchy is single. She has not introduced anyone as her partner or boyfriend. Furthermore, Rowan has kept her love life away from the public eye.

Rowan Francis Henchy is single and enjoying life with her parents.
Rowan Francis Henchy is single and enjoying life with her parents. Source: Instagram @brookeshields

Henchy may date her soul mate in the near future. But for now, she seems to be rather engaged in building her career. On the other hand, her parents, they have been together for more than two decades now.

Rowan's Parents Chris Henchy And Brooke Shields Relationship

Chris Henchy and Brooke Shields got married in 2001. The couple dated for some time before they tied the knot. They have been together for more than two decades. 

Rowan Francis Henchy's parents are married for over two decades now.
Rowan Francis Henchy's parents are married for over two decades now. Source: Pinterest

The fact that Chris and Brooke have been together for this long shows a testament to their commitment. Brooke also mentioned that her husband supported her at the time she was depressed.

Brooke Said in her memoir - Down Came the Rain: My Journey Through Postpartum Depression:

"I know I wouldn’t have been able to continue if he’d been any less patient"

Brooke Shields Was Married To Andre Aggasi 

Prior marrying to American Director Henchy, Brooke was married to Andre Agassi. He is an American Tennis player. The former couple met in 1993 and began dating over fax.

The American model and actress Brooke dated the tennis player Aggasi for 4 years. Following that, they got married in 1997. During these four years of dating, Andre had hidden his crystal meth addiction.

Brooke Shields and Andre Agassi married for two years.
Brooke Shields and Andre Agassi were married for two years. Source: Facebook @The Jewel Event Center

Andre's crystal meth addiction became the reason the couple divorced. In addition to this, the tennis player also had a jealousy problem. Shields mentioned that Andre got jealous when she had to lick Joey's finger in the sitcom Friends.

Rowan's mother Brooke divorced her first husband Aggasi after two years of their marriage i.e. in 1999. After her divorce, she became friends with Chris Henchy.

How Old Is Rowan Francis Henchy? Know Her Age, College, & Bio

Brooke Shields' eldest daughter Rowan Francis Henchy was born on May 15, 2003, in Manhattan, New York, USA. Based on her birthdate, she is in her early 20s. Her childhood nickname is Little Bug.

Rowan Francis Henchy with her mother Brooke Shields. Source: Instagram @brookeshields

Being the daughter of American actress Shields and Director Henchy, she has always been in the limelight. She has gone to many Hollywood events with her parents.

Rowan Francis graduated her highschool in 2021. She wore the same dress that her mother wore for the 1998 Golden Globe Awards. The Shields was pretty proud of this and posted it on her Instagram.

Following her high school graduation, Rowan joined Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in August 2021. She is currently enjoying her academic years.

Rowan Francis Shares Amazing Relationship With Her Mother Brooke Shields

Being the first daughter of Rowan Francis Henchy, she shares an amazing relationship with Brooke Shields. The two are more like a friend. Shields has never been away from her daughters and it was hard to deal with when Rowan went to college.

Brooke Shields and her daughter Rowan Francis Henchy has a matching lady bug tattoo.
Brooke Shields and her daughter Rowan Francis Henchy have matching ladybug tattoos. Source: Pinterest 

Prior to going to college, Rowan and her mother shared some beautiful moments. The mother-daughter duo made a matching bug tattoo for celebrating her graduation. The bug tattoo was to pay homage to Rowan's nickname.

Rowan Francis Henchy Has A Sister

Henchy and Shields have two daughters from their relationship of more than two decades. Yes, Rowan has a little sister named Grier Hammond Henchy born on April 18, 2006, in Los Angeles. 

Rowan Francis Henchy with her mother and sister Grier Hammond Henchy.
Rowan Francis Henchy with her mother and sister Grier Hammond Henchy. Source: Instagram @brookeshields

Grier is three years younger than Rowan. She shares an interest in fashion with her mother. Moreover, walking in Brooke's footsteps, Rowan's younger sister aspires to be a model.

Speaking of modeling, Grier has featured alongside her mother in Mother's Day campaign for Victoria's Secret. Brooke shared it was a beautiful moment for her.

Grier Hammond Henchy Shares Birthday With Tom Cruise's Daughter, Suri

A fun fact about Grier Hammond Henchy is that she shares the birthdate and the birthplace with Tom Cruise's daughter Suri Cruise. Shields was going to give birth to Grier maintaining secrecy which happened to be the very place Katie was giving birth to her daughter. 

When the press and helicopter came to the hospital, the American actress, Brooke, thought someone tipped the press about her. However, it was actually for Tom and Katie Holmes's daughter.

Rowan Francis Henchy's Mother, Brooke Shields' Fertility Issues & Postpartum Depression

One of the lesser-known facts about Rowan's mother, Brooke, is she had a problem conceiving a child. Yes, she had many attempts for conceiving a child. Shields had undergone seven failed IVFs before conceiving her first daughter, Rowan.

Brooke had undergone surgery to remove the precancerous cell which caused this problem. She was very happy when Rowan was born.

Shields, however, went into postpartum depression after her daughter's birth. She even tried to end her own life. At this moment, her husband Chris helped her and she is grateful for that.

Rowan Francis Henchy's Net Worth

The celebrity daughter, Rowan Francis Henchy is currently studying at college. She has yet to enter into professional life and hence does not have a net worth of her own. However, Rowan has been enjoying a luxurious life thanks to her parent's net worth.

Rowan Francis Henchy lives a wealthy lifestyle thanks to her parents net worth,
Rowan Francis Henchy lives a wealthy lifestyle thanks to her parents' net worth. Source: Instagram @brookeshields

Henchy's parents Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy are worth millions. The couple is one of the richest in the entertainment industry. Shields and Henchy have a combined net worth of $55 Million.

Even though Rowan has not begun her professional life, she has 3 credits as an actress on her IMDb profile. She has made her appearance in VH1: All Access, Entertainment Tonight, and Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields.


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