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Actor (1962)
Mon Dec 26 2022
By   Aziz

Royal Yoakum is an American TV star who came to highlight after appearing in the reality show called Graveyard Carz, which is an automotive restoration reality TV show created by Mark Worman

Yoakum is one of the leading characters in the show. The show focuses on participants taking on the challenge of finding old cars and restoring them to showable, prime, working conditions.

Royal Yoakum- Early Life

Royal Yoakum was born on September 3, 1962, in Springfield, Oregon, United States. Royal is a very quiet person and is also very private. Except for his birth date and birthplace, he has not revealed his parents' information in the media.

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Yoakum's childhood was spent helping his father with car modification and repairing. As a result, he started his career as a car maintenance in Graveyard Carz. Later on, his best friend named Mark Worman produced the show called Graveyard Carz, where he was the head of the maintenance worker.

Royal Yoakum- Married life

Yoakum doesn't like to talk about his married life and relationship status in public. However, it is reported that, in the past, he was married, but it did not work out, and he got divorced. 

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It is not clear how long Yoakum was married and when he got divorced. However, it seems like he is happy with his current lifestyle and no intention of  moving on with a new woman. His Facebook profile states his relationship status is single.

Royal Yoakum- Daughters

Royal Yoakum is the father of three daughters named Makenzie Yoakum, Leeona Cruz, and Stephaine Yoakum

Family Photo Of Royal Yoakum with his three Daughters

Family Photo Of Royal Yoakum with his three Daughters
Photo Source: Celeb Tattler

From the above picture, it is clear all of Yoakum's kids are all grown up. Not much is known about his daughters. According to Allstarbio, Stephaine and Leeona Cruz are married. Stephanie has 2 twins child whereas Leeona Cruz has 3 children.

Royal Yoakum- Net Worth

Since Yoakum is a quiet individual, he has never shared much about his income, salary, income. But Royal Yoakum's estimated net worth is around $250,000.

Royal Yoakum's best friend  Mark Worman was the founder of the show as well as the owner of the garage where he works. That is why he received a good paycheck for all his roles in the show.

Royal Yoakum received ACE Award.
Image Source:Celebs Info

Besides working on the TV show, Yoakum is involved in different carpentry projects and a maintenance crew in Bethel School District in Eugene, Oregon. For his impressive work in 2016, he was honored with ACE Award prize money of $1,000, which he donated to a school.

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